Shackell and Crush Swim No. 2 and 1 Times for Their Ages in 100 Fly

by Emma Edmund 3

December 10th, 2021 News



Top 3:

  1. Alex Shackell (Carmel Swim Club), 15 – 51.21
  2. Charlotte Crush (Lakeside Swim Team), 13 – 52.52
  3. Anna Boemer (SOLO Aquatics), 16 – 52.84

After touching 1-2 in the 100 fly prelims with lifetime bests, Alex Shackell and Charlotte Crush did it again, finishing with the No. 2 swim for a 15-year-old and the No. 1 swim for a 13-year-old, ever.

Shackell, who is 15 and swims for Carmel Swim Club, finished the event in 51.21. This ranks her just behind Olympian Claire Curzan’s 15-year-old best at 50.35, which she swam in 2020. Shackell split the event in 23.79/27.42, while Curzan split her race in 2020 at 23.44/26.91.

Top 5 100 Fly Performers for 15-Year-Olds (SCY)

  1. Claire Curzan, TAC Titans, 2020: 50.35
  2. Alex Shackell, Carmel Swim Club, 2021: 51.21
  3. Olivia Bray, Virginia Gators, 2017: 51.48
  4. Eva Merrell, Unattached, 2015: 51.98
  5. Beata Nelson, Unattached, 2013: 52.06

Shackell previously earned the No. 2 spot with her time from prelims (51.47). Her finals time now ranks her as the third-fastest 15-16 swimmer in the event, behind Curzan’s 49.51 and Nelson’s 51.08. Shackell moves up a spot in the age group, narrowly defeating Torri Huske’s time of 51.29.

Crush performed similarly well, now No. 1 for all 13-year-olds. She split 24.11/28.41 to defeat Tristen Ulett’s 52.97 from 2016. Crush previously had the No. 2 time from her prelims swim of 53.12.

Top 5 100 Fly Performers for 13-Year-Olds (SCY)

  1. Charlotte Crush, Lakeside Swim Team, 2021: 52.52
  2. Tristen Ulett, Dynamo Swim Club, 2016: 52.97
  3. Felicia Lee, North Baltimore Aquatic Club, 2006: 53.44
  4. Claire Curzan, Unattached, 2017: 53.52
  5. Cassidy Bayer, Nation’s Capital, 2013: 53.70

In the 13-14 age group, Crush is now No. 3 of all time, behind Curzan’s 50.64 and Regan Smith’s 51.73.

During the finals race, SOLO Aquatics Center’s Anna Boemer beat number-three seed Carmel Swim Club’s Devon Kitchel with her time of 52.84, preventing Carmel from dominating the podium.

Kitchel finished fourth in 52.85. Also notably finishing well is Annie Jia, who won the B final in 53.72. The 14-year-old’s time moves her into the top 35 of USA Swimming all-time rankings in the 13-14 age group.

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11 months ago

Didn’t Crush and Shackell’s parents both swim at Auburn at the same time? Or different teams. All four parents are Auburn Swimmers. Good gene’s.

Rowdy Marsh
11 months ago

Both are most likely ending up on the plains

11 months ago

So amazing what these youngsters are doing!!!