2023 World Championships: Day 2 Pick ‘Em Contest Scoring Update

by Spencer Penland 15

July 24th, 2023 International, News



With day 2 of the 2023 World Championships in Fukuoka in the books, it’s time for the day 2 scoring update for the Pick ‘Em Contest. The second day of the meet was thin on finals, as there were only four. That means there was only a relatively small pool of points up for grabs today in the contest.

There wasn’t anything too crazy that happened in tonight’s finals, at least nothing that we weren’t aware of heading into the session. For example, Kaylee McKeown getting DQ’s in semifinals of the women’s 200 IM was, of course, a bummer for everyone who entered the contest, but that happened last night, so we already knew that was going to depress the scores heading into tonight’s session.

Zhang Yufei won the women’s 100 fly tonight, which was a little bit of an upset in itself. Those who bet on China are faring well right now, as Qin Haiyang also won the men’s 100 breast tonight.

There was, of course, a little bit of a wrinkle in the men’s 100 breast, where there was a 3-way tie for silver.

Moving on to what you’re all here for: the results! The Day 2 winner is…sigh…”Andrew Tate TOP G

They won considerably on day 2, racking up 53 points on the day, which is quite impressive considering there were only 71 points up for grabs today. The Top G was on fire today, correctly picking Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh 1st and 2nd in the women’s for IM. That was just the tip of the iceberg, however. Perhaps their most impressive pick of the day, “Andrew Tate TOP G” correctly picked Zhang Yufei 1st, Maggie MacNeil 2nd, and Torri Huske 3rd in the women’s 100 fly. They also nailed the men’s 100 breast, picking Qin Haiyang to win, Nic Fink to take 2nd, and he had Nicolo Martinenghi and Arno Kamminga in the top 4 as well. Because of the tie in that event, they maxed out points with 7 for Haiyang, 5 for Fink, and 1 for Martnineghi and Kamminga.

Herer are the Day 2 scores:

Now, let’s check in on the overall scores. Through the first two days of the meet, “Andre97” is leading the competition with a total of 105 points. “Andrew Tate TOP G” is currently in 2nd with 101 points, while “Toronto Titans” is also over 100 points already, sitting in 3rd at 100 points exactly.

Here are the totals through Day 2:

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Nick the biased Aussie
10 months ago

Holding steady at 27

10 months ago

Hi, can you check my score for day 2?
I think I’m missing 5 points.

W 200 IM – 16 points
W 100 fly – 7 points (MacNeil 2nd, Huske and McKeon wrong order)
M 50 fly – 11 points
M 100 breast – 19 points

total 53 points
Thanks in advance

Reply to  Andre97
10 months ago

Nevermind I’ve just read the comment on the breaststroke tie, sorry

10 months ago

In Swimswam’s contest, a wondrous sight,
Zippo’s predictions take flight.
With words that beguile,
His wit brings a smile,
His poet’s prowess shines bright!

Andrew Tate TOP G
10 months ago

Let’s go 🔥🔥🔥

Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  Andrew Tate TOP G
10 months ago

bro you are a legend for this

10 months ago

comment image

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
10 months ago

Have you won a Pick ‘em contest before?

Reply to  SWIM SAM
10 months ago

Just asking because I see the username near the top pretty often

10 months ago

Spencer –

Can you double check my score for Day 2

I’ve got W 200 IM – 13, M 50 fly – 8, W 100 fly – 3, and M 100 breast 19.

That makes 43. You have it as 38.

Reply to  Marklewis
10 months ago

What are the rules for the triple tie for 2nd in the 100 breast?

Last edited 10 months ago by Marklewis
Tracy Kosinski
10 months ago

I’m doing the next one. I’d be in first place LOL.

10 months ago

My pickems are toast.