He Does It Again: Thomas Heilman Breaks 10th NAG Record in 10 Days


Just 20 minutes after breaking a National Age Group Record in the 100 fly, Thomas Heilman was back in the water to break another, this time in the 200 yard free, in Greensboro.

Heilman finished 2nd in prelims in 1:35.28. That breaks his own record of 1:36.25 that was set earlier this year. The 2nd-fastest swimmer in that age group, Daniel Diehl, swam a 1:36.75 in 2020. Diehl is now 16 and was the top qualifier on Thursday morning in a time of 1:34.56.

Splits Comparison:

Thomas Heilman
New NAG Record
Old NAG Record
50y 22.23 22.83
100y 24.50 24.48
150y 24.58 24.70
200y 23.97 24.24
Total Time 1:35.28 1:36.25

Heilman was much more aggressive on his opening 50 on Friday morning than he was earlier this year, but still managed to close faster too (after a similar middle 100 yards).

Last week, in long course at the U.S. Open against a mostly-senior field, Heilman also broke the 13-14 record in the 200 free in long course. In that case, he knocked almost two seconds off the old record that was held by Maximus Williamson – another swimmer who this weekend has been posting some of the fastest age group times ever, including the top time in history by a 15-year old in the 200 yard IM.

He pulled the same 100 fly/200 free double at US Open, though there he had an extra 10 minutes or so between races.

Heilman recently began training under former Auburn head coach Gary Taylor. Taylor, best-known for his work with distance swimmers, was hired by Cavalier Aquatics at the start of this season after the college-affiliated club merged with the local YMCA CYAC club.


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1 year ago

My 14 year old son is at this meet too, and it is so overwhelming and super fast compared to where we are coming from. What Thomas is able to do in the water is amazing – not just physically, but his mental game must be A1.

thomas the crank
Reply to  Marie
1 year ago

this man is so chill, he’s incredible with the mental-side of swimming

tea rex
1 year ago

That’s not a 14 year old! Maybe a shark who just ate a 14 year old. That I buy.

1 year ago

Brings back memories of Chas Morton from the 1980s.

1 year ago

Exciting things happening at this program!

Dinker Don
Reply to  swimmer
1 year ago

No, exciting things happening with Thomas. It’s not about the program- this is his third coach in 3 years. Doesn’t matter who is coaching him. True talent. (But these “program” comments are all too frequent)

Reply to  Dinker Don
1 year ago

No one is questioning Thomas’ incredible talent.

It’s exciting to witness something special and anyone who swims for/supports Cav Aquatics is cheering on this special swimmer and the program he is currently representing.

1 year ago


Sam B
1 year ago

I have never seen muscles like that on a 14 year old.

tweedle dee
Reply to  Sam B
1 year ago

you must’ve not seen ryan hoffer…

Reply to  Sam B
1 year ago

And that guy is almost Fratus height already.. (Fratus seemed small next to Dressel and Manadou, but he is almost 1,90)

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

Which makes being that filled out at that age even more impressive.

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

How do you know how tall he is? I’ve been wondering!

1 year ago

comment image

I, for one, welcome our new 14-year old overlord

1 year ago

I want a practice and pancakes featuring this kid. Absolutely insane swimming!

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