2019 FINA Champions Swim Series- Indianapolis: Day 2 Live Recap


The FINA Champions Swim Series will come to a close with day 2 of the Indianapolis stop. More notable match-ups are looming around the corner.

The race to watch will be the women’s 100 breast where Lilly King could go 3-for-3 against Russian rival Yulia Efimova. In the women’s 200 fly, Katinka Hosszu and Hali Flickinger will clash with their #2 and #3 world times, respectively.

Hosszu won’t be done with her second match-up against Italian Margherita Panziera and Canadian Kylie Masse in the 100 back. Masse currently holds the top time in the world while Panziera has the #5 time and Hosszu remains in 7th.

But coming in for a historic feat is Swede Sarah Sjostrom, who will contend for her 3rd and 4th series sweeps in the 50 fly and 200 free.

The night will end with the mixed medley relays where interesting line-ups have been drawn. Swimming breaststroke will be butterfliers Brazil’s Nicholas Santos along with Americans Jack Conger and Kelsi Dahlia. Both Efimova and King will be swimming freestyle in their respective relays. Full relay line-ups can be found here.

Men’s 200 Back

  1. Jacob Pebley, USA, 1:56.35
  2. Ryan Murphy, USA, 1:56.51
  3. Matt Grevers, USA, 1:59.47
  4. Danas Rapsys, LTU, 2:14.02

The Americans were bunched together throughout the first 100 of the race, with Lithuanian Danas Rapsys falling off pace early on. Soon into the final 50, Grevers too was off pace as the Rio Olympians in this event were dueling to the finish. Into the finish, Pebley defeated his former Cal teammate by 16/100.

Pebley’s time now bumps him to #9 in the world. Murphy remains at #7 with his 1:56.16 from the Knoxville PSS. In Budapest, Pebley took second with a 1:56.67 behind Russion Evgeny Rylov‘s 1:55.92. Rylov current holds the world #1 with his 1:54.00 from Russian Nationals.

Women’s 200 Fly

  1. Hali Flickinger, USA, 2:06.40
  2. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 2:07.87
  3. Kelsi Dahlia, USA, 2:10.25
  4. Leah Smith, USA, 2:14.04

With one of the most anticipated races of the evening, Hali Flickinger and Katinka Hosszu went at in the first 100 of the race. Kelsi Dahlia used her sprint speed to keep up with the duo but faltered in the remaining half of the race. In the final 50, Flickinger was a body length ahead of the Iron Lady and could not be stopped.

Flickinger finished with a 2:06.40, now the fastest time in the world. Flickinger’s time also was faster than Hosszu’s Budapest time of 2:06.62.

Men’s 100 Fly

  1. Michael Andrew, USA, 51.87
  2. Piero Codia, ITA, 52.22
  3. Jack Conger, USA, 52.56
  4. Andrii Govorov, UKR, 54.49

After multiple podium finishes throughout the series, Michael Andrew finally took his first win in the 100 fly. After the first 50, 50 fly world record-holder Andrii Govorov faded off the pace while Andrew propelled ahead of Italian Piero Codia and Jack Conger.

Andrew took first with a season best of 51.87, just breaking the top 15 times in the world this year. Codia was able to shut out Conger for silver with a 52.22. Conger settled for bronze with a 52.56.

Women’s 50 Free

  1. Pernille Blume, DEN, 24.08
  2. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 24.18
  3. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED, 24.56
  4. Farida Osman, EGY, 25.08

Off the start, it looked like a battle between Olympic champ Ranomi Kromowidjojo and 2-time series winner in this event Sarah Sjostrom. However, Sjostrom began to break from the Dutchwoman until Blume accelerated suddenly into the finish. Blume out-touched Sjostrom by a tenth of a second and stopped her from a 3rd series event sweep.

Blume won with a season best of 24.08, still the third-fastest time in the world. Sjostrom remains on top with her 23.91 from Budapest.

Men’s 200 Breast

  1. Anton Chupkov, RUS, 2:08.98
  2. Dmitriy Balandin, KAZ, 2:10.02
  3. Arno Kamminga, NED, 2:10.04
  4. Josh Prenot, USA, 2:11.79

The top 3 from Rio reunited for the 200 breast tonight. Into the first 100, Dutch sprint breaststroke record holder Arno Kamminga was out by a second ahead of the first. Heading into the last wall, Chupkov began to accelerate and was ahead of Kamminga off the pullout. In the final 15 meters, Olympic champ Dmitriy Balandin had a final closing charge.

But it was not enough to hold off Chupkov, who went sub-2:10 with a 2:08.98. Balandin was able to get to Kamminga, out-touching him by 2/100. Chupkov’s 2:07.00 from Russian Nationals remains the world leading time.

