2024 Worlds Day 8 Prelim Relay Lineups: U.S. Women Pull Out of 4×100 Medley Relay


Men’s 4×100 Medley Relay Prelim Start Lists

Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay Prelim Start Lists

The prelim relay lineups for both the men’s and women’s medley relays have been published. Last year, Team USA walked away victorious in both the men’s and women’s relay.

The only swimmer returning from the golden Fukuoka team is Nic Fink, who has had a great meet here in Doha. He won gold in the 100 breast and added bronze in both the 50 and 200 breasts. Ryan Murphy, Dare Rose, and Jack Alexy, the other swimmers on the winning Fukuoka relay, have opted to skip this Doha meet.

There is a fairly clear avenue for the American men to defend their title, as Hunter Armstrong won the 100 back earlier in the meet, Fink did the same in the 100 breast, Zach Harting made the final of the 100 fly, and Matt King has split 47 on freestyle relays.

The path for the women is much less clear as the Americans have pulled out of the event. Claire Curzan (back), Piper Enge (breast), Kate Douglass (fly), and Addison Sauickie (free) would’ve been the probable lineup, but Douglass has not raced fly here in Doha and both Enge and Douglass would have had to pull double duty this evening. Rachel Klinker would’ve probably been the better option on fly with Douglass on free, but she is already back in the United States. Australia, Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands all seem to have chances in this one, with Australia looking like the favorite if Abbey Harkin can split somewhere in the 1:08-low range on the breast leg once finals roll around.

Other Lineup Notes

  • The Australian men are going with Bradley Woodward (back), Sam Williamson (breast), Kai Taylor (fly), and Jack Cartwright (free) this morning. Taylor is the question mark here, as he is a 100/200 free specialist. This will probably be the same lineup used tonight, but not bringing a butterfly specialist to Doha could hinder their hopes of even making the final.
  • China has been bagging relay medals all week in Doha, but they seem to be missing a backstroker for the men’s relay. They are going with Xu Yifan on the back leg this morning, and he owns a best time in the 57-second range. An option they may consider for the final, if they can even qualify, is freestyler Wang Haoyu, who posted a time of 55.74 back in 2021.
  • Watch for Team Netherlands in heat one of three in the men’s medley relay. Their quartet of Kai Van Westering, Caspar Corbeau, Nyls Korstanje, and Stan Pijnenburg is ranked outside of the top 16, but could very well finish in the top 3 this morning.
  • The Australian women submitted a prelim lineup of Jaclyn Barclay (back), Abbey Harkin (breast), Alexandria Perkins (fly), and Brianna Throssell (free). Throssell will probably pivot to the fly leg tonight, with Shayna Jack taking over freestyle duties. Also look for Iona Anderson to be substituted in on the backstroke leg.
  • Team Netherlands are going with Kira Toussaint, Tes Schouten, Maaike De Waard, and Kim Busch for their women’s relay. Freestyler Marrit Steenbergen is likely to join the squad tonight, if they qualify, which creates podium potential.
  • The Swedish women are slated to go with Hanna Rosvall (back), Sophie Hansson (breast), Louise Hansson (fly), and Michelle Coleman (free). Sarah Sjostrom has the 50 free final tonight, but if she makes herself available for the finals relay, her addition could make things interesting.

Full Lineups

Men’s 4×100 Medley Relay

Heat 1:

  • Lane 3 – Bulgaria (Levterov, Epitropov, Miladinov, Bratanov)
  • Lane 4 – Netherlands (Van Westering, Corbeau, Korstanje, Pijnenburg)
  • Lane 5 – Serbia (Stjepanovic, Zivanovic, Matic, Barna)

Heat 2:

  • Lane 0 – Thailand (Thammananthachote, Kaewsriyong, Wongcharoen, Kanteemool)
  • Lane 1 – Mexico (Camacho Salgado, De Lara Ojeda, Iga, Dupont Cabrera)
  • Lane 2 – Hungary (Jaszo, Sos, Marton, Nemeth)
  • Lane 3 – Japan (Kato, Hiroshima, Hormura, Abe)
  • Lane 4 – United States (Aikins, Foster, Casas, Hobson)
  • Lane 5 – Korea (Lee, Choi, Yang, Hwang)
  • Lane 6 – Austria (Reitshammer, Bayer, Bucher, Gigler)
  • Lane 7 – Spain (Gonzalez, Coll Marti, Molla Yanes, De Celis Montalban)
  • Lane 8 – Kazakhstan (Popov, Kozhakhmetov, Skazobtsov, Mussin)
  • Lane 9 – Greece (Makrygiannis, Aspougalis, Stamou, Bilas)

Heat 3:

