See 36 Swim Camps You Might Love In 2023

These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming. Stay tuned. More swim camps will be listed soon.

2023 Total Performance Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Our mission at TPSC is to encourage swimmers to exceed their expectations! Our staff is committed to every camper learning and growing as a swimmer and as a person. We believe a camp experience is important to youth development. We build upon our 40 plus years of swim camps and continue striving to provide the safest possible learning experience for every participant.

SPIRE Academy: 2023 SPIRE Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

A unique, cutting-edge environment for swimmers wanting a competitive advantage. Camps focus on all technical aspects of racing and are designed to specifically develop the four competitive strokes plus starts, turns, transitions and finishes. Stroke technique, efficiency and speed will all improve. SPIRE Performance Training is included and designed to develop core strength, power and flexibility.

2023 Gator Swim Camps With Caeleb Dressel & Katie Ledecky – Sign Up Today

The University of Florida GATOR SWIM CAMPS are developmental camps designed to teach swimmers proper technique and provide quality training to swimmers of ALL abilities between 8 and 18 years old. The camps emphasize technical skills, training habits, and mental preparation as well as the importance of health and fitness in a structured, fun, and enthusiastic Gator environment. Campers will interact with Olympic Gold Medalists, World and NCAA Champions, as well as Olympic and World Championship coaches.

2023 Jersey Aquatic Center Summer Youth Swim Camps & Clinics – Sign Up Today

JAC offers clinic styled programming throughout the year. Some will address general topics (training methodology, stroke, start, turn tech, etc), some more specific (breaststroke starts, stroke tempo, conservation of energy, performance enhancers and inhibitors, etc). The scale of offerings will range from entry level to expert levels. Clinic topics and audiences will be matched appropriately. Similar age and similar experience levels will always be the goal.

2023 Stanford Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

Located between San Francisco and San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley, the 2023 Stanford Swim Camps are directed by Head Coaches Greg Meehan and Dan Schemmel and are designed to help competitive swimmers from around the world improve their stroke technique. Campers receive concentrated instruction on all four strokes along with starts and turns at Stanford’s Avery Aquatics Center located on the beautiful Stanford University campus. Upon arrival, campers are placed in groups with other swimmers that have similar abilities and goals. Our camp staff does their best to accommodate your needs, keeping in consideration your experience and desire to improve.

2023 SwimTech Gainesville’s High Performance Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

SwimTech Gainesville High-Performance Swim Camp is the perfect opportunity for swimmers to take their skills and performance to the next level. What makes STG’s High-Performance camp unique is the size of the camp and the expertise of the coaches that will work with your swimmer EVERY session. Our head coaches, Kim Brackin & Steve Jungbluth, have years of experience coaching the most elite athletes in the world; they are committed to bringing their knowledge and enthusiasm to each swimmer in the pool every day.

2023 Sun Devil Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Join us in the desert for an incredible swim camp experience led by the talented coaches of ASU Men’s and Women’s Swimming! Each coach brings an extensive history of knowledge and expertise of the sport that will benefit swimmers of all levels. Hosted at the newly renovated Mona Plummer Aquatic Complex, Sun Devil Swim Camps offer pre-workout routines, tailored swim sets and drills, video demonstration and instruction, technique review, dryland workouts, and coaching talks.

2023 Spire Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

A unique, cutting-edge environment for swimmers wanting a competitive advantage. Camps focus on all technical aspects of racing and are designed to specifically develop the four competitive strokes plus starts, turns, transitions and finishes. Stroke technique, efficiency and speed will all improve. SPIRE Performance Training is included and designed to develop core strength, power and flexibility.

2023 Navy Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Our most important goal is to provide you the very best in individual instruction and evaluation, camper experience, and safety/supervision. The purpose of our camp is to offer you with a unique and awesome environment to learn as well as develop your competitive strokes including all related starts, turns and finishes. Navy Swimming Camp is a stroke-intensive camp. You will receive individual attention. Additional training sessions are offered for those desiring to improve conditioning while at camp. Video analysis, dry land activities designed to improve individual fitness levels, performance, training, goal-setting and leadership presentations, are all part of a full schedule in 2023.

2023 Kentucky Elite Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

This five-day camp is designed to give swimmers a glimpse into what elite level, collegiate swimming is like. We want to not only give them an elite experience through training but also give them the knowledge and skills to take home with them to elevate their training and performance when they return home to their club teams. In addition to elite coaching and training, campers get the opportunity to experience the Kentucky campus, live in the dorms, and get a taste of what being a Division I swimmer at the University of Kentucky is like.

