Elmbrook Swim Club Breaks 15-18 Girls 400 Medley Relay NAG with 4:06.93

2021 Speedo Summer Championships – Irvine


Day 5 – Saturday, August 7

  • Women’s 1500 Freestyle
  • 200 Individual Medley
  • Men’s 800 Freestyle
  • 50 Freestyle
  • 4 x 100 Medley Relay



  1. Elmbrook Swim Club ‘A’ – 4:06.93
  2. Trojan Swim Club ‘A’ – 4:08.32
  3. Irvine Novaquatics ‘A’ – 4:11.51

Elmbrook Swim Club won the women’s 400 medley relay tonight in a time of 4:06.93. With the swim, the squad of Maggie Wanezek (15), Lucy Thomas (15), Campbell Stoll (16), and Abby Wanezek (17) broke their 2nd 15-18 girls National Age Group Record of the week. In a time trial on Thursday, the same squad time trialed the women’s 200 medley relay, shattering that NAG.

Tonight, Elmbrook’s time of 4:06.93 blew away the previous NAG of 4:08.39, which was held by the Fort Collins Area Swim Team squad of Bayley Stewart, Zoe Bartel, Coleen Gillilan, and Kylee Alons from 2016.

Here are Elmbrook’s splits from tonight:

Here is a comparison between Elmbrook’s relay tonight, and Fort Collins’ relay from 2016:

Elmbrook Swim Club – 8/7/2021 Elmbrook Swim Club – 8/7/2021 Fort Collins Area Swim Team – 8/13/2016 Fort Collins Area Swim Team – 8/13/2016
Backstroke Maggie Wanezek 1:01.63 Bayley Stewart 1:02.86
Breaststroke Lucy Thomas 1:09.79 Zoe Bartel 1:08.61
Butterfly Campbell Stoll 1:00.12 Coleen Gillilan 1:00.24
Freestyle Abby Wanezek 55.39 Kylee Alons 56.68
Final Time 4:06.93 4:08.39

The fly splits for both teams were extremely similar, but Elmbrook was much faster on backstroke and freestyle, while Fort Collins was much faster on breaststroke.

Here is a comparison between Elmbrook’s splits from tonight versus each swimmer’s flat-start personal best:

Relay Split Personal Best
Maggie Wanezek 1:01.63 1:00.84
Lucy Thomas 1:09.79 1:09.04
Campbell Stoll 1:00.12 59.55
Abby Wanezek 55.39 56.65

When looking at the splits compared to each swimmer’s best time, Abby Wanezek really showed up for this relay, splitting 1.26 seconds faster than her flat-start best. Notably, the relay team’s flat-start personal bests add up to 4:06.08, faster than they actually swam in the relay tonight by 0.85 seconds.

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Double C. Chris Webb
2 years ago

Nice job girls. Nice job coach. Push those records down!