WATCH: All the IM Races from 2022 Worlds

by Riley Overend 4

July 13th, 2022 Race Videos, Video


Relive all four individual medley (IM) finals from the 2022 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Day 1

Men’s 400 IM – Final

  1. Leon Marchand (FRA), 4:04.28 CR
  2. Carson Foster (USA), 4:06.56
  3. Chase Kalisz (USA), 4:07.47
  4. Lewis Clareburt (NZL), 4:10.98
  5. Brendon Smith (AUS), 4:11.36
  6. Daiya Seto (JPN), 4:11.93
  7. Tomoru Honda (JPN), 4:12.20
  8. Balasz Hollo (HUN), 4:15.17

In an absolutely shocking performance, Leon Marchand put a real scare into the oldest world record on the books, scorching the second-fastest swim of all-time in the men’s 400 IM en route to the gold medal. The Frenchman finished in a time of 4:04.28, rattling the world record of 4:03.84 set by Michael Phelps at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Marchand, 20, produced the second-fastest swim in history and smashes the Championship Record of 4:05.90 set by Chase Kalisz in 2017.

Day 2

Women’s 200 IM – Final

  1. Alex Walsh (USA) – 2:07.13
  2. Kaylee McKeown (AUS) – 2:08.57
  3. Leah Hayes (USA) – 2:08.91
  4. Rika Omoto (JPN) – 2:10.01
  5. Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR) – 2:11.02
  6. Seoyeong Kim (KOR) – 2:11.30
  7. Katinka Hosszu (HUN) – 2:11.37
  8. Mary-Sophie Harvey (CAN) – 2:12.77

The women’s 200 IM final was all Alex Walsh. She got off to an early lead in the race and managed to hold off all other competitors, ultimately winning with a 2:07.13. Walsh established a new PB with this swim, improving upon her time of 2:07.84 from earlier this year.

Day 5

Men’s 200 IM – Final

  1. Leon Marchand (FRA), 1:55.22
  2. Carson Foster (USA), 1:55.71
  3. Daiya Seto (JPN), 1:56.22
  4. Chase Kalisz (USA), 1:56.43
  5. Tom Dean (GBR), 1:56.77
  6. Hubert Kos (HUN), 1:57.26
  7. Lewis Clareburt (NZL), 1:58.11
  8. Matt Sates (RSA), 1:58.27

Leon Marchand completed the medley sweep with a clutch performance in the final of the men’s 200 IM, coming through to win the gold medal after a tight battle with American Carson Foster. Marchand, third at the 100-meter wall in 54.15, moved to the front of the pack with a 33.01 breaststroke split, and then held Foster at bay during the final stretch of freestyle for a final time of 1:55.22.

Day 8

Women’s 400 IM – Final

  1. Summer McIntosh (CAN) – 4:32.04
  2. Katie Grimes (USA) – 4:32.67
  3. Emma Weyant (USA) – 4:36.00
  4. Katinka Hosszu (HUN) – 4:37.89
  5. Yui Ohashi (JPN) – 4:37.99
  6. Ge Chutong (CHN) – 4:38.37
  7. Jenna Forrester (AUS) – 4:42.39
  8. Ageha Tanigawa (JPN) – 4:44.28

On the last 100, Katie Grimes threw down a monster closing split of 1:00.89, compared to 1:02.19 from fellow rising star Summer McIntosh. But McIntosh managed to hold on to the lead and came away victorious with a world junior record of 4:32.04 while Grimes clocked a 4:32.67.

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Swimswam follower
1 year ago

Rowdy is awesome!
When he’s excited like in the Marchand 400 IM race his voice skips an octave. It’s infectious.
You can hear the passion for our sport in his voice. He’s been to the top in swimming. Great choice as a commentator.

Tracy Kosinski
1 year ago

Dear Mr. SwimSwam,



Reply to  Tracy Kosinski
1 year ago

I moved to USA to watch SwimSwam videos…

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Tracy Kosinski
Reply to  Tomek
1 year ago

LOVE THIS, lol!!! I may have to as well 🙂

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