2021 Speedo Summer Championships — Greensboro: Day 2 Live Prelims Recap

2021 Speedo Summer Championships — Greensboro

Wednesday Prelims Heat Sheet

Wednesday morning at the Greensboro Aquatic Center will feature all 200 events for the second prelims session of the 2021 Speedo Summer Championships in Greensboro. On the program this AM will be the qualifying heats for the women’s and men’s 200 free, 200 breast, and 200 back.

Wave II Trials event finalist Gabby DeLoof is slated to headline the women’s 200 free alongside 14-year-old Claire Weinstein and another Wave II Trials finalist, 16-year-old Cavan Gormsen. On the men’s side, last night’s 100 free champ Tim Connery will put up his 200 free morning bid alongside 200 fly champ Matthew Fenlon.

Indiana’s Mac Looze comes in as the top women’s 200 breast seed with the only sub-2:30 time, which came from Wave II Trials semi-finals. Wave II Trials finalist 18-year-old Josh Matheny and 2019 Pan American champion Charlie Swanson will headline the men’s 200 breast following the women.

16-year-old JoJo Ramey is yet another Wave II Trials finalist, and she will headline the women’s 200 back heats as well as Gabby and Ali DeLoof. Then, versatile veteran Sam Stewart will be featured in the men’s 200 back prelims alongside fellow sub-2:00 seed Thomas Watkins.

Women’s 200 Freestyle — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Gabby DeLoof (Club Wolverine), 1:58.74
  2. Chloe Stepanek (Long Island), 2:01.21
  3. Cavan Gormsen (Long Island), 2:01.38
  4. Claire Weinstein (Westchester), 2:01.82
  5. Tess Howley (Long Island), 2:02.15
  6. Leah Gingrich (Columbus), 2:02.67
  7. Erin Cavanagh (Jersey Wahoos), 2:02.82
  8. Summer Cardwell (Tampa Bay), 2:03.06

Taking the top 200 free seed with the only sub-2:00 effort was Gabby DeLoof, settling with a morning time of 1:58.74. At Wave II Trials, DeLoof placed 7th in the 200 free final, just missing the Olympic team. Long Island teammates Chloe Stepanek and Cavan Gormsen will sandwich DeLoof in the final tonight along with last night’s 800 free champ, 14-year-old Claire Weinstein.

Tuesday night’s 200 fly top two, Tess Howley and Leah Gingrich, will also swim this freestyle final. Howley had the fastest closing 50 of the entire field at 30.00. Jersey Wahoos’ Erin Cavanagh and Tampa Bay’s Summer Cardwell will swim the outside lanes in the A-final this evening.

Men’s 200 Freestyle — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Baylor Nelson (SwimMAC), 1:50.95
  2. Bora Unalmis (Club Wolverine), 1:51.86
  3. Brendan Burns (Indiana), 1:52.10
  4. Logan Zucker (SwimMAC), 1:52.19
  5. Henry McFadden (Jersey Wahoos), 1:52.22
  6. Sebastien Sergile (SwimAtlanta), 1:52.28
  7. Shaw Satterfield (Ohio State), 1:52.54
  8. Wojciech Dutkowiak (Pittsburgh), 1:52.79

SwimMAC’s Baylor Nelson took the men’s 200 free top seed at 1:50.95 following his runner-up swim last night in the 100 free. Nelson was the fastest closer of the entire morning field, splitting 27.92. Improving from his 1:53.05 seed to hit 1:51.86 was Club Wolverine’s Bora Unalmis at 1:51.86.

Co-runner-up in the 100 free last night, Indiana’s Brendan Burns, swam 0.09s faster than SwimMAC’s Logan Zucker for the No. 3 seed, 1:52.10 to 1:52.19. Easily winning his heat, even with a slight 0.11s seed drop, to take the No. 5 seed was Jersey Wahoos’ Henry McFadden at 1:52.28. Rounding out the A-finalists include SwimAtlanta’s Sebastien Sergile, Ohio State’s Shaw Satterfield, and Pittsburgh’s Wojciech Dutkowiak.

