US Pan Pacs Roster Update: 2nd-Places Almost Completely Added


Almost all second-place finishers are locked into Pan Pacs berths on a night 4 that saw rosters expand dramatically. We should be in line to get at least some of the third place finishers onto Pan Pacs rosters, though fourth-placers are probably out.

With just 3 events remaining for each gender tomorrow, rosters are starting to look fairly complete. Stroke specialists should be pretty well locked in, with tomorrow’s events only affecting freestylers (50 free, women’s 800, men’s 1500) and IMers (200 IM).

Based on our math, if Chase Kalisz wins the 200 IM, Caeleb Dressel wins the 50 and Zane Grothe wins the 800, third-place men should start making the team. If Katie Ledecky wins the mile and Simone Manuel the 50, the same would be true for the women (though third-placers could also get in even if those five don’t win, depending on priority II doubles).

World champ and world record-holder Lilly King broke onto the Pan Pacs team today after spending the first three days on the World University Games roster. Also clinching Pan Pacs berths with wins tonight: Michael Andrew and Zane GrotheSome well-known veterans joined the roster for the first time as priority II selections: Matt Grevers, Katie Meili and Olivia Smoliga.


In order to start selecting more swimmers to the team, sufficient doubles must be met to make roster space. Here’s how many doubles are needed to reach each priority for each international meet:

Pan Pacs 26 6 18 30
Jr Pan Pacs 20 8 22 36
Worlds 26 6 9 11
WUGs 26 6 8 10
Pan Ams 18 8 12

So far, here is our doubles tally:


  • Pan Pacs: 3
  • Jr Pan Pacs: 5
  • Worlds: 3
  • WUGs: 2
  • Pan Ams: 1


  • Pan Pacs: 5
  • Jr Pan Pacs: 4
  • Worlds: 5
  • WUGs: 3
  • Pan Ams: 2

Reminder: we define ‘doubles’ as an athlete already qualified for the team who qualifies in another event. If only priority 1 swimmers have been invited, a swimmer already qualified who hits priority 2 status (say, 2nd place) in another event doesn’t count as a double until there is space for the priority 2 swimmers.

You can find full selection procedures for all five major meets here.

Each meet has its own unique selection criteria, but all break down by priority: priority 1 will be selected first, priority 2 only if there is roster space remaining after that, priority 3 only if there is roster space remaining and so on. Below, we’ll track who’s in line to qualify for what team, moving to lower priorities as sufficient doubles are met.

Bear in mind that these rosters are in flux as the meet moves on. We’ll update daily, but be patient as we work through the intricacies of the criteria.

  • Priority 1 is listed in blue
  • Priority 2 is listed in red
  • Priority 3 is listed in green
  • Priority 4 is listed in yellow
  • Priority 5 is listed in white
  • All 2019 rosters hinge on the results of 2019 Pan Pacs, which affect Worlds selection (and therefore the trickle-down of athletes to World University Games and Pan Ams). Those rosters are listed in italics.

Men’s Projected Rosters

Women’s Projected Rosters

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too impressed

50 free has got to bring a double for both men and women. Dressel/MA on the men’s side or Manuel/Weitzeil/Geer on the women’s


200 IM will bring. Kalisz


(50 free, women’s 800, men’s 1500) or (50 free, women’s 1500, men’s 800)?

Isn’t Ledecky opting out of the women’s 1500 m freestyle?

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name

So if I’m reading this right, the men’s bubble is as follows: I think it’s fairly safe to assume 3 doubles from guys who have already qualified for the team. Kalisz getting top 2 in the 2IM, 1 of Dressel/MA/Adrian getting top 2 in the 50, and one of the distance guys (Shoults/Grothe/Wilimovsky/Finke) finishing top 2 in the 800. That should get Wilson and Shoults in for sure, and likely Ress. Grieshop, Katz, and Urlando will each need another double for a top 2 finisher combined with none of the 3rd place guys tomorrow being a new qualifier who jumps over him in world ranking, which is possible in certain events but feels unlikely. I think Devine is the most… Read more »


sad for Licon.. hopefully he can make the Pan Ams next year.

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name

It’s especially rough when you consider that it’s entirely possible that he’s going to get bumped because of the tie between Conger and Urlando. If Licon goes 1 100th faster he’d likely be in, or if Conger goes 1 100th faster he’d be drawing very live. Swimming is a tough sport sometimes.

That being said, he’s still got some amount of control-if he can get top 2 in the 2IM tomorrow, he’s in, or if he gets 3rd with a rank above Urlando’s, he’s still live.

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