Watch: Katie Grimes Pulls Off Effortless Spin Move During 10km Open Water Race

Who said spin moves were reserved for land-based sports?

During her bronze medal performance in the 10-kilometer open water race on Saturday in Fukuoka, Japan, 17-year-old American Katie Grimes effortlessly spun from freestyle to backstroke and then back to freestyle without missing a beat as she peeked at the pack behind her. The most impressive part is the speed she maintains while pulling off the move.

Every fraction of a second ended up being crucial for the versatile Sandpipers of Nevada standout, who just barely out-touched the past two Olympic champions (Sharon van Rouwendaal and Ana Marcela Cunha) by a tenth of a second for the 10km bronze medal after two hours at sea. You can read more about Saturday’s 10km race here.

In the process, Grimes became the first athlete in any sport to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team headed to Paris next summer and the youngest American to compete at two Summer Olympics in 56 years.

“(Today’s result took) a lot of planning and a lot of strategies, and a lot of hard work and dedication,” Grimes said. “I just needed to believe in myself, that’s what it came down to. I will be competing (in the pool events at the) World Championships next week so I am going to focus on recovering and getting ready for that.”

Grimes will take on the women’s 5km on Monday before turning her attention to the 400 IM and 1500 free later this month.

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3 months ago

You have to credit Grimes with supreme technique and awareness on the finish. She’s not clear of the other two athletes but spots the pad early and times the stroke to perfection. An outstanding swimmer.

tea rex
4 months ago

There must be a little breeze on the surface or something. The way the waves are going by it looks like they are FLYING.

Cant kick can’t pull
4 months ago

Lol this is like wow wow ow swimmer swims. I would be surprised if 100 percent of the field didn’t roll on their back

4 months ago

Katie is the YOUNGEST American swimmer to make her SECOND US Olympic Swim Team since Donna deVerona did it at the age of 17 years 2 months in 1964. Donna was the “baby” of the American team in 1960.

Katie is 17 years 7 months old. Of course, the circumstances are a bit different for Grimes with the 2020 Olympics being a year late, and open water qualifying being a year before the next Olympiad. Nice job!

Nick the biased Aussie
4 months ago

Seriously this is any kid that is pissed off when they have someone constantly touching their toes

4 months ago

Lol when I saw the headline I expected more than just turning over and doing backstroke.

Great finish and great performance though 👍

4 months ago

I can’t see a replay of yesterday’s open water up on 9now. I hope it’s not gonna be the same for all sessions.

The Kaz
Reply to  Troyy
4 months ago

And this is why I paid for Recast… replays are posted within 90 minutes of the event finishing. I hate how 9now are so slow to post replays especially since I work full-time I can’t watch every event live!

Last edited 4 months ago by The Kaz
4 months ago

Ummm…….they all do it. It’s really common.
And someone did say that some other sports did have people qualified before today. It’s on the 10 km thread from yesterday

Reply to  Joel
4 months ago

Nah she’s the first USA athlete, other sports have teams qualified, with athletes to be named either at a trials or by their federations (ie gymnastics, basketball) . Also this isn’t swimswam making this up, it’s from the Team USA Media & NBC Olympics media as well

Reply to  Jess
4 months ago

Ahh thanks for that.

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