Thomas Heilman Re-Breaks Hours-Old 100 Fly NAG With a 45.81

by Robert Gibbs 23

December 10th, 2021 National, News, Previews & Recaps


14-year old Thomas Heilman broke his 11th National Age Group record in 10 days tonight in the finals of the Speedo Winter Junior Championships – East.

Heilman came into the meet with a personal best of 47.35, but the writing was on the wall last night when he split 45.8 on Cavalier Aquatics’ 400 medley relay. Sure enough, this morning he set a new personal best, and a new 13-14 National Age Group Record, with a time of 46.42. That time broke the previous NAG of 46.95 held by Michael Andrew.

Tonight, Heilman lopped another six-tenths of a second off the NAG, winning the event against a final heat consisting entirely of 17 and 18 year-olds.

Splits Comparison in Yards:

Thomas Heilman Thomas Heilman Michael Andrew
Finals NAG Record Prelims NAG Record Old NAG Record
50y 21.59 21.59 21.58
100y 24.22 24.83 25.37
Total Time 45.81 46.42 46.95

Heilman took his finals swim out in the exact time as this morning, 21.59. That put him only 4th at the halfway point, but he came roaring home in 24.22, over half a second faster than anyone else in the race, to win in 45.81

To provide some more context — that time is less than two-tenths of a second shy of Luca Urlando‘s 15-16 NAG record of 45.62. He’s also less than a second away from Tom Shield’s 17-18 NAG record of 44.91. Heilman’s 45.81 also would’ve qualified for NCAAs last season — or any of the previous three seasons — something almost unheard of for a 14 year-old boy.

Heilman is scheduled to swim the 200 free shortly — another event in which he broke a NAG this morning.

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1 year ago

When I was 14 I was going 45.8 too.

At the 75.

Reply to  zdhamme86
1 year ago

TBH that’s not a terrible time at 14 for a 75 fly.

1 year ago

Absolute madness!!

Distance Per Stroke
1 year ago

What is this kids training like?

thomas the crank
Reply to  Distance Per Stroke
1 year ago

he’s had 3 coaches in 3 years. this man’s a beast

Reply to  thomas the crank
1 year ago

I thought one of the articles said that he had dad three teams but the same coach, he just followed the coach to the different teams. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else though.

1 year ago

The fact he went 1:34.6 in the 200 about 20 minutes later makes all of this even more impressive. It just doesn’t make sense he obliterated 2 nag records in one day.

super classy swim
1 year ago

i think if i had to swim next to him at a club meet i would literally start crying

Wild Bill
1 year ago


Jalen Stimes
1 year ago

May God have mercy on the next swimmers that Heilman faces in the near future!

1 year ago

Unreal. Quite literally, it doesn’t even feel real… A 14-year old going 45.8!?!? Wasn’t Dressel 45.8 coming out of high school?

Congrats to this kid. Can’t wait to see where he goes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gabe
Reply to  Gabe
1 year ago

Heilman is literally going to be 45.8 (at the slowest) coming out of MIDDLE school. I know D1 flyers who weren’t under a minute coming out of middle school

Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

He is a freshman in high school currently, but still, 45.8 would’ve been the Public High School Record only a few years ago.

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