2023 Nic Askew Swim & Dive Camp – Sign Up Today

At the Nic Askew Swim & Dive Camp, young Swimmers and Divers will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in Youth and College coaching. Each athlete will receive expert training in technique, tactics, flexibility, strengthening, and injury prevention to help them take their craft to the next level. Nic Askew and his staff have coached individuals from every level and have proven to produce some of the world’s finest athletes. Campers will gain valuable knowledge of not only how to train, but also how to prepare for competition through meet preparation, mental skills, nutrition, and recovery.

2023 Princeton Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Do you want to learn and master the critical components of fast swimming? The Princeton Swimming Camps will provide you with the individual instruction, technique analysis, and training you need to take your swimming to the next level. The camp features the Princeton University varsity head coaches, Bret Lundgaard and Matt Crispino, as well as an all-star lineup of coaches and counselors from around the country. Campers will receive detailed analysis of all four strokes as well as instruction on underwaters, starts, turns, and finishes.

2023 Indiana Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The Indiana Swimming Camp offers a unique experience that no other camp in the nation can match. The ultimate goal is to educate campers on the fundamentals of technique, racing, and training in the sport of swimming, while providing an opportunity for camaraderie with swimmers from all over the world, During this five-day camp, swim coaches will create a “profile” of each swimmer, including a stroke analysis, and a video of the swimmer underwater. The details of the profile will be recorded and e-mailed to campers as soon as possible after the session’s conclusion; the video will be made available as well in the weeks following camp.

2023 Bolles Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

We are excited to offer a full range of swim camp programs in the summer of 2023. Renovations have been completed in our dorm facilities, and we are preparing exciting new features to be available in 2023. Camp registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis from the online camp registration system starting Dec 1st 2022.

2023 Michigan Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The Michigan Swim Camp is designed to provide each competitive swimmer with the opportunity to improve their pursuit of excellence, both in and out of the water.  It is open to any and all participants limited only by age, specified number of campers, and the ability to swim the competitive strokes.  This is not a learn to swim camp.  During online registration campers will select from one of two tracks.

2022-2023 Gamecock Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Gamecock Swim Camps offer eight camp options over December 2022 and 2023, focusing on every aspect of swimming to make your swimmer faster and instill a love and appreciate for the sport.

2023 Aggie Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

The Aggie Swim Camp is known as a premiere technique-based camp where our philosophy is “INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION”.  We do one-on-one analysis and detailed stroke work with EVERY camper, EVERY day. The Aggie Swim Camp is known for being the first major collegiate swim camp to do individual filming of each camper, included in the cost of camp. The film is a great reference tool that can be used all year long. Extensive filming includes above water, below water, starts and turns, as well as one-on-one video analysis with camp coaches daily.  Also included on the film are demonstrations of stroke drills utilized by our coaches with their own teams throughout the year.

2023 Level Up Christian Swim Camp at Auburn University – Sign Up Today

Auburn coaching staff will lead the Level Up Christian swim camp at Auburn University, along with a slate of qualified staff of coaches, counselors and collegiate swimmers. Jeff Raker, certified Executive Leadership Coach, Pastor, Master’s Swimmer, and former FINA Starter owns Level Up Sports Leadership. Jeff will be leading devotions, mental and emotional wellness talks, all founded on Biblical principles of worship, servanthood, community, and the Fruit of the Spirit.

2023 Rocky Mountain Swim Camps – The Mountains Are Calling! (Sign Up Today)

All RMSC campers will enjoy elite level instruction from CSU Women’s Assistant Coach Lisa Ginder and CSU Head Women’s Coach Chris Woodard. Coach Ginder is a former accomplished DI swimmer and winner of the 2017 Jean Freeman Scholarship awarded to the top assistant coaches in the nation. Coach Woodard is a 25-year veteran on the deck with multiple NCAA level, Paralympic and Olympic athletes to his credit. They and their staff will provide a safe, fun and educational environment for swimmers of all levels.

2023 Penn State Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Penn State Swim Camps are open to students entering grades 4-12 next fall. It is preferred, but not required, that swimmers have a year competitive swimming as the camps are not “learn-to-swim” camps.

2023 Cardinal Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Cardinal swimming and diving has the perfect combination of visionary and architect in head coach Arthur Albiero. Since August of 2003, he has served as head swimming coach at the University of Louisville, Albiero has engineered the emergence of the Cards’ into both the national and international spotlight. A Brazilian by birth and holding dual American citizenship, Albiero was named to the USA National Team’s coach staff for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

2023 Sergio Lopez Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Come join 4-time Olympic Coach and 1988 Bronze medalist, Sergio Lopez, as he teaches you the techniques and drills that have helped Olympians and World Ranked Swimmers around the world. During camp swimmers will focus on improving their technique, and mental strength while building positive relationships with other swimmers in a dynamic environment. Coach Sergio will be joined by the Virginia Tech Coaches Steve Steketee, Albert Subirats, and Klaudia Nazieblo to ensure a small coach to camper ratio, along with other Virginia Tech staff and camp counselors.

