2018 Big 12 Championships: Day 4 Finals Live Recap; Jackson Pops 41.2 100 Free


We’re back with the final night of competition at the 2018 Big 12 Championships in Austin, Texas. Swimmers are set to compete individually in the 1650 free, 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, and 200 fly. We’ll also see finals of the 400 free relay and platform diving. One of the swimmers to look out for is Texas’ Tate Jackson, who took down the Meet Record in the 100 free this morning and will battle with All-American teammate Brett Ringgold for the gold. Similarly, after top seed Rebecca Millard set the Meet Record this morning, we’ll see her battle with teammate Claire Adams for the 100 free title.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:51.11, Tasija Karosas (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:50.99
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:54.00
  1. GOLD: Quinn Carrozza, Texas, 1:53.18
  2. SILVER: Amelie Currat, West Virginia, 1:55.75
  3. BRONZE: Elizabeth Amato-Hanner, Kansas, 1:56.27

Texas’ Carrozza clipped her best time by hundredths tonight to pick up her 2nd win in as many days. Teammate Kaitlin Harty was in 2nd through the halfway mark at 55.75, but fell slightly off the pace as she finished 4th in 1:56.39. West Virginia’s Currat came home in 29.58 to take the silver, while Kansas’ Amato-Hanner used her speed on the 3rd 50 to clip Harty for bronze.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:39.70, Jack Conger (Texas), 2015
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:39.66
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:41.74
  1. GOLD: Austin Katz, Texas, 1:39.10
  2. SILVER: Jonathan Roberts, Texas, 1:39.79
  3. BRONZE: Ryan Harty, Texas, 1:40.77

Texas’ Harty jumped out to the early lead in 48.35, with Katz just hundredths behind and Roberts trailing by a few tenths. Katz took over the lead on the 3rd 50 and came home in 25.08 to build his lead into the finish. Roberts pulled even with Harty going into the last 50 yards and outpaced Harty by a full second down the final stretch for silver. Another Longhorn, Jeff Newkirk, clipped his best time as he took 4th in 1:42.02.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 47.65, Rebecca Millard (Texas), 2018
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 47.53
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 48.62
  1. GOLD: Claire Adams, Texas, 47.46
  2. SILVER: Rebecca Millard, Texas, 47.87
  3. BRONZE: Brooke Hansen, Texas, 49.38

Texas’ Millard flipped ahead on the front-half with a 22.75 to Adams’ 22.95. Adams started to close the gap on the 3rd 25 and outsplit Millard by about half a second down the final pool length to win in Meet Record-setting time. Millard was just a couple of tenths shy of her prelims time and former Meet Record. Longhorns Hansen and Anelise Diener battled for bronze, with Hansen clipping Diener (49.41) by hundredths at the finish after they were neck-and-neck the whole way through.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 41.42, Tate Jackson (Texas), 2018
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 42.11
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 42.76
  1. GOLD: Tate Jackson, Texas, 41.27
  2. SILVER: Brett Ringgold, Texas, 42.06
  3. BRONZE: Merwane Elmerini, West Virginia, 43.36

Texas’ Jackson blew away the field as he improved on his Meet Record and Big 12 Record from this morning. He flipped in 19.75 ahead of Riggold’s 19.79, distancing himself from Ringgold through the back half as he touched in 41.27. That makes him the 9th fastest performer ever in the event, moving ahead of Matt Grevers (41.35).


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 16:00.70, Maureen McLaine (Texas A&M), 2012
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 15:53.50
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 16:16.41
  1. GOLD: Evie Pfeifer, Texas, 16:05.07
  2. SILVER: Jenny Nusbaum, Kansas, 16:43.33
  3. BRONZE: Nika Fellows, Kansas, 16:48.13

Texas’ Pfeifer completed the distance sweep, winning her 3rd event of the meet as she lapped the field. That took 8 seconds off her former lifetime best. Kansas rounded out the top 3 with Nusbaum and Fellows. Teammate Crissie Blomquist (16:49.38) held off a late charge from TCU’s Katie Woods (16:49.63) for 4th place.

