Ledecky Wins $6,000 In Knoxville, Leads 2019 Pro Swim Series Early


One meet into the 2019 Pro Swim Series and Katie Ledecky leads all money-earners and also sits atop the chase for the $10,000 top swim bonus.

Ledecky won four events (the 200, 400 and 800 frees plus the 400 IM) and took home $6,000 in earnings. She also tied with Regan Smith for the top FINA points swim. On the men’s side, Josh Prenot is the leader at $5,500. Smith and Prenot had the best prelims swims, earning $1500 bonuses. Ledecky and Smith accounted for all of the top 5 FINA point swims on the women’s side. Ryan Murphy is the narrow leader on the men’s side in FINA point swims, edging Prenot’s 200 breast by 2 FINA points.

Meanwhile in the SwimSquad relays, the winning team (Phoebe Bacon/Nic Fink/Gianluca Urlando/Simone Manuel from the DiRadSquad) earned $250 apiece while the team with the fastest reaction time add-up (Kathleen Baker/Kevin Cordes/Kendyl Stewart/Michael Chadwick from the Beisel Bunch) also earned $250 apiece.

Prize Money System

The top 3 in each individual event will earn money. The top prelims swim in an individual Olympic event (based on FINA points) earns a $1500 bonus, one for the men and one for women. The swimmer with the top individual Olympic event swim (based on FINA points) of the entire series will earn a $10,000 bonus.

Individual Events (including stroke 50s)

  • 1st: $1500
  • 2nd: $1000
  • 3rd: $500

Top Prelims Swim (individual Olympic events)

  • $1500

Top Overall Swim for Series (individual Olympic events)

  • $10,000

SwimSquad Relays

  • TBA

Top Swim Series Leaders

The top swims of the entire series will earn $10,000 bonuses – one for the top man and one for the top women. Here are the current leaders.


Rank Athlete FINA Points Time Event Meet
1 Katie Ledecky* 937 15:45.59 1500 Free Knoxville
1 Regan Smith* 937 59.37 100 Back Knoxville
3 Katie Ledecky 929 1:55.78 200 Free Knoxville
4 Katie Ledecky 924 4:05.53 400 Free Knoxville
5 Regan Smith 920 2:07.53 200 Back Knoxville

*Ledecky wins the current tie-break with Smith by virtue of having the higher points total in her second-best event.


Rank Athlete FINA Points Time Event Meet
1 Ryan Murphy 927 53.17 100 Back Knoxville
2 Josh Prenot 925 2:09.96 200 Breast Knoxville
3 Chase Kalisz 909 1:57.68 200 IM Knoxville
4 Ryan Murphy 894 1:56.16 200 Back Knoxville
5 Marius Kusch 876 52.06 100 Fly Knoxville

Full Money Lists

Note: the following list tracks “money earned,” though not necessarily “money received.” Athletes maintaining amateurism for high school or NCAA swimming have restrictions on how much prize money they can accept.

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And people wondered why she left collage early.

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

I don’t remember anybody wondering. It makes sense.


No one wondered that


Do these athletes get their way paid to the events? Just curious as to how much of the prize money actually goes to the athlete. Thanks.

SaintJoseph – most National Team athletes get travel paid for, or at least, partially paid for, to attend these meets.


Paid for by whom? USS I hope? But the “others” pay their way? What about meals, housing, etc? Very curious.

Swim Fanatic

Im curious, is Urlando planning on going to the NCAA? What happens to junior age swimmers who win prize money and still want to swim NCAA?

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

They get screwed by the establishment


They can use it to reimburse for travel.

Speed Racer

Although I am sure the NCAA loved his post race interview of “I was just thinking about the prize money hoping I would get it.” The comment even left Rowdy speechless for a second as he scrabbled to change the subject.

Caeleb Dressel's Bandana

Lol really? I need to see that


Urlando’s Interview at the end.


He is after all only 16. Am sure he hasn’t studied all the NCAA rules.


so guys like daniel carr and bryce from cal, can use it for travel too?



So the definition of travel includes buying a car to get to/from swim practice? He could keep a mileage log to support this I’m sure.

Taa – the NCAA doesn’t write themselves into a corner with rules, they keep them vague and then interpret them as needed. There’s pros and cons to doing it either way, but the current system keeps the rule book much smaller and gives them wiggle room to err on the side of whomever they’re trying to protect in a given scenario.


If it works like he was in college then it can be used for any swim related expenses during the year.

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