SwimSwam’s 2022 World Championships Fantasy Draft: Day 2 Points Check-In


Day 2 Live Recap

After 2 days of racing in Budapest, Braden Keith has established a lead in the SwimSwam 2022 World Championships Fantasy Draft. Braden has scored 22 points thus far, followed by Coleman Hodges who has 19, and Retta Race who has 17. Ben Dornan (me) is in last place with 13 points.

Prior to the 2022 World Championships, SwimSwam’s Braden Keith, Retta Race, Ben Dornan, and Coleman Hodges conducted the SwimSwam 2022 World Championships Fantasy Draft. Each GM drafted a team of 8 swimmers, selecting one swimmer from each continent (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Europe) and 2 wild card swimmers. The draft resulted in the following set of teams:

Asia Hwang Sunwoo Yang Junxuan Zhang Yufei Yui Ohashi
Europe Arno Kamminga James Guy Lukas Martens Sarah Sjostrom
Africa Chad le Clos Lara van Niekerk Matt Sates Youseff Ramadan
North America Josh Liendo Caeleb Dressel Bobby Finke Katie Ledecky
South America Joao Gomes Jr Fernando Scheffer Bruno Fratus Nicolas Santos
Oceania Kaylee McKeown Mollie O’Callaghan Lani Pallister Kyle Chalmers
Wild Card Shayna Jack Kylie Masse Regan Smith Michael Andrew
Wild Card Claire Curzan Torri Huske Penny Oleksiak Hunter Armstrong

The goal was to draft a team that would score the highest number of points according to the scoring system that we devised. The scoring system is as follows:

  • Individual Gold Medal: 6 points
  • Individual Silver Medal: 5 points
  • Individual Bronze Medal: 4 points
  • Made an Individual Final, Didn’t Medal: 1 point
  • Relay Gold Medal, Swam in Finals: 4 points
  • Relay Silver Medal, Swam in Finals: 3 points
  • Relay Bronze Medal, Swam in Finals: 2 points
  • Any relay medal, Only Swam in Prelims: 1 point
  • Individual World Record Bonus: 3 points
  • Relay World Record Bonus: 2 Points *
  • DQ: -2 points **

* The original post did not include the relay world record bonus but 2 points will be awarded if a swimmer races on a world record-breaking relay.

** The DQ penalty only applies to swimmers who race an event and get disqualified. It does not apply to swimmers who scratch or who enter and don’t show up for (DNS) a race.

Day 1 & 2 Results

Over the first two days of this meet, Caeleb Dressel and Torri Huske were expectedly huge for Braden’s team. Both of them collected an individual gold medal in the 50 and 100 butterflies, respectively. They also collected medals in the 4×100 freestyle relay as Dressel and the American men placed first while Huske and the American women earned bronze. Dressel and Huske, combined with Mollie O’Callaghan‘s gold in the 4×100 freestyle brought in 22 points for Braden.

Coleman has raked in points from 5 different swimmers so far. His team’s first accomplishment was when Katie Ledecky won the 400 freestyle on day 1, winning 6 points. On day 2, he had two men on the 50 fly podium in Nicholas Santos and Michael Andrew, combining for a total of 9 points. He also has Kyle Chalmers win silver in the 4×100 free for 3 points and Hunter Armstrong‘s prelims swim in the 4×100 free was worth 1 point.

As for Retta, she had a duo of silver medalist on day 2 of the meet as Arno Kamminga took second to Nicolo Martinenghi in the 100 breast while Kaylee McKeown was the runner-up to Alex Walsh in the 200 IM. On day 1 Shayna Jack and Claire Curzan provided a total of 6 points during the 4×100 freestyle. Finally, Claire Curzan‘s 5th place finish in the 100 butterfly was worth 1 point.

My team is in last place after two days of racing. I’ve had two swimmers on individual podiums so far in Lukas Martens (silver, 400 free) and Zhang Yufei (bronze, 100 fly). Lani Pallister was just off the podium in the 400 free, resulting in a 1-point contribution to my score. The only other point-scorer so far on my team is Penny Oleksiak who won a silver medal in the 4×100 freestyle for 3 points.

Biggest Misses

In this section, we’ll look at the swimmers that the four of us drafted who have thus far not panned out for us, or at least not to the full potential we envisioned when we drafted them.

Retta hasn’t had too many disappointments yet from her team as many have the majority of their events yet to come. But 1 place where she suffered a bit of a blow was when Kaylee McKeown dropped out of the 100 back, which was one of her 3 individual events. McKeown dropped the 100 back focus on the 200 IM, a decision that paid off, but we know that she won’t have the potential to score the 6 individual points available in the 100 back.