MEN’S 1650 FREE:

  • Big 12 Meet Record: 14:31.29, Clark Smith (Texas), 2016
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 14:40.75
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 14:56.84
  1. GOLD: Chris Yeager, Texas, 14:48.01
  2. SILVER: JohnThomas Larson, Texas, 15:07.61
  3. BRONZE: Trayton Saladin, West Virginia, 15:36.60

Texas’ Yeager made a 7 second drop to dominate the race and should be safely qualified for the NCAA meet with his time tonight. The Texas freshmen went 1-2 in both distance events at this meet, as teammate Larson swam to 2nd in a new personal best.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 2:05.25, Laura Sogar (Texas), 2013
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 2:07.18
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 2:10.55
  1. GOLD: Kennedy Lohman, Texas, 2:09.71
  2. SILVER: Olivia Anderson, Texas, 2:11.68
  3. BRONZE: Emma Harris, West Virginia, 2:13.25

Texas’ Lohman posted her first ever sub-2:10 swim, clocking a lifetime ebest for the first time since 2013 per the USA Swimming database. Anderson once again came in behind her for a Texas 1-2 finish, touching about a half second shy of her best. West Virginia’s Harris made her move on the 3rd 50 and held off Kansas’ Haley Downey (2:13.50) for bronze.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:49.89, Will Licon (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:52.94
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:54.54
  1. GOLD: Tristen Disibio, West Virginia, 1:56.00
  2. SILVER: Casey Melzer, Texas, 1:56.06
  3. BRONZE: Jake Armstrong, West Virginia, 1:57.81

West Virginia pulled off a sweep of the breaststrokes, with Disibio and Armstrong both making the top 3 again. Texas’ Sam Stewart and Melzer took it out with leading splits of 54.12 and 54.88 respectively, but the Mountaineers closed in one them on the back half. Disibio outsplit Melzer by a second down the final stretch to out-touch Melzer at the finish. Stewart fell off the pace on the final 50, with Armstrong running him down as Stewart wound up 4th in 1:57.83.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:53.66, Cammile Adams (Texas A&M), 2011
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:53.80
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:56.60
  1. GOLD: Lauren Case, Texas, 1:55.18
  2. SILVER: Remedy Rule, Texas, 1:55.54
  3. BRONZE: Morgan Bullock, West Virginia, 1:57.14

Texas’ Case jumped to the early lead in 54.45, holding off teammate Rule on the back half. West Virginia’s Bullock was up with them at the 100-yard mark, but fell off their pace. Bullock should still be safely qualified for NCAAs since she put up a 1:54.13 in a 200 fly time trial to kick off the meet.

MEN’S 200 FLY:

  • Big 12 Meet Record: 1:39.17, Jack Conger (Texas), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:41.44
  • 2017 NCAA Invite Time: 1:43.09
  1. GOLD: Joseph Schooling, Texas, 1:42.23
  2. SILVER: David Dixon, West Virginia, 1:42.50
  3. BRONZE: Sam Pomajevich, Texas, 1:44.38

Texas’ Schooling led the pack by a second and a half with a 47.48 on the front half. He held steady through the 150-yard mark, but Schooling started to fade with a 28.18 on the last 50. West Virginia’s Dixon nearly closed the gap. He trailed by nearly 2 seconds at the 150, but chased after Schooling with a 26.69 final split. Dixon’s time was a new best by a second and puts him half a second under the 2017 NCAA invite time.


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 3:13.16, Texas, 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 3:15.43
  1. GOLD: Texas, 3:11.72
  2. SILVER: West Virginia, 3:20.12
  3. BRONZE: Iowa State, 3:21.57

Anelise Diener got the ball rolling with a 49.28 to give the Longhorns an immediate lead. 100 free champ Claire Adams took on the 2nd leg, blowing away the field in 46.99. Brooke Hansen and Rebecca Millard finished things off, with Hansen putting up a 48.05 on the 3rd leg and Millard anchoring in 47.40. At the touch, they took nearly a second and a half off the old meet Record.


  1. University of Texas               740   2. West Virginia University        487.5
  3. University of Kansas            425.5   4. Iowa State University             360
  5. Texas Christian University        315


  • Big 12 Meet Record: 2:48.66, Texas, 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 2:52.10
  1. GOLD: Texas, 2:48.35
  2. SILVER: West Virginia, 2:54.30
  3. BRONZE: TCU, 3:02.41

Townley Haas led things off for Texas, touching in 42.89 ahead of West Virginia’s Merwane Elmerini (43.24). Brett Ringgold put up a 41.23 on the 2nd leg, handing off to Jeff Newkirk (42.75). Tate Jackson closed in 41.48 as they took down the Meet Record. Notably absent from the lineup tonight was Joseph Schooling.