Last night’s 200 fly champ, Matthew Fenlon of Badger, placed 10th this morning behind Wolfpack Elite’s Curtis Wiltsey, both headlining the B-final.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Mac Looze (Indiana), 2:30.93
  2. Josie Panitz (Ohio State), 2:31.56
  3. Grace Rainey (SwimMAC), 2:34.87
  4. Avery Klamforth (SwimMAC), 2:34.95
  5. Sofia Plaza (SwimMAC), 2:35.13
  6. Lydia Palmer (South Jersey), 2:35.43
  7. Meaghan Harnish (York YMCA), 2:35.49
  8. Genna Joyce (Marlins of Raleigh), 2:35.66

Indiana’s Mac Looze dominated her 200 breast heat and topped the A-final seeds with a time of 2:30.93, closing the strongest among the entire field. In yesterday’s 200 fly B-final, Looze placed 11th overall. Seeded roughly a half-second behind Looze for the No. 2 spot is Ohio State’s Josie Panitz, dropping two seconds from her entry time at 2:31.56.

A trio of SwimMAC swimmers fill in the next three seeds: Grace Rainey (2:34.87), Avery Klamforth (2:34.95), and Sofia Plaza (2:35.13). South Jersey’s Lydia Palmer (2:35.43) dropped a second-and-a-half as the No. 6 seed, just 0.06s ahead of York YMCA’s Meaghan Harnish (2:35.49). Marlins of Raleigh’s Genna Joyce rounds out the top 8 times at 2:35.66

Men’s 200 Breaststroke — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Charlie Swanson (Club Wolverine), 2:11.00
  2. Maxwell Reich (Indiana), 2:13.93
  3. Josh Matheny (Team Pittsburgh), 2:15.67
  4. Cooper van der Laan (Pittsburgh), 2:15.81
  5. Matthew Kroll (SwimMAC), 2:17.41
  6. Billy Regan (Ohio State), 2:18.76
  7. Jerry Chen (Pittsburgh), 2:19.48
  8. Brett Riley (Purdue)/Youssef El-Kamash (Indiana), 2:19.57 *swim-off required

In the second circle-seeded heat, Club Wolverine’s Charlie Swanson put in a strong morning effort, potentially setting himself up for a fast swim tonight. Splitting the race 29.81/33.14/33.64/34.41, Swanson nailed the top time into the A-final at 2:11.00, just off his Wave II Trials lifetime best of 2:10.62. In the semi-finals, Swanson placed 9th at 2:11.10, just off the No. 8 qualifying time of 2:10.76.

In for second this morning was Indiana’s Maxwell Reich at 2:13.93, more than a second ahead of Team Pittsburgh’s Josh Matheny (2:15.67) and University of Pittsburgh’s Cooper van der Laan (2:15.81). At Wave II Trials, despite advancing to the 100 breast final, placed 20th in prelims at 2:13.88. His lifetime best is a 2:09.40.

Notching more than two seconds from his seed time to hit 2:17.41 was SwimMAC 17-year-old Matthew Kroll. Locked in for the A-final tonight also include Ohio State’s Billy Regan (2:18.76) and University of Pittsburgh’s Jerry Chen (2:19.48).

Purdue’s Brett Riley and Indiana’s Youssef El-Kamash tied for 8th place at 2:19.57, which will require a swim-off for the No. 8 A-final spot unless one opts out.

