After Injuries Last Summer, Seliskar Says It was “Make or Break” (Video)



  • World Record: Paul Biedermann, 1:42.00, 2009
  • American Record: Michael Phelps, 1:42.96, 2009
  • Championship Record: Michael Phelps, 1:44.10, 2008
  • U.S. Open Record: Michael Phelps, 1:44.10, 2008
  1. GOLD: Andrew Seliskar– 1:45.70
  2. SILVER: Blake Pieroni– 1:45.93
  3. BRONZE: Conor Dwyer– 1:46.08
  4. FOURTH: Townley Haas– 1:46.15

Cal’s Andrew Seliskar, who had never been under 1:50 before 2018, is your national champion. Olympipc relay champ Townley Haas was out with the lead in 50.61, but the field closed on him. Seliskar beat 100 free champ Blake Pieroni to the wall, clipping his best from prelims to win in 1:45.70. Pieroni posted his first sub-1:46, taking a close 2nd in 1:45.93.

Olympic medalist Conor Dwyer swam his fastest 200 free since 2016. Dwyer, who took bronze in the 200 free in Rio, touched 3rd in 1:46.08, just ahead of Haas (1:46.15). Haas already earned a likely spot at Pan Pacs with his 100 free last night. Dwyer only qualified to swim the relay at 2017 Worlds, but looks like a threat to take an individual spot at 2019 Worlds.

Junior star Jack LeVant came up just short of the top 4, touching just a few hundredths behind his prelims time in 1:46.44. He’s still the 2nd fastest 17-18 year old American ever behind Michael Phelps. After tying for 3rd in the 200 fly last night, Texas’ Jack Conger, who swam the 200 fly at Worlds last summer, is still not a lock for Pan Pacs. He took 6th tonight in 1:47.45.

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4 years ago

Any chance he just scratches out of remaining events, to focus on peaking for Pan Pacs? Same question for Prenot, and maybe even Wilson. Or is it better strategy to try and nail a good time here, for WC consideration… when they know they’re swimming well?

4 years ago

I am insanely ready to watch that 200 IM. I was disappointed about not being able to see Lochte swim, but oh man, it just got a lot more interesting.

JP input is too short
Reply to  sven
4 years ago

Devine sneakily had a very good 200 fr too. Going to be a good race. Wonder if Seliskar and Devine can stick with Kalisz at all.

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  JP input is too short
4 years ago

Don’t forget Prenot

JP input is too short
Reply to  Tammy Touchpad Error
4 years ago

Of course. That 200 breast puts Prenot right back in the thick of things. Licon too.

4 years ago

It took 3 years and a reinvention as a freestyler, but Seliskar has his breakthrough. Well deserved. Hard to find a kid that is nicer, more humble and grounded.

4 years ago

Andrew is so handsome.

4 years ago

He’s been a man without a prime event , but who was elite at many of them for so long now. Good for him getting on this team. Excited to see his 2IM.

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  HulkSwim
4 years ago

I’m going to get the quote wrong because I can’t find it, but I always thought this quote from HS recruiting time was accurate:

“If someone was a 4:16 500 freestyler or a 1:41 200 flyer or a 1:41 200 backstroker or a 1:51 200 breaststroker or a 3:37 400 IMer they’d be the top recruit in 2015.

Andrew Seliskar is all of those.”

Reply to  PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
4 years ago

Don’t forget 51 breaststroker and 1:42 IMer and 46.1 flyer. Seliskar was such a beast in high school and I’m glad he’s his full potential is being realized lcm

4 years ago

Great Job from this guy really impressed me, didn’t think he had a time like that in him on freestyle, I doubted him a little. Congrats Andrew.
I also said Lochte and dressel would beat Zane Grothe as he has no speed, don’t think Zane, Lochte or dressel won in that battle!

Love to Swim
4 years ago

Just wanted to point out that Dressel photo was featured in two main articles of Day 2.

Swimswam photo curse strike again?

We’ll see who’s gonna be featured in Day 3. Swimswam photo editor, choose wisely. US Pan Pacs and Worlds teams are at stake

Reply to  Love to Swim
4 years ago

And Lilly King was featured in the prelims preview yesterday morning…I suggested on that page, they need to just use a picture of the pool!

Jon Nap
Reply to  Love to Swim
4 years ago

Yeah for real… lets do a picture of the pool or a Nationals logo or something. Can’t have the curse strike again

Reply to  Love to Swim
4 years ago

Ha, maybe we’ll post someone who’s already on the team just to be safe.

JP input is too short
Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

I can just see the headline later today then… “Michael Andrew tears ACL on 50 breast pullout!”

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

I’ll send you a picture, Braden. Don’t try to stop me, I’m willing to make this sacrifice for my country.

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