2019 Pro Swim Series- Knoxville: Day 3 Finals Live Recap

2019 Pro Swim Series- Knoxville

Taking top seed in 2 individual events on day 3 of the 2019 Pro Swim Series-Knoxville is Michael Andrew, who sits at #1 in the 100 back and 50 fly. Katie Ledecky and Annie Lazor look to take another title at this meet in the 400 free and 200 breast, respectively. IM record-holder Chase Kalisz sits in the top spot in the 200 fly and national team member Margo Geer took the prelims top spot in the 50 free.

Other top seeds for this evening’s finals are teen phenom Regan Smith (100 back), Cal stand-out Daniel Carr (100 back), Olympian Josh Prenot (200 breast), Egyptian Farida Osman (50 fly), and Denmark native Anton Ipsen (400 free).


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:14.59
  1. Hali Flickinger – 2:07.21
  2. Regan Smith – 2:11.34
  3. Megan Kingsley – 2:11.63

Hali Flickinger had begun establishing a big lead off of the first 100, taking it out in a 1:00.89. By the 150 mark, Flickinger was ahead of the field by 2 seconds. Flickinger went on to win by over 5 seconds with a blistering 2:07.21.

The race for second was on in the last 50, but 16-year-old Regan Smith came out for the silver in a 2:11.34. Taking third right behind Smith was Megan Kingsley, in a 2:11.63. Right behind the top three was in fourth was Olympian Kelsi Dahlia (2:12.35).


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:01.19
  1. Gianluca Urlando – 1:57.04
  2. Chase Kalisz – 1:57.12
  3. Mark Darragh – 1:59.47

Gianluca Urlando and Chase Kalisz were even throughout entire race. Into the last 50, it was a dog-fight between the Olympic silver-medalist and 16-year-old phenom. Yet it was Urlando’s hunger for his first PSS win to take down the Olympic/NCAA veteran. Urlando finished with a 1:57.04. Kalisz took second by 0.08 seconds with a 1:57.12.

Mark Darragh took third in a 1:59.47.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 25.99
  1. Simone Manuel – 24.75
  2. Margo Geer – 24.78
  3. Farida Osman – 25.12

While Margo Geer looked strong into the last 15 meters, Simone Manuel had the stronger last stroke to out-touch Geer by 0.03. Manuel won the event in a 24.75, Geer took second in a 24.78.

Taking third place was Egypt-native Farida Osman with a 25.12. Taking fourth by 0.06 seconds was Olivia Smoliga in a 25.18.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 23.19
  1. Michael Andrew – 22.11
  2. Michael Chadwick – 22.46
  3. Ali Khalafalla – 22.47

Taking the win in his first of 3 individual events this evening was U.S National champ Michael Andrew with a 22.11. Taking second behind Andrew was Michael Chadwick in a 22.46. Taking a narrow third place finished by one one-hundredth was Ali Khalafalla with a 22.47.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 1:02.69
  1. Regan Smith – 59.37
  2. Olivia Smoliga – 59.44
  3. Phoebe Bacon – 59.93

After taking second in the 200 fly, Regan Smith established her dominance by taking the 100 back title over a star-studded field. Right behind Smith for third was Olympian Olivia Smoliga in a 59.44. Finishing in third place to also break the one-minute barrier was 16-year-old Phoebe Bacon (59.93).


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 56.59
  1. Ryan Murphy – 53.17
  2. Daniel Carr – 54.31
  3. Bryce Mefford – 54.86

Ryan Murphy already was in a body-length lead off the first 25 meters of the race. Murphy went on to continue breaking away from the field and won with a 53.17. Rounding out the top 3 for a 1-2-3 Cal finish was Daniel Carr (54.31) and Bryce Mefford (54.86).


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:33.29
  1. Annie Lazor – 2:23.51
  2. Micah Sumrall – 2:26.58
  3. Emily Escobedo – 2:26.85

Annie Lazor is continuing are inspiring comeback with her second win in the 200 breast to sweep both breaststroke events at this first PSS stop. Her winning time of 2:23.51 marks another personal for the 24-year-old veteran and maintains her #1 time in the world for 2019.

Taking second place was Olympian Micah Sumrall in a 2:26.58. Taking a close third place finish was Emily Escobedo with a 2:26.85.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:17.89
  1. Josh Prenot – 2:09.96
  2. Nic Fink – 2:10.57
  3. Andrew Wilson – 2:12.68

American record-holder Josh Prenot broke off from the field going into the last 50. Prenot held his lead to win the event in a 2:09.96, the only swimmer under 2:10. Despite a strong pursuit in the last few meters, Nic Fink settled for second in a 2:10.57. Andrew Wilson rounded out the top three with a 2:12.68.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: N/A
  1. Penny Oleksiak – 26.00
  2. Farida Osman – 26.09
  3. Kelsi Dahlia – 26.20

18-year-old Canadian Penny Oleksiak took the win with a 26.00. After a 0.99 second reaction start, Farida Osman came back to take a close second place finished with a 26.09. Taking third place was Kelsi Dahlia with a 26.20.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: N/A
  1. Luis Martinez – 23.60
  2. Michael Andrew – 23.64
  3. Giles Smith – 23.68

Less than 0.10 one-hundredths separated the top three in the men’s 50 fly. After picking up a silver in the 100 fly, Guatemalan Luis Martinez took the win in a 23.60 over sprint phenom Michael Andrew (23.64). Taking third place was veteran Giles Smith in a 23.68.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 4:16.89
  1. Katie Ledecky – 4:02.71
  2. Hali Flickinger – 4:09.75
  3. Melanie Margalis – 4:09.93

Katie Ledecky is now 3 for 3 at this PSS stop as she dominated the 400 free this evening with a winning time of 4:02.71. Coming off her 200 fly win to take second was Hali Flickinger in a 4:09.75. Also breaking 4:10 and taking third was Melanie Margalis (4:09.93).


