2017 FINA World Championships: Day 8 Prelims Live Recap


The eighth and final prelim session is underway from Budapest, with just the men’s and women’s 400 IMs and 4×100 medley relays on the schedule.

Check out a full prelim preview here.


  • World Record: 4:26.36, Katinka Hosszu, 2016
  • Championship Record: 4:30.31, Katinka,Hosszu, 2015
  • Junior World Record: 4:39.15, Rosie Rudin, 2015
  1. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 4:33.90
  2. Mireia Belmonte, ESP, 4:35.29
  3. Elizabeth Beisel, USA, 4:36.18
  4. Sydney Pickrem, CAN, 4:36.25
  5. Sakiko Shimizu, JPN, 4:36.43
  6. Leah Smith, USA, 4:36.94
  7. Yui Ohashi, JPN, 4:36.97
  8. Hannah Miley, GBR, 4:37.14

World record holder Katinka Hosszu cruised to the win in the third and final heat for the top overall seed in 4:33.90. Mireia Belmonte and Elizabeth Beisel were close behind, and qualify through easily in 2nd and 3rd.

Canadian Sydney Pickrem pulled out the heat 2 win in 4:36.25, and heads into finals seeded 4th. Leah Smith made it through in 6th, and 200 IM silver medalist Yui Ohashi sits 7th.

The prelims were very tight, with finalists 3 through 8 separated by less than a second.


  • World Record: 4:03.84, Michael Phelps, 2008
  • Championship Record: 4:06.22 Michael Phelps, 2007
  • Junior World Record: 4:14.00, Sean Grieshop, 2016
  1. Chase Kalisz, USA, 4:09.79
  2. Max Litchfield, GBR, 4:10.57
  3. David Verraszto, HUN, 4:11.89
  4. Daiya Seto, JPN, 4:12.89
  5. Brandonn Almeida, BRA, 4:13.13
  6. Jay Litherland, USA, 4:13.95
  7. Kosuke Hagino, JPN, 4:14.15
  8. Richard Nagy, CZE, 4:15.69

After winning the 200 IM crown earlier, American Chase Kalisz pulled away from heat 3 on the breaststroke leg and cruised in for the victory in 4:09.79. He qualifies first overall, and Max Litchfield closed strong behind him for a new British record in 4:10.57, qualifying 2nd.

Hungary’s David Verraszto won the last heat in 4:11.89, advancing in 3rd. Daiya Seto and Kosuke Hagino both made it through in 4th and 7th, and Jay Litherland qualified in 6th. China’s Wang Shun ended up 19th.


  • World Record: 3:52.05, United States, 2012
  • Championship Record: 3:52.19, China, 2009
  1. United States, 3:55.95
  2. China, 3:57.12
  3. Canada, 3:57.17
  4. Russia, 3:57.53
  5. Australia, 3:58.74
  6. Italy, 4:00.03
  7. Sweden, 4:01.44
  8. Great Britain, 4:01.78

The American lineup of Olivia Smoliga, Katie Meili, Sarah Gibson and Mallory Comerford got the job done this morning in 3:55.95, claiming lane 4 for the final. They’ll sub in a completely new roster, with all four swimmers individual medalists in their respective 100m events (Baker, King, Worrell, Manuel).

The battle for silver sets up to be fierce, with China, Canada and Russia all very close this morning, and Australia with lots of potential with an entirely new roster of their own possibly coming in. Sweden could also be dangerous if Sarah Sjostrom is used in the final.


  • World Record: 3:27.28, United States, 2009
  • Championship Record: 3:27.28, United States, 2009
  1. United States, 3:29.66
  2. Japan, 3:31.83
  3. Russia, 3:32.12
  4. Great Britain, 3:32.35
  5. Brazil, 3:32.38
  6. Hungary, 3:33.35
  7. China, 3:33.50
  8. Belarus, 3:33.83

The American team sizzled to the top time in 3:29.66, with fast splits all around. Ryan Murphy led off in 52.69, and then Cody Miller (58.99), Tim Phillips (50.74) and Townley Haas (47.24) all delivered big splits. However, Haas nearly DQed the U.S., hitting the legal limit on his reaction time at -0.03.

