Watch The American Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay Clock 3:03.03 WR


  • Tuesday, December 11th – Sunday, December 16th
  • Hangzhou, China
  • Tennis Centre, Hangzhou Olympic & International Expo Center
  • SCM (25m)
  • Live Results (Omega)

The American men took down the World Record in the 4x100m freestyle relay to conclude night 1 of the 2018 FINA Short Course World Championships. The combination of Caeleb Dressel (45.66), Blake Pieroni (45.75), Michael Chadwick (45.86) and Ryan Held (45.76) joined forces to clock a monster time of 3:03.03, overtaking the previous WR mark of 3:03.30 also set by the stars n’ stripes back in 2009.

Dressel’s lead-off checked-in as a new American Record in itself, while the U.S. squad represented the only team of the field in which all 4 relay members notched 45-point efforts.

Russia’s Vlad Morozov raced the fastest non-lead-off split in 45.06, but even that wasn’t enough to catch the Americans. Russia touched just .08 behind in 3:03.11 for silver tonight. Additional Russian splits included: Vladislav Grinev (46.38), Sergei Fesikov (46.21) and Kliment Kolsnikov (45.46) as anchor.

Watch how the entire race unfolded below, courtesy of Alex Muni and you can read more about the World Record here.



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4 years ago

I thought British commentators were hard to listen to, but after that I’ll never complain again. Sheesh.

Reply to  Dee
4 years ago

I so agree! Why can’t he just commentate . It’s so OTT . Ridiculous.

4 years ago

YESSSSS Team Usa to the top !!! Love that

4 years ago

Using the converter on the swimswam website the 45.06 Vlad split converts to 46.66 in LCM relay.

Still doesn’t top Lezaks 46.0! 😉

4 years ago

Why does it look like its the first time Conderelli ever put on a swim cap?

4 years ago

It is a bad mistake on Held’s part to swim next to lane line closest to Russian on last lap. The last lap the Russian got a draft from Held and nearly beat him whereas the first 3 laps Held was on the other side of the lane or in the center of the lane.

Reply to  anonymous
4 years ago

Just messing with them.

E Gamble
4 years ago

Ryan Held really needed that. Way to go Ryan and team USA. 💪

Reply to  E Gamble
4 years ago

I talked to his coach (Bobby) tonight and learned that Ryan only train 3-4 times a week this Fall. What the heck? Good thing my age group swimmers were around when Bobby said that! Haha

4 years ago

Dressel is a guy who NEEDS to be competing regularly. So much of his swims he excels at the small things (start, turns, underwaters)… if you’re not working them continuously or deliberately, they become flat

Leisurely Swim
4 years ago

Is no one going to mention that this is Dressel’s first official world record?

Reply to  Leisurely Swim
4 years ago

It’s an American record only

Reply to  Not
4 years ago

Nope. The overall relay time is a world record…

Reply to  FLSwimmer
4 years ago

My bad. I was thinking individual AR

Reply to  Leisurely Swim
4 years ago

Mixed medley

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