Watch Select Race Videos (US Only) From 1st 2 Days Of Pan Pacs (VIDEO)


Throughout the first two days of competition at the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo, Japan, NBC Sports (Olympic Channel) has released select race videos from finals sessions. Race videos below include the women’s 200 free and men’s 400 IM from the day one and the women’s and men’s 100 free and women’s 4×200 freestyle relay from day two.

Video courtesy of NBCSports

WOMEN’S 200 FREE – Day 1

  1. GOLD: Taylor Ruck, CAN, 1:54.44
  2. SILVER: Rikako Ikee, JPN, 1:54.85
  3. BRONZE: Katie Ledecky, USA, 1:55.16

MEN’S 400 IM – Day 1

  • Pan Pac Record: 4:07.59, Ryan Lochte (USA), 2010
  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz, USA, 4:07.95
  2. SILVER: Kosuke Hagino, JPN, 4:11.13
  3. BRONZE: Daiya Seto, JPN, 4:12.60

WOMEN’S 100 FREE – Day 2

  1. GOLD: Cate Campbell, AUS, 52.03
  2. SILVER: Simone Manuel, USA, 52.66
  3. BRONZE: Taylor Ruck, CAN, 52.72

Video courtesy of NBC Sports

MEN’S 100 FREE – Day 2

  • Pan Pacs Record: 47.82, Cameron McEvoy (AUS), 2014
  1. GOLD: Kyle Chalmers, AUS, 48.00
  2. TIE-SILVER: Jack Cartwright. AUS, 48.22
  3. TIE-SILVER: Caeleb Dressel, USA, 48.22


  • Pan Pacs Record: 7:46.40, USA, 2014
  1. GOLD: AUS, 7:44.12
  2. SILVER: USA, 7:44.37
  3. BRONZE: CAN, 7:47.28

Video courtesy of NBCSports

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4 years ago

breathing pattern for campbell at end… At first glance, looks like every 4 strokes takes breathe. Then at 75ish went 6 strokes. Breathe. Then went 8. Breathe. Then went 10 to the finish.

Golf clap.

Swimmer Brent
4 years ago

I might be a weirdo but the Seiko starting beep is so disorienting when you’re used to Omega’s version.

4 years ago

Wow awesome swim from Karl Chambers…

4 years ago

Ledecky and Dressel both look like they’re lacking in power, especially Ledecky in that 200, she looked like she was really spinning compared to the others. Then again she had just swam an 800 so it’s understandable. In other news Dressel’s start was looking a little better, he just couldn’t hold that speed as well as last year.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  Person
4 years ago

Ledecky did great in the relay. Dressel had an amazing start. I thought we were going to see another 47 low. But he died.

4 years ago

I fear if Katie Ledecky remains in her current training program, she will not win the 200 or 400 at the Olympics. She is losing ground, and the world will not be behind her forever.

Reply to  Mikeh
4 years ago

While everyone is entitled to an opinion, this may be the dumbest comment in swimswam history. 👏

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Mikeh
4 years ago

Did you miss her split in the relay?

Reply to  Mikeh
4 years ago

This gentleman (is it?) is talking actually about training program. And with that it makes sense. There were no improvement with Katie Ledecky’s sprinting results since she is training at Stanford. In Rio she swam 100 significantly under 53 sec in relay twice and 1:53.7 in individual 200 and 1:53.7 in relay.
Actually her results in 100 go backwards. There won’t be new textile world record at 200 if she can’t swim reliably 100 at 53.5.

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Haha well thank you I do like to be considered a gentleman. And you’re right about her times. I would add that her long distance times have, for the most part, regressed. I have no inside knowledge, but based on the results her program is nowhere near optimal. You could see the beginnings of it last year even. Her margin for history in the 200 is razor thin. He margin in the 400 is larger, but I suspect a few swimmers are set to break 4:00 by 2020. Unlike in the 800 and 1500, Ledecky doesn’t have a lot of space to play with in the 200 and 400.

SumTing Wong
Reply to  Mikeh
4 years ago

Certainly the 200 is not secure. The 1.53.7 chasing was optimal racing .However Ruck is going into that program so who knows what the dynamics will be .Ruck does not appear to be someone who will defer to her if she pushed Penny off the stage quite efficiently .

4 years ago

Rowdy, I’m so sorry for everything I said. Please come back, our sport needs you.

Seriously though, this actually pisses me off, I know it’s funny to listen to this imbecile ramble on about Simone Manuel being the world record holder in the 100m free, but seriously, this hack is getting paid to half ass commentary on a sport he knows nothing about and has made no effort to do any research to provide an insight more meaningfull then “Let’s see who rises first”.

Screw the Olympic Channel and screw you Comcast.

Love to Swim
Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

This commentator is hilariously super bad, but there are much better alternatives than Rowdy.

Also, this is the official feed, so probably the Japanese TV network hired him to do the English commentary.

4 years ago

I’d be interested to see what happened with Schmitt

4 years ago