  1. University of Texas               760   2. West Virginia University          654
  3. Texas Christian University        471

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4 years ago

CLAIRE ADAMS IS NOT MESSING AROUND. This girl is a backstoker who can complement herself with a 46 freestyle split. My mind is blown these ladies just keep getting faster and faster..

4 years ago

What has happened to Schooling’s 200 fly? Obviously it’s only conference, but still, this is the man that closed in a 25.4 after going out in a 47. His backhalf used to be his strong point, but now its weak.

Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

I am curious to know too. Was a bit shocked to see the splits. but i think don’t need to press the panic button yet. After this meet, Texas will review their performance and make necessary adjustments. By looking at it, Eddie must be grilling him hard this season.

Just Keep Swimmin'
Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

Not rested, tapered, or shaved for this meet

4 years ago

Lots of negative comments about Texas. I think Eddie might just know what he is doing. I will be happy to take cash wagers Texas vs. the field at NCAA’s.

Reply to  Marge
4 years ago

If Texas wins NCAAs, which is a big if, I’d love to hear from all the people on these message boards that spoke negatively about them during their dual meets and throughout Big 12s. I’ll never understand why people overact so much about in season times.

Reply to  Marge
4 years ago

A lot of people want Texas to go down. It’s only natural after you win 4 in a row and 13 overall. That’s totally fine. I trust eddie to have the boys ready but the breastroke hole looks large. Decent shot Joe swims those legs. Should be a good meet next month. Interested to see if Florida or NC state can get in the title conversation.

j pine
4 years ago

Honestly think Texas’ best shot at a relay win would for sure be the 400 free relay

Reply to  j pine
4 years ago

Yeah. Texas has many swimmers who can step up in this event. Texas relays were phenomenal in 2017 NCAA, winning 4 out of 5 relays. This year it may be a little hard to repeat this feat. But nothing is impossible.

Reply to  Buona
4 years ago

They probably put Tate Jackson on lead-off duties, then go Ringgold and Haas in the middle with Schooling anchoring. Ideally this team could go 41.2 (Jackson), 41.2 (Ringgold), 41.0 (Haas), and 41.0 (Schooling) for a 2:44.4, which would be really fast and most likely enough to win. NC state is the only other team I see challenging (AR today).
These splits are honestly pretty realistic though. Tate Jackson went 41.2 flat start today. Ringgold split a 41.2 on the relay, and Haas/Schooling were both 41.0 last year.
Don’t see them winning either medley relay with their current front half. 4×50 free relay they’ll likely take the same four guys from above, which has a really good chance to… Read more »

j pine
Reply to  Person
4 years ago

Newkirk has dropped about a second from last year though

Sean Sullivan
Reply to  j pine
4 years ago

Should be a fun battle between them and NC State. NC State looking a little sharper now, but Eddie always has his guys ready to go. Might just come down to who is feeling more fresh at the end of a 4 day meet.

j pine
4 years ago

No Schooling on that Relay line-up

Reply to  j pine
4 years ago

Yup but i guess he will swim it in NCAA.

Sean Sullivan
4 years ago

28.1 on the last 50 from Schooling. I think he has 2 more 200 butterflies left in him for nationals then he’ll happily retire from that event.

Reply to  Sean Sullivan
4 years ago

28.1 last lap was quite surprising. It was pretty slow by his usual standard. Nevertheless, he still win it. This matters more. He drops 3 sec from his prelim. That’s insane..

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Buona
4 years ago

A good almost 5 second drop at NCAAs and he can take that record back.

Reply to  Sean Sullivan
4 years ago

Ella Eastin out-split Schooling on the last 50 by .05 (28.18 v 28.13)

j pine
4 years ago

Nice swim there from David Dixon. Just a few tenths behind Schooling

4 years ago

How I imagined Eddie telling Townley he’s swimming fly

“Ok Townley, the key is timing your dolphin kick”
“What’s a dolphin kick?”

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

If anyone’s watching please see if he does any. He might be trying it in long course. Clark smith swam the 2 fly lcm a few times

Reply to  Swimmy
4 years ago

Not sure that he’s actually swimming it tonight. Didn’t see him on the heat sheet.

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
4 years ago

Yeah he scratched. Probably to prepare for the 400 Free Relay (Or he just didn’t want to swim it again)

Reply to  Swimmy
4 years ago

clark smith was a 1+ 2Flyer in high school. 46.5 in the 100, first invite freshman year 1:41 in the 200

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

So true.

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Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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