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 3:57.29
  1. Anton Ipsen – 3:52.26
  2. Tristan Cote – 3:56.37
  3. Jeremy Bagshaw – 3:57.69

Taking his second win was Anton Ipsen with a 3:52.26. Topping off the top three was Tristan Cote (3:56.37) and Jeremy Bagshaw (3:57.69).

Taking fourth place was 16-year-old Sam Oliver, also breaking 4 minutes with a 3:59.03.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: N/A
  1. DiRado (Bacon, Fink, Urlando, Manuel) – 1:43.48
  2. Beisel (Baker, Cordes, Stewart, Chadwick) – 1:43.83
  3. Adams (Smoliga, Andrew, Prenot, Dahlia) – 1:44.45
  4. Jaeger (A. Walsh, Wilson, Shields, Ledecky) – 1:44.80

In the first SwimSquad relay of the series, the DiRado relay of Phoebe BaconNic FinkGianluca Urlando, and Simone Manuel took a tight win with a 1:43.48. With Michael Chadwick as the lone male 50 free swimmer in the mix, he brought his Beisel relay from 4th to 2nd place. Kathleen BakerKevin Cordes, and Kendyl Stewart were also members of the Beisel relay.

Taking third place was the Adams relay of Olivia SmoligaMichael AndrewJosh Prenot, and Kelsi Dahlia (1:44.45). The Jaeger relay of Alex WalshAndrew WilsonTom Shields, and Katie Ledecky took fourth in a 1:44.80.

Winning the $1,000 prize for the fastest reaction time was Nic Fink with a blistering 0.06 second reaction time.


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bobo gigi
3 years ago

Quick thoughts

Women’s 200 fly. Flickinger well ahead right now in that event. Maybe she should save energy in prelims. I remember she was in 2.05 last summer at US nationals in prelims.

Men’s 200 fly. The race of the meet so far. Great battle between the new phenom and the veteran. And very big win for Gianluca Urlando. He’s able to swim that kind of races in early January after being, I presume, much rested for the West junior meet one month ago. That’s even more impressive.

Women’s 50 free. Business as usual. I expected more from Gretchen Walsh but at least she won her B-Final.

Men’s 50 free. Andrew well ahead. He must focus on that event and… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Hi Bobo. Good report overall, just some notes.
1) Every new year we, swimming fans, are waiting for the first LC meet, in January, with far too great expectations, considering the swimming’s way of training. We are eager of new phenoms, records, great races, but this is often impossible to watch. Sometimes (like in 2016, Olympic year, with the presence of Sjostrom and other superstars) happens to watch great races and duel (Ledecky vs Sjostrom) indeed, but this is not usual. So, I wouldn’t write “very slow race” or “nothing to say”, because it’s normal, in January, being lackluster, and swimmers’ efforts deserve consideration.
2) There are often way too heavy expectations also upon the Nags record holder,… Read more »

bobo gigi
3 years ago

Maybe one day they will remember that live streaming of finals at these meets was free and available for the entire planet until 2 or 3 years ago. I have a dream….

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Nothing is free at the end of the day……

3 years ago

Katie Ledecky’s January performance in 400 LCM:
2013 – 4:18.80
2014 – 4:04.46
2015 – 4:00.47
2016 – 3:59.54
2017 – college
2018 – college
2019 – 4:02.71 nothing childish, strictly business.
I’m missing Katie from high school and world records at local meets.

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

She’s in heavier training and way more weights than in high school…

bobo gigi
Reply to  Hswimmer
3 years ago

She’s also older than in high school.
And are you sure she trains harder now than in 2015/2016 when she trained for Rio under Bruce Gemmell?

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

In response to the JIMBO hate posting.(removed)
Yozhik is not a human being 😀
comment image?dl=0

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

Yozhik you already ruined Missy Franklin’s career. Stop trying to chase out Katie Ledecky and Claire Tuggle

bobo gigi
Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

In January 2013 it was 4.16.80 at a local meet but it doesn’t mean anything as she only swam the prelims that day.

SUM Ting Wong
Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

Whilst she was always going to win the 200 & 400 she does like to swim all out . In 14 from Jan to years peak.she dropped 6 secs , then 3 secs in 15 & 16. She will need more than that in 19. In previous years she would have made the years no1 time just by January

I’m sure she will pick up good money in the FINA US stop & if it’s just US competition she will win but she’ll want fast times . We’ll see then ..

Carmen Dressel’s Bandana
3 years ago

Urlando is a god

Reply to  Carmen Dressel’s Bandana
3 years ago

I concur. His answer to Rowdy’s B.S. question where he was happy with winning some CASHMONEY was epic.

Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
3 years ago

What was his response?

3 years ago

I turned on the live stream for about 10 minutes and nothing happened. Just said live stream will resume shortly. So, I just turned it off.

3 years ago

Well done, Luis!

3 years ago

Is R. Gains a bit wound up tonight? I have the program on mute to block him out.

3 years ago

Any reason why meet mobile on here and the app is slow?

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

My best guess….I think b/c they’re waiting for the “C” finals to end before showing final results.

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Nick Pecoraro

Nick Pecoraro started swimming at age 11, instantly becoming drawn to the sport. He was a breaststroker and IMer when competing. After joining SwimSwam, the site has become an outlet for him to research and learn about competitive swimming and experience the sport through a new lenses. He graduated in …

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