Watch Caeleb Dressel Torch 50.36 100 Fly, Scare U.S. Open Record (Race Video)

by Maclin Simpson 63

June 24th, 2019 News, Race Videos, Video


For a more comprehensive library of race videos from the meet, visit Herbie Behm’s YouTube channel here.

Video captured by Herbie Behm. Reported by Karl Ortegon.

Caeleb Dressel‘s string of impressive in-season performances this season continued tonight in Mission Viejo, as he won the 100 fly in a new world #1 time of 50.36. He split 23.82 going out and came back in 26.54, coming just short of Michael Phelps’ 50.22 US Open record from 2009 US Nationals.

For some context, not only is that just a world #1 time, but it’s faster than what it took to win gold in Rio in 2016 (Joseph Schooling’s 50.39, the current Olympic record). Only three men have ever broken 50 seconds in this race: world record-holder Michael Phelps (49.82), Dressel himself (49.86), and Serbian Milorad Cavic (49.95). Counting Dressel’s 49.82 from 2017 World Champs, his swim tonight is the eighth-best performance of all-time.

This year, only France’s Mehdy Metella has been under 51 seconds with a 50.85 from the French Championships in April.

This is the fourth-best performance of Dressel’s career, and faster than he was in all of 2018 (his best last year was a 50.50).

When looking at Dressel’s list of top swims in this event, this time really stands out. In 2018, he went 50.50 at Summer Nationals and then 50.75 at Pan Pacs. This time from tonight is over a full second better than his previous in-season best– in May, at the Atlanta Classic, he went a 51.41, which was his old in-season best.

He was 52.08 in-season in 2017 and then 50.87 at Nationals before he went his best time 49.86 in Budapest. After being off of his bests last year, this summer could be a very memorable one for Dressel.

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Ol' Longhorn

That was the easiest, fast first 50 I’ve ever seen. Must be a fast pool. 17 strokes down, 19 coming back. Does anyone have a stroke count on Phelps 49.8?

Ol' Longhorn

Never mind. I got 17/19 for Phelps, too. So more dps for Phelps in his 49.82.

Jabroni Pepperoni

Wouldn’t that mean the same distance per stroke and just a higher cadence?


Yes. Dps would be the same.

Brian M

You can’t make this determination without knowing the streamline length and distance off each wall.


Haven’t compared the videos but it also depends on how far they kick out underwater.

On another note, it would be cool to have a site that complies swimming race data like this (stroke count, uw kickout distance, number of dolphin kicks, etc) (I know USA Swimming does it for the National Team members at big meets). Kind of like a box score but for swimming.

Ol' Longhorn

Someone also does deceleration analysis, for the 50’s at least. For example, Ervin won at Rio not because he was pulling away (accelerating) from the field at the end, as it appeared, but because he was decelerating less. Would love to know whether the no-breathe/hold on for dear life last 15 meters that Dressel does limits or worsens deceleration compared to breathe-every-stroke-including-into-the-finish Phelps. There’s probably a happy medium.


His rhythm clearly picks up and “accelerates” Watch the end of the 100 free and fly at worlds. Clearly creates separation at the end unlike I’ve really ever seen.

Samuel Huntington

It’s possible if Phelps was underwater off the walls less, but I think they are about the same there

Ol' Longhorn

They looked the same. Of course, with his start, Dressel probably needed fewer kicks to get to 15 meters than Phelps did.

Ol' Longhorn

Yeah, you’re right, though Dressel’s cadence really picks up when he no-breathes the last 15 meters or so.

Justin Thompson

It’s a shallow pool, but not sure if it’s considered a fast pool. Would be curious what others now about it.

Steve Nolan

Someone need to bring a drone to this meet next time.


Dressel has unprecedented sprint speed, obviously, but still short of Phelps record. To me just puts different perspective on how truely fast Phelps was in 100fly.


