Mike Tirico Will Join Rowdy Gaines as Analyst at Wave II of US Olympic Trials

Mike Tirico will be joining Rowdy Gaines as a play-by-play announcer for Wave II of the US Olympic Trials, which begin on Sunday. Tirico will be replacing Dan Hicks, who will miss the trials due to the fact that he is covering the US Open of golf from June 17-20. 

Tirico currently works at NBC’s prime time Olympic Host, having covered the 2018 winter Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. In addition, Tirico has worked as the play-by-play announcer for the NFL, NASCAR, and the NHL, covering events such as the Indianapolis 500 and the Stanley Cup Final. 

Although he has worked the Olympics before, this will be Tirico’s first endeavor in swimming coverage. He will be joined by longtime announcer Rowdy Gaines, who has covered every Olympic Games since 1996. Gaines also has covered meets such as the World Championships, NCAA Championships and US Nationals. 

During Wave I of Olympic Trials, Olympian Elizabeth Beisel and reporter Patrick Kinas covered the meet for NBC. For both announcers, it was their first time covering a major meet for the company. 

Gains and Tirico will begin their coverage on Sunday, June 13, with the meet carrying on through Sunday, June 20. Unlike the Wave I competition, the Wave II meet will feature a schedule that includes prelims, semi-finals, and finals, with the top two athletes in each event qualifying for the US Olympic Team. 

All prelims sessions will be available to stream on USASwimming.org or via the NBC sports app. Finals will be shown on NBC every night at approximately 8 pm eastern time. 

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5 months ago

I already like him more than rowdy!

Reply to  Zoowee
5 months ago

Man rowdy is so important for swimming though

5 months ago


5 months ago

Prelims on USA swimming. Great news.

Reply to  Ger
5 months ago

Wasn’t great news during wave 1

5 months ago

Tirico is an experienced announcer but probably has little knowledge of swimming.

I’m sure he’ll do OK but lean on Gaines to explain things.

I’ll give it a shot to see how they start off the meet. There’s always the mute button if it gets too annoying.

Last edited 5 months ago by Marklewis
5 months ago

What happened to Dan Hicks? Weird to think about watching a major meet and not hearing his voice. He’s pretty knowledge of the sport having covered in since 1996

Reply to  D2 SWIM
5 months ago

My guess is that he is covering golf?

Reply to  D2 SWIM
5 months ago

You didn’t even make it to the second sentence of the article.

5 months ago

Yeah I suppose I didn’t read very far 🙈

Reply to  D2 SWIM
5 months ago

Dude has a face made for radio

5 months ago

Too bad Howard Cosell wasn’t still alive. I think it would be as entertaining as hell to listen to him talk swimming.

5 months ago

Elizabeth Beisel did a great job for Wave I.

I think I will miss her next week.

Chris Meadows
Reply to  run-dmc
5 months ago

100% agree. Hope to see more of her at televised swimming events in the future.

5 months ago

ah but did you consider that caeleb dressel will not be breathing to his right

Reply to  dddddddd
5 months ago

Rowdy: ..just can’t focus on the world record line!!!
Mike: you know, rowdy, they can’t see…
Mike: [ears bleeding] We’ll be back after this commercial break.

Gonna be a long eight days for Tirico…

Last edited 5 months ago by Erik

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