2021 U.S. Olympic Trials Wave II: Day 2 Finals Photo Vault


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, day 2 of the US Olympic Trials saw many people qualify for their first Olympic team, as well as veterans to Team USA. Grateful to be on deck, I had a lot of fun capturing the intense action this evening as the athletes battled for spots on the Olympic team.

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1 year ago

Sierra Schmidt probably could have dropped 4 additional seconds if she didn’t do that cringeworthy dance routine

1 year ago

Loving the poignant embrace between Michael and his sister / Mother . What a Journey he has had towards his first Olympic qualification . Great story

1 year ago

SwimSwam, thanks for all the awesome coverage so far. I was really hoping for and expecting an explanation for Hannis’ DSQ. It’s the only one of trials so far, and it’s worth an article. I know a lot of the commentators on here think her entire stroke is illegal, but I want to hear the official reason.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

The only part of her stroke that people are questioning is the very slight upward movement of her feet after the completion of her kick. The claim is that this very slight upward movement is a propulsive butterfly kick, which it is not. I’ve seen underwater footage of her stroke in slow motion and there is no way this provides propulsion. It is a natural movement based on the undulation of her entire stroke. There is also no corresponding downward motion that would make it more obviously a butterfly kick.

I have not seen an underwater video of her during this specific race, so it’s entirely possible this was a legitimate DSQ. However, it is also possible this is a… Read more »

1 year ago

Michael Andrew Wilson making the team makes this Olympic year so worth the wait. Fink & Licon will grab the 200 spots, marking 4 fresh faces in U.S. breaststroke, and all will be well in the delayed-gratification universe.

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Jack Spitser

Jack Spitser is a San Diego based photographer and entrepreneur who swam for UC San Diego under Olympic coach David Marsh and current coach Marko Djordjevic. He graduated in 2020, and ended his collegiate swimming career at the NCAA D2 Championships in March. Working for years as both a businessman …

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