Women’s 100 Back

  1. Kylie Masse, CAN, 59.13
  2. Margherita Panziera, ITA, 59.45
  3. Anastasiia Fesikova, RUS, 1:00.68
  4. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 1:00.95

After tying with Anastasiia Kesikova in the 50 back, Canadian Kylie Masse shot out like a cannon in the first 50. Masse continued to hold her dominant lead to win with a 59.13. In the last quarter of the race, Italian Marghertia Panziera caught Fesikova and stayed under a minute with a 59.45. Fesikova stayed ahead of Katinka Hosszu, fresh off the 200 fly, to take bronze with a 1:00.68. In a valiant effort, Hosszu took fourth with a 1:00.95.

Masse remains on top of the world rankings with her 58.16 from Canadian Trials. Panziera’s season best of 58.93 from Italian Nationals remains in fifth.

Men’s 400 Free

  1. Gabriele Detti, ITA, 3:46.13
  2. Danas Rapsys, LTU, 3:46.23
  3. Mykhailo Romanchuk, UKR, 3:49.92
  4. Townley Haas, USA, 3:55.42

Saving up for the 400 free, Lithuanian record-holder Danas Rapsys took control of the race early on. At the last turn, Italian Gabriele Detti was down by nearly a second. However, Detti and Rapsys went for a dog fight into the finish.

Detti shut out the Lithuanian by a tenth with a 3:46.13. Detti and Rapsys have the second fastest time in the world, both swimming 3:43.36. China’s Sun Yang holds the top time with a 3:42.75.

Women’s 50 Fly

  1. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 25.48
  2. Farida Osman, EGY, 25.95
  3. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED, 26.01
  4. Kelsi Dahlia, USA, 26.14

After being robbed of a series sweep in the 50 free, Swede star Sarah Sjostrom was out to snag her last shot at another series sweep. It looked to be anyone’s race in the first half, yet Sjostrom powered ahead and confirmed her 3rd series sweep and 12th series win with a 25.48.

Sjostrom was just off her world leading time of 25.32 from Budapest. Taking silver was Egyptian native Farida Osman, who also has the #2 time in the world with a 25.65.

Men’s 100 Free

  1. Pieter Timmers, BEL, 48.36
  2. Vladimir Morozov, RUS, 49.47
  3. Townley Haas, USA, 49.80
  4. Bruno Fratus, BRA, 49.90

Belgium swimmer Pieter Timmers did it again and won in another stacked field in the 100 free. Timmers dominated the field by a full second with a 48.36. Timmers maintained consistency from his Budapest winning time of 48.32.

After winning the 50 free, Vladimir Morozov settled for silver with a 49.47. Finishing on the podium after taking fourth in the 400 free was American Townley Haas (49.80).

Women’s 200 IM

  1. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 2:08.50
  2. Sydney Pickrem, CAN, 2:08.61
  3. Melanie Margalis, USA, 2:10.41
  4. Hali Flickinger, USA, 2:13.31

Off the first two strokes, Canadian Sydney Pickrem held a strong lead heading into breaststroke. Touching in 1.29 seconds behind Pickrem, Katinka Hosszu looked to be in a tough position to move up. However, Hosszu brought the race home in a fierce 29.31 and took out the Canadian by 11/100 with a 2:08.50.

Hosszu re-establish her world leading time by 5/100 with her winning time from tonight. Pickrem likewise chopped a tenth from her season best to re-confirm her world #2 spot. In the process, Pickrem also broke her own Canadian record by a tenth as well.

Men’s 50 Breast

  1. Joao Gomes Jr, BRA, 26.60
  2. Felipe Lima, BRA, 26.72
  3. Fabio Scozzoli, ITA, 27.40
  4. Michael Andrew, USA, 27.42

With this quad of stars’ third meeting, anything could happen. However, it was the third Brazilian 1-2 finish and second win for Joao Gomes Jr. After defeating his countryman by 22/100 in Budapest, Gomes Jr. held off Lima by a slim 12/100 with a 26.60. Throughout the series, Gomes Jr maintained one of the best series consistencies, staying within a tenth of his times (26.70, 26.64, 26.60).

After taking fourth place twice in this race, Italian Fabio Scozzoli touched out Michael Andrew by 2/100 with a 27.40.

Gomes Jr remains the top time holder in the world with a 26.42 with countryman Lima in second with a 26.48.

Women’s 100 Breast

  1. Lilly King, USA, 1:05.13
  2. Yulia Efimova, RUS, 1:05.51
  3. Molly Hannis, USA, 1:07.26
  4. Micah Sumrall, USA, 1:07.45

In an effort to go 3-for-3, Lilly King took out her 100 breast like a rocket. In the last 50, Yulia Efimova took final efforts to catch King. However, the American could not be stopped and won with a new world leading time of 1:05.13, a second off her world record of 1:04.13. Efimova settled for silver with a 1:05.51, re-affirming her world #2 time.