Women’s 200 Backstroke — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. JoJo Ramey (Fishers), 2:09.96
  2. Madelyn Christman (Carmel), 2:11.25
  3. Gabby DeLoof (Club Wolverine), 2:12.98
  4. Ali DeLoof (Tennessee/NYAC), 2:15.02
  5. Anna Freed (Indiana), 2:15.23
  6. Emily Thompson (Greater Somerset), 2:15.36
  7. Kyra Sommerstad (Ohio State), 2:15.84
  8. Mabel Koff (North Baltimore), 2:16.34

Easily snagging the top seed into the women’s 200 back A-final was 16-year-old JoJo Ramey of Fishers (IN), hitting the only sub-2:10 time of 2:09.96. Ramey’s lifetime best is a 2:08.90, which ranks No. 6 all-time in the 15-16 age group. In-state club rival, Madelyn Christman of Carmel (IN), took 1.21s off her seed time to go 2:11.25, moving up to No. 41 all-time in the 17-18 age group.

After leading the 200 back, Club Wolverine’s Gabby DeLoof flipped over to swim the No. 3 seed in the 200 back heats at 2:12.98. Older sister Ali DeLoof hit 2:15.02 to grab the No. 4 seed. Also staying in the 2:15-range were Indiana’s Anna Freed (2:15.23), Greater Somerset’s Emily Thompson (2:15.36), and Ohio State’s Kyra Sommerstad (2:15.84). Rounding out the top eight seeds was North Baltimore’s Mabel Koff at 2:16.34.

Men’s 200 Backstroke — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Sam Stewart (YMCA Hub Fins), 1:59.98
  2. Thomas Watkins (Ohio State), 2:01.18
  3. Jacob Steele (Indiana), 2:02.19
  4. Tommy Janton (Western YMCA), 2:03.09
  5. Baylor Nelson (SwimMAC), 2:03.53
  6. Jonny Marshall (Firestone Akron), 2:03.55
  7. J.T. Ewing (The Fish), 2:03.67
  8. Jared Daigle (Club Wolverine), 2:04.07

Just clipping the 2:00 barrier this morning was versatile swimmer Sam Stewart, touching the wall at 1:59.98. Stewart’s lifetime best is 1:58.97, yet his time from the heats bumps him up to No. 15 in the U.S. for the 2020-2021 season. Taking the No. 2 seed was Ohio State’s Thomas Watkins, settling with a time of 2:01.18. Indiana’s Jacob Steele took third this morning at 2:02.19. Steele’s season best is 2:00.28, which is now No. 19 in the country this season.

Western YMCA’s Tommy Janton took fourth place in the heats at 2:03.09, almost a half second ahead of SwimMAC’s Baylor Nelson (2:03.53), who leads the men’s 200 free A-final seeds. Firestone Akron’s Jonny Marshall broke 2:04 for the first time with his No. 6 seed of 2:03.55. The Fish’s J.T. Ewing (2:03.67) and Club Wolverine’s Jared Daigle (2:04.07) rounded out the qualifying A-finalists.

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1 year ago

Is it possible to watch last night’s finals? I went on and could only find yesterday’s prelims to watch

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  GATOR CHOMP 🐊
1 year ago

No replay of finals so far for Greensboro unlike for Irvine.
And nothing on the USA Swimming youtube channel.
It’s not what it used to be.

Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Is Mac Looze the daughter of Ray Looze?

Last edited 1 year ago by Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Yes, Mackenzie I believe

Reply to  Bevo
1 year ago

she is the savior, the sole descendant of the ultimate savior and GOAT coach ray Looze. She will be feared and loved and will become the GOAT daughter. #GOATcoach

1 year ago

USA already f*cked up in the Olympic.. Even without Bolt they didn’t capitalize… Shame..

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Shibly
1 year ago

At least half of Americans are out of shape in the US athletics team. That was my concern after the great olympic trials they had. College athletes compete since last January and have peaked for NCAAs in June. Others have peaked for olympic trials. Only a few stars have survived and are competing very well this week.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

I think most of them are over hyped though very few had nternatinal exposure…
USA officials has to sort out the problem before next Olympic…. Otherwise USA will never catch up China

1 year ago

Go JoJo!

Fritz Weatherbee
1 year ago

Will anyone be signing autographs today? We heard some olympians will be flying in today. We want to see Michael Andrew’s gold medal

Reply to  Fritz Weatherbee
1 year ago

He’s about to head to Hawaii

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