In a Speedo LZR Racer….nobody has approached Caelebs times without a supersuit. Crocker,Joe, Chad, Phelps, Milak have been in the 50.4-50.6 range like once


Exactly PVDH, without a super suit, Phelps was a 50.7 guy who popped one 50.4 in 2015. Which is great speed, but Dressel’s a sub-50 guy who can break 50.4 unshaved.

Joel Lin

Check back with us in 5 weeks. That WR is toast. He’s not peaked for this meet & that first 50 was smooth as butta.


Yep , with Urlando , we are witnessing unbelievable flyers on the rise ….so exciting


I woulnd’t go so far as to say it’s guaranteed to fall this summer; there’s always a chance that something bad could happen between now and the World Championships (I certainly hope not), but the days are clearly numbered for Phelps’s world record in the 100 fly. Probably the same for both the 4x100m freestyle and the 4x100m medley relay.

Samuel Huntington

I doubt the 4×100 free will be broken


I wonder if with the ISL, relay world records by teams will supplant those by countries. You could build a relay with the 4 fastest swimmers on the planet on an ISL team someday… But you’d have to have a high-stakes championship for them to all be tapered and at their peak.


Both free relay records could be around for a while


Record 3:08:24 well it would not be impossible for Brazil Russia and USA to go 47,5 46,8 46,9 47,0 for 3:08:20 but everybody needed to deliver


No, that’s pretty much not going to happen.


If you put 2016 Phelps and Adrian in a time machine on the 2020 team hen you have 47.0 (Dressel, guessing), 47.2 (Phelps), 46.8 (Adrian)

You still need a 47.2 to break the record. Haas went 47.2 with a -.01 start.

Look at those times. I’m not saying “no way”, but I’d be shocked if anyone broke that record in the next 6 years, minimum. Teams might get 2 or even 3 of those splits together, but not all 4. It would take a miracle.

That’s the power of the Lezak 46.06 split.


You would not be very fun at a party. It won’t be long until some countries have 4 swimmers going under 48 flat start and then it’s just a matter of time getting them going fast at the same meet


I’m here for you buddy


thats 46.06 just puts it so high to get to ….Insane


Yeah but not impossible for the 3 countries
USA dressel Adrian held and?
Brazil chiereghini fratus spajari and potentially Breno
Russia grinev morozov kolesinikov rylov


You have to average a 47.06 and that includes the flat start. There have been 23 swims (flat and relay) by 11 unique swimmers since the end of the super suit era that meet that criteria. Only 8 of the 11 swimmers are currently active. If you stretch it out to 47.25 there are 15 active swimmers that have done that. USA: Dressel (47.17 flat), Adrian (46.69 rolling) Haas (47.24 with -0.01). I don’t think you can count on Adrian going 46.69 again although 47.00 is reasonable if he can regain 2017 form). Dressel might lower that to 46.9 flat if you want to be ambitious. You still need another 47.1 flying start IF all those guys hit those times.… Read more »

Ol' Longhorn

That’s what everyone said after Pan-Pac trials —- just wait for Pan Pacs, he’ll drop like crazy. He’ll go 49.8, but not sure he’ll break it. This was OT’s level rest without a shave to prepare for next year.


2018 summer was an anomoly

bear drinks beer

He just had one good year and one bad year, hard to say which one is an anomaly.


This is also a good year. It’s not that hard to look at his current in season swims and know this


If I remember correctly people were expecting Dressel to be faster at Pan Pacs than at Nats, but after watching him at Nationals most people’s expectations had been significantly lowered from where they were in spring 2018


Not stating that dressel won’t break WR. He definitely will and to me is expected. Overlooked the tech suit Phelps wore as factor in 100. However, new found appreciation for Phelps in 100fly because he can’t post sub 18 in 50fr.


For perspective, Phelps came home in 26.46, Dressel was just 26.54

You know Caeleb will get the early speed from his taper. He was out in 23.33 in Budapest.