WATCH Josh Liendo Break His Own 100 Fly Canadian Record at 50.06, #1 in World & #5 All-Time


Following up from his meager drop off the 100 fly national recordJosh Liendo was back into “go mode” to reset his hours-old Canadian record during the finals of the 100 fly. Liendo took home another Canadian Trials title in national record time of 50.06, dropping 0.27s off his prelims record time of 50.33. Placing second and also qualifying for the Paris Olympics in this event was Ilya Kharun at 51.09, with him and Liendo both easily under the 51.67 automatic Olympic qualification.

Liendo now adds this 100 fly title to his newly-minted 50 free national record and 100 free equal best time win, totaling three 2024 Canadian titles and Olympic-qualifying events.

Liendo, a 21-year-old NCAA champion with the Florida Gators, went out a quarter of a second faster than both his 2023 Canadian record and prelims national mark at 23.30. He then closed in a 26.76, streamlined with his past two record breaks.

100 Fly CAN Record Split Progression

2024 Canadian Trials – Finals 2024 Canadian Trials – Prelims
2023 World Champs Final
50m 23.30 23.68 23.55
100m 26.76 26.65 26.79
Total Time 50.06 50.33 50.34

Liendo now sits on top of the 2023-2024 season rankings in the world, passing up both Switzerland’s Noe Ponti (50.16) and Australia’s Matthew Temple (50.25). Liendo finished last 2022-2023 season in second overall with his former 50.34 record, only behind France’s Maxime Grousset and his 2023 World title time of 50.14.

2023-2024 LCM Men 100 Fly

2 Noe
3Matthew William
View Top 31»

Taking a look at the all-time World performers, Liendo moves up from 7th to 5th in history, only behind the sub-50 top four. Only 0.11s and 0.24s separates Liendo from the first two performers to ever break 50 seconds, Milorad Cavic of Serbia’s 49.95 and American GOAT Michael Phelps‘ 49.82. World record holder Caeleb Dressel is working himself back into regular form while European record holder Hungarian Kristof Milak‘s current form remains questionable.

After seeing “50.0” on the scoreboard, breaking the elusive 50-second barrier will be on Liendo’s radar next.

All-Time World Performers – Men’s 100 Fly LCM

  1. Caeleb Dressel (USA)- 49.45, 2021 Olympics
  2. Kristof Milak (HUN)- 49.68, 2021 Olympics
  3. Michael Phelps (USA)- 49.82, 2009 Worlds
  4. Milorad Cavic (SRB)- 49.95, 2009 Worlds
  5. Josh Liendo (CAN)- 50.03, 2024 Canadian Trials**

Liendo has been consistent in his turnover from Trials to “the big meet”, which this year will be the Paris Olympics, historically swimming within a tenth of his top outputs from each meet. Back in 2022, Liendo had swum 50.88 at Canadian Trials, but only gained 0.11s at Worlds (50.97). Last year, however, Liendo swam 50.36 at 2023 Canadian Trials before improving 0.02s to podium at 2023 Worlds with his 50.33.

Heading into this year’s Olympics, Liendo will enter this event with two Worlds finals appearances, having earned 2022 bronze before upgrading to 2023 silver.


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26 days ago

Personally I feel summer and Josh were just warming up at these trials and they will crush every American swimmer in Paris. Dressel and ledecky will only prove they are washed up and past it in Paris. Ledecky will win the 800 free simply because summer is not swimming it youth will prevail in Paris

Beginner Swimmer at 25
Reply to  David
26 days ago

chill bro go easy on us you guys don’t have embarrass us that hard in Paris 😂🫎🇺🇸

Reply to  David
26 days ago

Oh David, how I missed the Summer hype ups you gave us around this time last year

Greg P2
27 days ago

If I was Ribeiro I would look into the possibility of moving to Florida to train with Dressel and Josh. The guy is 19…if he goes to this training environment maybe he can catch up to Josh and Dressel

Reply to  Greg P2
26 days ago

it’s crazy how Ribeiro is a “world champion” (mickey mouse world champion with asterisks of course) yet it’d be a victory in itself just making the final in Paris

He has little chance of beating Dressel, Milak, Liendo, Temple, Ponti, Grousset, Rose, etc, let’s be real. I’m sure other guys will drop 50.xx in the next few months too

Italian Fan
27 days ago

The Canadian commentator said that he had good timing into the wall, I beg to disagree, he was long or else we would have seen a 49

Italian Fan
Reply to  Italian Fan
26 days ago

Ps: I meant the first wall, of course.

27 days ago

3rd performer all-time, textile

27 days ago

I think the Paris Olympics is going to be a watershed moment for swimming much like 2009 was as so many nations being competitive and on the cusp of world record times. No technical aids but raw physical abilities are showing through at the right time – post-COVID. I also have high hopes for Josh to break the 50-second barrier in the 100 fly. Who knows, in the heat of competition reaching the podium. But what I like even better is Ilya’s 100 fly best time improvement. About 1.5 seconds behind Josh before the race, he’s narrowed the gap to 1 second behind – and that’s on top of a half second improvement over the previous Canadian record at the… Read more »

27 days ago

Certainly, one of the most exciting races at the Paris Games. Eight guys are able to win. Dressel, Milak, Liendo, Grousset, Temple, Ponti, Rose… I don’t think the WR will be broken in Paris but the Gold medalist will be around 49.60-49.70.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Greenangel
27 days ago

If Dressel nails his walls right, he might gain enough on the record to go past it. He just went his in-season best in April so he could be in peak form in that event.

Last edited 27 days ago by Mr Piano
Reply to  Mr Piano
27 days ago

Lol @ people downvoting

27 days ago

Do we think we will see 49 before Paris?
Temple at AUS trials? Grousset at FRA trials? Dressel at US trials?
Ponti or Milak at Mare Nostrum/ Euros?

Fast and Furious
Reply to  etsan
27 days ago

I think Liendo was the biggest threat to the 50 barrier until Paris. Maxime has no competition at Trials, and Euros will be a deep training meet for everyone. Perhaps Dressel or Rose since they’ll both have to be at their best to make it out of Trials, but I’m skeptical.

Reply to  etsan
27 days ago

Dressel at US Trials

27 days ago

Who’s gonna be top 2 at US trials? I’ve got my money on Dressel and Rose.

Greg P
Reply to  CELL
27 days ago

I would love to see Michael Andrew and Shaine Casas get the top 2 and watch Swimswam comments meltdown.

Reply to  Greg P
27 days ago

Better chance of pigs flying

Just Keep Swimming
Reply to  Greg P
27 days ago

Casas will miss the final then swim a 49.31 in the B final and miss the team

Reply to  Just Keep Swimming
27 days ago

I could see that happening

Fast and Furious
Reply to  Just Keep Swimming
27 days ago

Make it a 49.8 and I’m willing to put money

phelps swims 200 breast rio
Reply to  Just Keep Swimming
26 days ago

LOL exactly

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