Michael Andrew Previews Event Line up for 2020 (Video)

Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 23.19
  1. Michael Andrew – 22.11
  2. Michael Chadwick – 22.46
  3. Ali Khalafalla – 22.47

Taking the win in his first of 3 individual events this evening was U.S National champ Michael Andrew with a 22.11. Taking second behind Andrew was Michael Chadwick in a 22.46. Taking a narrow third place finished by one one-hundredth was Ali Khalafalla with a 22.47.

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Let me guess….a bunch of 50s?


for the Olympics.. only one 50. sadly for him

Seems to be a lot of people forgetting that he took 3rd at US Nationals in the 100 fly (as part of a triple) and won the 100 breaststroke…he was the youngest swimmer in both finals by 2 years…not sure what part of that information would lead one to believe that his only shot at qualifying for the Olympics is in the 50.


Yes Braden! Some people are obviously just jealous. He’s the most gifted US flyer, and when he improves his underwaters a bit, he’ll be right there with Caleb.

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

In order to swim a 49 100 fly you need more than just speed, you need a great go out and comeback speed, which requires endurance. Only Dressel has ever broke 50.3 textile.

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

If MA is under 51 in the 100 fly he will qualify. I don’t expect anyone else to sub 51 besides Dressel.

CDB – I’d say that Conger is the big wildcard. If his new training at Virginia clicks for him and everything goes really well, then it’s not a stretch to say he could go from 51.11 to 50.9 or 50.8. If not, then it’s MA’s spot to lose. We’ll also have to see what Jack Saunderson does after he graduates Towson. Does he stay in a program that’s clearly working for him? Does he try and find a more pro-oriented training group? If the latter, does the change accelerate his development or hinder it?

Those are the other two I’d look at for sub-51.


Don’t count out Luca. At his rate of improvement, he’s going to be in the mix in 2020.

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Luca is a 200 guy. He’ll definitely be there, but he might not have the going out speed.

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

I don’t expect much from Conger at this point. He’s a very talented athlete, but his times have been a lot slower than what many have predicted. If he swims 200 free and 200 fly at Trials that will diminish his chances of breaking 51. Jack Saunderson will be very interesting to watch though. I would love to see a 50 from anyone.


I don’t think it’s anyone’s spot to lose.. it will be a battle IMO.


Amazing that an athlete that is one of the top swimmers in the world in all 4 stroke 50s is no long even contemplating the 2IM.


He should. He could be good at it if he just works his last 50, but usrpt doesn’t help that


Lots of downvotes. Here’s the guide. Page 1.20 goes over IM training in USRPT:
Essentially you break the 200 into splits and train the strokes at that pace. Typically it’s between a 100 and 200 pace for that stroke. Program IM transition turn sessions once in a while and you have the whole race. Since the “individual medley” is not a stroke you really don’t need to train using “IM” sets.


What like Olympic champ florent manadou?


Interesting contrast with someone like chase who really isn’t elite at any particular stroke (not enough to make an int’l team at least) but is the best IMer in the world.


In fairness 1:54 in the 200 fly is in the mix for international teams. His breast is his hammer leg (where many struggle), he’s been sub 2:10 in season, but doesn’t swim it often rested. It’s not hard for me to see how Chase puts it together in the IM races.

Tammy Touchpad Error

I think its more amazing that he is still seriously thinking about the 100 free. He has to be the worst 100 Freestyler relative to his 50 since…? I mean Bruno, Ben Proud, Manaudou, and Anthony Ervin all backed up their 50s with sub 48s at least with a flying start. Who am I missing? What was Bovell’s 100? Wasn’t he a 200 IM medalist?

Ah maybe Govorov is as bad in the 100…

Most of the elite coaches that I talk to who watch him swim say that they believe the primary problem with MA’s 100 free to be his breathing technique, not his endurance. In the 50, he doesn’t have to breathe. Which is interesting.


Has there been any suggestion from MA that he might work with another coach on this?

Pure technique with someone like Durden or Reese doesn’t seem like it should cause too many issues with USRPT overall, he’s not joining in for a full October or Xmas with them when they’re getting base in. Perhaps join in with a college team in September?

His training clearly works for him in many ways in terms of volume, pace etc., but it could be some drills and technique work with another elite coach really helps boost his 100 free.


Yes this has been suggested many times. Not as often now that he beat Dressel in the 50 last summer


I’m just waiting for him to join Team Elite in San Diego since it’s about 20 mins from his new home base and Marsh did so well with getting Ervin ready for Rio in his 50 Free, We all know how that turned out.


Couple things for you and Braden, USRPT is a technique first system and the Technique Macrocycle manual is 191 pages of explanation and visual references. It doesn’t even explain the conditioning side of the system. If he were to work with another high-level coach, that coach would need to check their ego at the door simply because saying “I’ve been coaching race pace for years” is catastrophically simplistic (who said that on his vlog?). Breathing isn’t the issue. Microcycle 2 goes over breathing technique and he practices breathing at 100 pace or faster every free set. Katie Ledecky has a breathing problem and I’ve never seen anyone properly critique this. MA’s turns and underwaters are his weak point. Caleb has… Read more »

tea rex

I wonder if he could beat Ledecky in a 200 free…


Not a chance LC


Oh, come on. Dude has been 1:59.1 *2IM* within last 2 yrs. You don’t think he can go 1:54 2free?


He also went 4:26 4IM in 2017, lest we forget.


He would be in good company. KL beat Phelps in 400 free in Mesa Arizona. A badge of honor, LOL

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

I guess so, but it’s not like Phelps was in racing shape. I mean, obviously he’s a guy and I get that, but he would have been 3:49 if he tapered

Cheatin Vlad

I think Phelps went a 3:46.73 at age 18 during the 2003 US Nationals, but he never really pursued it in his mid-late 20s. A guys can only swim so many events 🙂

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