The SwimSwam Breakdown: Surprise Sjostrom, NCAA Season and Shayna Jack is Back

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we talk about ISL highlights including Sarah Sjostrom‘s surprise comeback and Madi Wilson‘s surprise departure, Shayna Jack being cleared for competition once again, and we play Sink or Swim on a myriad of this week’s top news. See full list of topics below:


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1 month ago

Can you comment on the beef between Missy Franklin and Brett Hawke?

Reply to  Roguecheck
1 month ago

That’s one of the randomest combos, please tell me so much more

Reply to  MickeyMouse
1 month ago

Brett Hawke posted a tweet saying:
Swimmers: you are competing for TV time now. Make us watch you. Your performance in the pool is not enough for the average viewer. Show us your personality or make one up.

Franklin criticized it in her instagram story.

Reply to  whever
1 month ago

Aaand he replied without apologizing but rather restating his point
I like how he’s putting what he proposed before (get publicity and get people to talk about you) right into action lol

Reply to  swammer
1 month ago

Didn’t he respond by directly contradicting his point?

Steve Nolan
Reply to  whever
1 month ago

What was her issue w/ it?

I also think Hawke’s take is kinda banal – does he want more Lily King finger wagging?? – but idk what the objectionable part is.

Mediocre Swammer
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

I can’t remember exactly, but I believe the gist was after all the hard work and sacrifice swimmers go through, that’s still not enough? They also have to pretend to be something they’re not, or act a way that’s likeable?

I don’t remember the details, but I did agree with her. Also, the lack of personality isn’t the reason I’m not watching the ISL. Besides it being behind a paywall, every change they made to make it more interesting made it worse for me. I want to see their times. They don’t give me long enough to figure out who’s swimming in what lane before starting the event, and then they switch camera angles and make it so I… Read more »

Reply to  Roguecheck
1 month ago

I love it

Wave 1.5 Qualifier
Reply to  Roguecheck
1 month ago

It’s what’s for dinner?

1 month ago

According to a recent media report Shayna Jack trained through her ban albeit separate from her club and without her coach’s guidance.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

Federal bureaucrats using public money to harass & persecute Shayna. Probably been spying on her from a air conditioning vent.

Last edited 1 month ago by Corn Pop
Wave 1.5 Qualifier
1 month ago

Good job on finishing this like 8 seconds before the Ledecky –> Florida announcement.

Now I have to wait until next week to hear your thoughts on this. Life is so utterly unfair.

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