  • Lane 0 – South Africa (Coetze, Randle, Le Clos, Jimmie)
  • Lane 1 – Portugal (Lopes, Robalo Quintas, Matos Ribeiro, Nascimento)
  • Lane 2 – Poland (Masiuk, Kalusowski, Majerski, Sieradzki)
  • Lane 3 – Canada (Tierney, Dergousoff, Knox, Acevedo)
  • Lane 4 – China (Xu, Dong, Wang, Ji)
  • Lane 5 – Australia (Woodward, Williamson, Taylor, Cartwright)
  • Lane 6 – Italy (Lamberti, Viberti, Burdisso, Miressi)
  • Lane 7 – Ireland (Ferguson, Greene, McCusker, Ryan)
  • Lane 8 – Sweden (DNS)
  • Lane 9 – Vietnam (Tran, Pham, Nguyen, Ngo)

Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay 

Heat 1:

  • Lane 3 – Slovenia (Segel, Vovk, Sekuti, Klancar)
  • Lane 4 – Hungary (Komoroczy, Bekesi, Ugrai, Senanszky)
  • Lane 5 – Slovakia (DNS)

Heat 2:

  • Lane 0 – Kazakhstan (Ignatova, Pchelintseva, Spodarenko, Taszhanova)
  • Lane 1 – Mexico (Sansores, Rodriguez, Mata Cocco, Revilak)
  • Lane 2 – Spain (Weiler Sastre, Ruiz, Juste Sanchez, Daza Garcia)
  • Lane 3 – Netherlands (Toussaint, Schouten, De Waard, Busch)
  • Lane 4 – Australia (Barclay, Harkin, Perkins, Throssell)
  • Lane 5 – China (Sun, Yang, Yu, Ai)
  • Lane 6 – Poland (Piskorska, Sztandera, Peda, Fiedkiewicz)
  • Lane 7 – Greece (Drakou, Kontogeorgou, Ntountounaki, Drasidou)
  • Lane 8 – Portugal (Rebelo, Pinho Rodrigues, Pacheco Cunha, Soares Martins)
  • Lane 9 – Lithuania (DNS)

Heat 3:

  • Lane 0 – Philippines (Salvino, Dela Cruz, Alkhaldi, Sanchez)
  • Lane 1 – South Africa (Drakopoulos, Van Niekerk, Gallagher, Chelius)
  • Lane 2 – Italy (Pasquino, Castiglioni, Cocconcelli, Tarantino)
  • Lane 3 – Sweden (Rosvall, S. Hansson, L. Hansson, Coleman)
  • Lane 4 – United States (DNS)
  • Lane 5 – Canada (Wilm, Pickrem, Smith, Savard)
  • Lane 6 – Korea (Song, Moon, Kim, Hur)
  • Lane 7 – Hong Kong (Au, Haughey, Kan, Tam)
  • Lane 8 – Singapore (Levenia Sim, Letitia Sim, Jing Quah, Ting Quah)
  • Lane 9 – Chinese Raipei (Wu, Lin, Gwinn, Huang)

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2 months ago

I would leave Casas on fly for the final in the relay

Reply to  Stallion06
2 months ago

Again USA will end up with bronze

2 months ago

Klinger would’ve been the fly leg most likely as she went 58.1 in mixed medley and Sauckie went 54.8 in mixed free.

Reply to  PhillyMark
2 months ago

Klinker is already back in Berkeley so it would have been tough for her to be on a relay

Reply to  PhillyMark
2 months ago

Rested klinker would go under 58, on the mixed med, klinker dove in to the water soon after paining 200 fly..and still went 58.1

ct swim fan
2 months ago

How in the world can a nation with over 300 million people not even muster up enough swimmers to send a full contingent to this meet. Disgraceful showing USA swimming.

Reply to  ct swim fan
2 months ago

Yeah, I feel bad for the American girls sitting at home. Just try and visualize the experience you would have gotten. Channel that energy into being a champion someday.

Reply to  Ron
2 months ago

Why couldn’t USA have taken someone like Beata Nelson to Doha?

McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
Reply to  Swammer
2 months ago

Beata Nelson’s LCM ranking is too low

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
2 months ago

That’s just an arbitrary rule.

2 months ago

Pulling out of the event entirely is kind of embarrassing. Is there any legitimate reason for this?

"we've got a boilover!"
2 months ago

Dark horse Canada
Whilm 100 back podium
Angus 100 breast finalist
Savard clutch fly relay performer
Ruck resergent!

Based on this week so far they could go:
58 high/9 low
58 low/7 high
53 low

That should be competitive with Aus, Neth, etc…

2 months ago

Will China make the final with a 57 backstroker? Maybe should’ve used Wang Haoyu in the heats.

McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
Reply to  Troyy
2 months ago

No they didn’t make the final.

2 months ago

“The path for the women is much less clear as the Americans have pulled out of the event.”

I laughed

McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
Reply to  Tencor
2 months ago

I’m baffled