2023 Auburn Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Head Coach Ryan Wochomurka will lead the Auburn swim camps, along with Auburn’s coaching staff, special guest Rowdy Gaines, and a qualified staff of coaches, counselors and collegiate swimmers. Coach Wochomurka and his staff will feature the following that have helped the Auburn program win 13 NCAA AND 23 SEC Championships…

2023 Carolina Swimming Camps – Sign Up Today

The UNC Swimming Camps invite you to join us for an exciting and enriching swimming experience in Chapel Hill. Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Mark Gangloff and his staff will lead campers through the 2023 Carolina Swim Camp experience. These camps are open to swimmers of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Our team is eager to share their expertise and experience with you to help you reach your full potential as a swimmer. We hope to see you at the camps!

2023 Navy Elite Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The Navy Swim Elite Training Camp is designed and implemented by our Navy Coaching Staff to take swimmers to the next level of performance by focusing on a progressive stroke technique session while adding an elite-level pool training session each day. The techniques sessions will include competitive stroke progressions in all strokes, starts and turns, racing prep, and video analysis. The training component will incorporate the learned techniques with a high-level energy systems-based training program to prepare the swimmer for excellence in the summer season. In addition, this camp will expose swimmers to whole person performance expectations outside the pool. Whole person performance includes daily dryland and flexibility program as well as sports psychology, nutrition, and leadership lectures.

2023 Ocean State Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Technique Day Camp is a stroke intensive camp, we will focus on enhancing your swimmer’s technique. Our objective is for every swimmer to leave with a faster more efficient stroke, while at the same time enhancing their love for the sport of swimming. Swimmers will learn the latest technique trends for each of the four competitive strokes, as well as starts & turns. One stroke will be highlighted each day with an emphasis on efficiency & mechanics. Training will occur in each session, with swimmers receiving individual attention & feedback. Campers will receive daily instruction on injury prevention, dry-land training, and NUTRITION FOR COMPETITIVE SWIMMING. When they return to their home club or team they will be able to train & compete at a higher level.

2023 University of Northern Colorado Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

UNC Swimming Camps are designed to teach athletes the technical aspects of swimming to help them achieve success at the next level. While the main focus of our camp is on stroke analysis and technique for starts and turns, we also provide elite training sessions, team building activities, nutritional education, competition preparation tools and mental training.

2023 Western Colorado University High Altitude Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Mountaineer High Altitude Training Camps offer the most unique training experience in the country. Each athlete will receive a free camp T-shirt & swim cap. Additionally, meals will be provided & athletes will be lodged in college dorm rooms. All attendees will get to meet with collegiate athletes! Camps will focus on teaching, refining, and reinforcing elite swimming techniques as well as aerobic-based training. Swimmers will walk away with a deeper understanding of their strokes as well as their starts,

2023 Mizzou Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

One of the finest on-campus swimming and diving facilities in the nation, the Mizzou Aquatic Center serves as the home of Missouri’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs and has hosted some of the nation’s top meets. The Mizzou Aquatic Center features a 50-meter competitive pool with a moveable hydraulic floor. The pool’s water is kept between 78 and 80 degrees at all times with a maximum depth of eight feet, six inches.

2023 Neal Studd Swim Camp @ Florida State University – Sign Up Today

The Neal Studd Swim Camp at Florida State University, is a camp that focuses on giving each swimmer age 7-18 the tools to improve their overall technique. The camp focuses on, fitness, stroke technique, starts, turns, nutrition and mental training. Each camper will receive specific instruction on all 4 strokes, turns and starts. There will be classroom sessions on these principles as well as talks on nutrition. We will also have champion swimmers come in to talk to our campers. Our goal each session is to give your camper the tools to improve their swimming as well as give them a renewed love of the sport! We love to hear from our campers each year, that they have a “renewed love of the sport” and/or that they “were so excited to drop time”.

2023 Crimson Tide Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

We Welcome Parents: All parents are invited to observe pool practices (from the bleachers) throughout the week and we encourage parents to observe our final Thursday morning session and swim meet. Camp check out will be held adjacent to the pool at the conclusion of the meet, approximately 1:00PM.

2023 University of Wisconsin Badger Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The University of Wisconsin Badger Swim camps provide an enjoyable, challenging learning experience for campers. Come join us and the Soderholm Family Aquatic Center located within the Nicholas Recreation Center on the beautiful campus of the University of Wisconsin. Our various camps focus on different aspects of being a successful swimmer. All sessions of Badger Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.

2023 Eagle Swim Summer Camps @ Florida Gulf Coast University

Eagle Swim Camps offer the most unique camping experience in the country. Eagle Swim Camps, on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University take place in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. Campers will not only enjoy our state of the art Olympic sized pool, but also the beachfront at beautiful Lake Como, home of USA Swimming’s Open Water National Championships.


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