Braden’s biggest miss so far is the men’s 200 freestyle where Fernando Scheffer, the reigning Olympic bronze medalist in the 200 freestyle, missed out on qualifying for the final in that event. Scheffer finished 9th in the semis with a 1:46.11, meaning that he won’t be able to score points in the final. As for Coleman, he suffered a big hit when Japanese double Olympic champion Yui Ohashi missed the final in the 200 IM. After winning gold in the events in 2021, Ohashi walked came short of a finals qualification in 2022 and wound up in 13th place. Her ceiling in this event was 6 points but won’t score any in the 200.

As for me, my controversial first-round pick, Matt Sates, did not pay off. Sates has revealed that he faced illness in the lead-up to this meet and that he will be focussing on the Commonwealth Games. The result of those factors is that Sates missed the two individual races he has contested: the 200 free and 400 IM. Additionally, he opted out of the 400 freestyle.

Day 3 Potential

In this final session, we’ll check the outlook for each team heading into day 3 finals. Day 3 of this meet will feature 5 more finals: the men’s 200 free, women’s 1500 free, women’s 100 backstroke, men’s 100 backstroke, and women’s 100 breaststroke. What follows is a breakdown of each team’s entrants in day 3 finals and their seeds heading into them.

Retta’s Team

Braden’s Team

Ben’s Team

  • Regan Smith: 100 Backstroke – 1st seed (57.65)
  • Lukas Martens: 200 Freestyle – 7th seed (1:45.96)
  • Lani Pallister: 1500 Freestyle – 4th seed (15:57.61)

Coleman’s Team

  • Katie Ledecky: 1500 Freestyle – 1st Seed (15:47.02)
  • Hunter Armstrong: 100 Backstroke – 3rd seed (52.37)

Full Scoring Breakdown After Day 2

Retta’s Team Points Hwang Sunwoo Arno Kamminga Chad le Clos Josh Liendo Joao Gomes Jr Kaylee McKeown Shayna Jack Claire Curzan
Individual Gold 6
Individual Silver 5 100 Breast 200 IM
Individual Bronze 4
Individual 4th – 8th Place 1 100 Fly (5th)
Relay Gold, Finals Swimmer 4 4×100 Free
 Relay Silver, Finals Swimmer 3
 Relay Bronze, Finals Swimmer 2 4×100 Free
 Relay Medal, Prelims Only Swimmer 1
Individual World Record 3
Relay World Record 2
Disqualification -2

Retta’s Total Points After Day 2: 17

BRADEN’S TEAM Points Yang Junxuan James Guy Lara van Niekerk Caeleb Dressel Fernando Scheffer Mollie O’Callaghan Kylie Masse Torri Huske
Individual Gold 6 50 Fly 100 Fly
Individual Silver 5
Individual Bronze 4
Individual 4th – 8th Place 1
Relay Gold, Finals Swimmer 4 4×100 Free 4×100 Free
 Relay Silver, Finals Swimmer 3
 Relay Bronze, Finals Swimmer 2 4×100 Free
 Relay Medal, Prelims Only Swimmer 1
Individual World Record 3
Relay World Record 2
Disqualification -2

Braden’s Total Points After Day 2: 22

BEN’S TEAM Points Zhang Yufei Lukas Martens Matt Sates Bobby Finke Bruno Fratus Lani Pallister Regan Smith Penny Oleksiak
Individual Gold 6
Individual Silver 5 400 Free
Individual Bronze 4 100 Fly
Individual 4th – 8th Place 1 400 Free (4th)
Relay Gold, Finals Swimmer 4
 Relay Silver, Finals Swimmer 3 4×100 Free
 Relay Bronze, Finals Swimmer 2
 Relay Medal, Prelims Only Swimmer 1
Individual World Record 3
Relay World Record 2
Disqualification -2

Ben’s Total Points After Day 2: 13

COLEMAN’S TEAM Points Yui Ohashi Sarah Sjostrom Youseff Ramadan Katie Ledecky Nicolas Santos Kyle Chalmers Michael Andrew Hunter Armstrong
Individual Gold 6 400 Free
Individual Silver 5 50 Fly
Individual Bronze 4 50 Fly
Individual 4th – 8th Place 1
Relay Gold, Finals Swimmer 4
 Relay Silver, Finals Swimmer 3 4×100 Free
 Relay Bronze, Finals Swimmer 2
 Relay Medal, Prelims Only Swimmer 1 4×100 Free
Individual World Record 3
Relay World Record 2
Disqualification -2
TOTAL POINTS 6 5 3 4 1

Coleman’s Total Points After Day 2: 19

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Gator Chomp
5 months ago

Are we gonna get the end results

5 months ago

I had Coleman as a clear 4th place. But he’s doing better than expected. I still stand by my prediction that Braden will win by a mile.

Steve Nolan
5 months ago

My undrafted team currently has 6 points. 4 from Fink, 1 from Osman and 1 from ZSC.

My team’s taking a minute to roll into the meet, big things coming later.

Sherry Smit
5 months ago

Look at all the sandpipers in the photo of Ledecky. Makes me smile at how cute that photo is. She’s so inspirational