All four Americans had the fastest split in the field in their respective stroke.

Japan qualified 2nd overall, with Russia and Great Britain 3rd and 4th. The Russians and British will have moves to make in the final, including the addition of Adam Peaty for the Brits.

The Australians miss the final by less than a tenth, 9th in 3:33.91.

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Ole 99
6 years ago

How does Australia not make the final of the men’s medley relay with Larkin and McEvoy on the prelim swim? They finales a guy in all the strokes except BR. Just like fielding their B team last night in the mixed 4 x 100 free relay… Ridiculous.

crooked donald
6 years ago

That’s how we roll.

6 years ago

I smell a WR for the US women’s medley…

Reply to  Swammer
6 years ago

3.51.0 if all goes well.

Ole 99
6 years ago

I know it will not happen, and unpopular as this may be, if I’m a US coach I’m keeping Haas as the anchor. I think the US needs more than the 47.5 Adrian put up last night.

Reply to  Ole 99
6 years ago

Haas as -.03 with no one around him, if anyone’s close Haas might push it too far

Ole 99
Reply to  PVSFree
6 years ago

I just noticed that reaction time… yikes. certainly gives me a little bit of pause. I guess I’m still in favor of Haas. More gut than anything. I just don’t have confidence Adrian can go a 47 low right now.

Reply to  Ole 99
6 years ago

Haas vs Adrian? It’s a no brainer. Adrian all day. While Haas has had a great meet, Adrian is very consistent and has never let ?? down as the anchor.

Reply to  PVSFree
6 years ago

Haas exchanges are usually safe…Perhaps something else was in play…I need to watch exchange again.

6 years ago

Its so annoying when you dont have depth we struggled with a butterfly leg for so long then Guy stepped and has improved so much now we are struggling for a proper backstroke leg. I would be so confident going into tonight because i believe Scott Peaty and Guy will be so up for this but a 53-54 backstroke leg is a gold killer

Reply to  SHM
6 years ago

Who will be the subs? Bronze is open

6 years ago

Is that the fastest prelim time ever by the US? It would’ve won gold in Kazan

crooked donald
Reply to  Thezwimmer
6 years ago

The U.S. sucked in Kazan. We didn’t even final in the 400 free relay.

6 years ago

Will the swimmers get bonus money if they do a championship record? Because they get 30 000 US dollars for each world record!?

6 years ago

Dressel can outsplit Guy 1s in fly leg but can’t see Adrian do it again to Scott this year!!
Maybe American coaches can use this line-up: Grevers-Cordes-Phillips-Dressel :))))))

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Phillips was 50.7 this morning ….not too shabby

crooked donald
6 years ago

Great swim, but he has trouble on his finishing strokes from dying. Not what you want on a relay exchange. Adrian has been practicing in camp going off of Dressel.

Arm Floaties form...... Voltran
Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

He needs a frenchie to draft for that though, right?

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Although it can work, but dont see Adrian being left out

Coach Mike
Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

That lineup wouldn’t make much difference… prolly a little slower. Dressel’s best flat start 100 fly time at this meet is nearly a full second faster than Phillips’ relay split (49.8 vs. 50.7). Contrarily, Dressel’s best flat start 100 free time is only .1 faster than Adrian’s best relay split (47.1 vs. 47.2)

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Honestly with all due respect, it won’t be even close.
Dressel swims his relay split around his individual time because of his monster start. Even if he delivers a great split, I don’t see how he can be faster than 46.5.

crooked donald
Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Don’t trust Phillips dying finish compared to Dressel’s drive into the wall. Almost cost the team this morning.

masters swimmer
Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Wow! interesting comment. Never considered that Adrian wouldn’t swim final leg.

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