Hannah Miley Aims to Earn 7th 400 IM British Championship Title


With the start of the British Championships just hours away, Hannah Miley will solely focus on defending her title in the 400 IM. Miley chose to scratch her entries in the 50 breast and 200 free, where she was seeded well out of the top 8.

Last year, Miley won the 400 IM in a 4:38.91, earning her 3rd-consecutive title and 6th win overall in the event. This year, Miley is seeded second with a 4:35.16. Top seed is Aimee Willmott (4:34.90), who was runner-up behind Miley’s 6 wins. Willmott won the 400 IM in 2014 with Miley sitting out of the event that year.

Opting out of the women’s 400 IM is 2015 world junior champion Rosie Rudin. Rudin was seeded 4th in the event and was not entered in another event.

More notable scratches include:

  • Polly Holden (200 free)
  • James Lewis (100 breast)
  • Oliver Crosby (100 breast)

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3 years ago

I have looked it up and although I am not 100% sure it appears Hannah Miley has been British Champ in 400IM every year from 2006-2018 (except 2014 when she did not compete). That makes 12 times.

3 years ago

I’m pretty sure Rosie Rudin announced her retirement in September? I would never write Hannah Miley off, but she’s on a return from ankle surgery so not sure where she is with her recovery at the moment.

3 years ago

Just clicked into the live stream and it was on the 50BR and the first thing I see is some very dubious fly kicks! Then the commentator said that the 50BR is a really hard event because it’s not a splash and dash like the other 50s. Okay. I happen to think the 50BR is one of the most pointless events possible though (and I was a Breastroke swimmer).

Looking forward to the 400IM later as well as 100BR

BTW – Hasn’t Miley won more than 6 British titles in 400IM? It is virtually impossible to find out for sure as the info is not online but I remember more – maybe 2009 onwards?

Reply to  Tim
3 years ago

It is definitely more than 6.

She didn’t swim it in 2014, but that aside that, I think she has been the 400 Medley British Champion every year since 2007 and possibly 2006 too.

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