Men’ 50 Back

  1. Matt Grevers, USA, 24.78
  2. Ryan Murphy, USA, 24.91
  3. Robert Glinta, ROU, 24.99
  4. Vladimir Morozov, RUS, 25.16

After taking silver and bronze in the previous backstroke races, Olympic champ Matt Grevers came out and finished with vengeful effort, winning with a 24.78. Taking his second silver of the night was Ryan Murphy, touching out Romanian Robert Glinta by 8/100 with a 24.91.

Grevers took a tenth off his Budapest time and remains the #7 time in the world. Ryan Murphy clipped off his season best and moved into the top 10 times in the world. Remaining the #3 time is Glinta’s Guangzhou time of 24.59.

Women’s 200 Free

  1. Penny Oleksiak, CAN, 1:57.18
  2. Leah Smith, USA, 1:57.84
  3. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 1:57.92
  4. Melanie Margalis, USA, 1:58.85

Swimming her first race of the night, 18-year-old Canadian Penny Oleksiak had fresh energy and dominated the 200 free with a 1:57.18. After taking fourth in the 200 fly, Leah Smith picked up a silver just less than a second behind Oleksiak with a 1:57.84. After valiant efforts earlier in the night, Sarah Sjostrom took third with a 1:57.92

Currently, Sjostrom has the third fastest-time in the world this year with a 1:55.39. Oleksiak and Smith both fall in the top 25 times in the world with their respective season bests of 1:56.92 and 1:57.54.

Mixed 400 Medley Relay

  1. Team 4 (Pebley, King, Conger, Kromowidjojo)- 3:46.21
  2. Team 1 (Masse, Efimova, Santos, Haas)- 3:47.01
  3. Team 3 (Medeiros, Kamminga, Dahlia, Govorov)- 3:48.64
  4. Team 2 (Fesikova, Pickrem, Andrew, Morozov)- 3:51.61

Jacob Pebley took out the race in a 53.94 to give Team 4 and Lilly King a great lead into breaststroke leg. From Team 4, Arno Kamminga was slowly creeping up on King with his 59.29 split. But Team 4’s Jack Conger blasted away from the blocks to distance away from Team 3. Into freestyle, Ranomi Kromowidjojo had a solid lead to propel Team 4 to the lead. But, Team 1’s Townley Haas‘ 49.33 was scarily making up ground on Team 4.

In the end, the team of Jacob Pebley, Lilly King, Jack Conger, and Ranomi Kromowidjojo won the final event of the series with a 3:46.21.

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4 years ago

I didn’t watch the races, only checked the results and in the article, about Women’s 100 back, is written: “In the last quarter of the race, Italian Margherita Panziera caught Fesikova”. But at 50m Panziera was already ahead of Fesikova (29.18 vs 29.71) and then Panziera had the fastest back-half of the entire field. So, how she caught Fesikova in the last quarter of the race?

4 years ago

Apparently the medley relay wasn’t the order we speculated about after seeing the lineup. This makes more sense and was more predictable, but I find myself wishing it was like we speculated just for laughs.

bear drinks beer
4 years ago

After this session It’s harder to buy the prediction that Rapsys will win gold in Tokyo.😃

Reply to  bear drinks beer
4 years ago

Gold medal will be won by Sun or Selisker.. Rapsys has no chance winning gold or silver in the Tokyo Olympic.. He can fight for only minor medal bronze..

4 years ago

Loved those 50 Breast races tonight

4 years ago

“Currently, Sjostrom has the third fastest-time in the world this year with a 1:55.39.”
Sjostrom’s best time in 200FR this year is 1:55.29. And who swam faster than this time besides Titmus?

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

I don’t see any record of Sjostrom going faster than the 1:55.39 she swam in April. Ledecky is currently ranked second in the world with a 1:55.32, swum at 2018 Winter Nationals in November (the 2019 competition year started on September 1, 2019).

Reply to  Jack
4 years ago

Thanks. I was using FINA as a source. Data in this database is organized by calendar year. And it shows that Sjostrom swam 1:55.29 at Stockholm Open on April 12. Nobody swam faster in 2019 but Titmus.
That caused the confusion.

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

You might of heard of Katie Ledecky….

4 years ago

Of note, Sjostrom negative split her 200 free and her last 50 was 28.21!!

Reply to  Peter
4 years ago

When you go out in 59 and you are a 51 freestyler, not that hard to negative split!!!

4 years ago

Canadian Record for Sydney Pickrem

4 years ago

“Reaffirming her world #2”

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