China Comes Up Big On Day 2 Of 2023 World Championships


The nation of Australia remains atop the overall swimming medal at the 2023 World Championships, courtesy of its four gold medals reaped last night. However, several nations are on the move.

China was notably on a tear, collecting two golds to slide into runner-up status through day two.

This evening, Qin Haiyang became the 2nd-fastest 100m breaststroke performer of all time, leading the final field with a time of 57.69. That established a new Chinese national and Asian continental record, giving the nation its first gold of Fukuoka.

Immediately following, Olympic multi-medalist Zhang Yufei got to the wall first in the women’s 100m fly.

25-year-old Zhang clinched the victory in a result of 56.12, beating out 2020 Olympic champion Maggie MacNeil of Canada in the process.

Yu Yiting wrapped up the strong performances for China with a bronze in the 200m IM at the end of the session.

The United States, who became gold medal-less on night one of a World Championships for the first time since 1994, appeared on the scene in multiple races this evening.

In a remarkable 3-way tie for silver behind Qin, Nic Fink of the stars n’ stripes landed on the podium in the 100m breast.

Additionally, Torri Huske nabbed bronze in the 100m fly while the women’s 200m IM saw a U.S. 1-2 punch. Kate Douglass reaped the top spot for the world title while Alex Walsh snagged the silver for the Americans.

Comparing Fukuoka to last year’s World Championships in Budapest, however, the United States is still behind in its overall medal count, as well as its number of gold. Through day 2 last year, the U.S. had accumulated 12 medals with 5 of them being gold.

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Kyle Socks Wells
10 months ago


10 months ago

In Fukuoka, China rose high,
Day 2 saw them reach the sky.
With Qin’s breaststroke might,
And Zhang’s fly so bright,
Gold medals made their spirits fly.

Swim Alchemist
10 months ago

Pan has been a bit off, but I think he specifically said, after his 47.2/1:44.6, that he was targeting Asian Games. If that’s the case, he’s doing ok here, but likely won’t win a medal in the 100 free.

Reply to  Swim Alchemist
10 months ago

He was my pick for bronze here.. but Miressi and Caribe are showing promise.. same for Wang

Tracy Kosinski
10 months ago


10 months ago

Hard to see how China is not the favorite now in the mixed medley on Wednesday

Backstroke: Xu Jiayu vs Ryan Murphy should be pretty even

Breast: Qin Haiyang is a full second faster than Nic Fink in this meet

Fly: Zhang Yufei is about half a second faster than Torri Huske

Free: Kate Douglass split 0.3 faster than Wu Qingfeng in the 4×100 yesterday, which isn’t enough to bridge a 1+ second gap

One big factor I could see saving the Americans though is if Zhang Yufei is exhausted after a 200 Fly/Mixed Medley double. But she’s shown in the Olympics that she’s capable of some pretty crazy schedules

Last edited 10 months ago by Tencor
Swim Alchemist
Reply to  Tencor
10 months ago

I have a feeling Zhang scratches that 200 fly.

Reply to  Tencor
10 months ago

After doing an absurd 200 fly then coming back shortly after to drop a 1:55 mid shows her endurance

Reply to  Tencor
10 months ago

Also a WR watch here (for that matter the US might also have a shot if they get their stuff together)

WR: 3:37.58

Realistic-ish China Estimates

Xu: 52.0
Qin: 57.3
Zhang: 55.8
Wu: 52.7

Leaves them just 0.2 off. Not impossible but much harder if Zhang goes through with the double

Reply to  Tencor
10 months ago

Agree with all but Xu will smoke Murphy

Reply to  Tencor
10 months ago

Douglass will be faster when she doesn’t have to swim a 2IM minutes before. They’ll be a big threat in the men’s medley as well.

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