UVA Women Score Record-Breaking 1637.5 Points En Route To 5th-Consecutive ACC Title

by Sean Griffin 18

February 25th, 2024 ACC, College, News


The Virginia women won their fifth-straight and 20th overall ACC title this weekend, and swept all the relay events to boot. They scored a total of 1637.5 points, which is the highest point total in ACC swimming championship history. They set the previous women’s record just last year, where they topped the field with a total of 1536 points. The overall record belonged to the NC State men, who posted 1615 points to win in 2023. Virginia won this year’s meet by 492.5 points over the second-place Louisville Cardinals.

The Cavalier women were on fire this week, winning every swimming event besides the 100 backstroke. They also posted a new NCAA record in six different events: the 50 free, 100 free, 100 fly, 100 back, 200 fly, and 200 free relay. Gretchen Walsh played a huge part in that, claiming four of the five individual records and splitting 19.95 on the record-breaking 200 free relay. Alex Walsh was the other individual record breaker, taking down Ella Eastin’s NCAA record in the 200 fly from 2018.

In terms of scoring, the Walsh sisters led the team with 96 individual points each. They both claimed victory in three individual events, earning the maximum number of points possible. Cavan Gormsen scored 89.5 points via her two individual wins and a 4th place finish.

Event Wins

Virginia’s highest performers weren’t the only swimmers that stood out, as several athletes added to the record-breaking point score throughout the meet.

Individual Scorers

  • Alex Walsh — 96 points
  • Gretchen Walsh — 96 points
  • Cavan Gormsen — 89.5 points
  • Jasmine Nocentini — 88 points
  • Ella Nelson — 88 points
  • Aimee Canny — 84 points
  • Reilly Tiltmann — 83 points
  • Maxine Parker — 73 points
  • Tess Howley — 72 points
  • Anna Keating — 68 points
  • Ella Bathurst — 64 points
  • Emma Weber — 62 points
  • Abigail Harter — 61 points
  • Carly Novelline — 60 points
  • Sophia Knapp — 52 points
  • Madelyn Donohoe — 48 points
  • Zoe Skirboll — 37 points
  • Margaret Schalow — 32 points

While this fifth-straight ACC title is a huge milestone, they will now have their sights set on winning their fourth-straight NCAA championship next month. Last year, they won the NCAA title with 541.5 points, with Texas scoring 414.5 points to be their closest challenger.

Final Team Scores

  1. Virginia — 1637.5 points
  2. Louisville — 1145 points
  3. NC State — 1106 points
  4. North Carolina — 786.5 points
  5. Duke — 779.5 points
  6. Virginia Tech — 632.5 points
  7. Florida State — 531 points
  8. Notre Dame — 493 points
  9. Georgia Tech — 450 points
  10. Pittsburgh — 407 points
  11. Miami — 391 points

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Pat Jam
2 months ago

You forgot to list Cavan Gormsen’s 1650 win

2 months ago

So some not so quick math (at least for me) 17 swimmers, 3 divers and relays can max out at, oddly enough, 2024 total points if they go 1-2-3-4 in every event and win all relays. To score 1637.5 of that total is a remarkable display of dominance. Wow.

2 months ago

**Highest point total ever at ACCs, women -or- men

2 months ago

Now about the men…

Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

The cavalry is coming.

Reply to  HeGetsItDoneAgain
2 months ago

Are they getting a new men’s coach?

2 months ago

UVa coaching is unique and has struck gold. Their method now is to improve and standardize, improve and standardize. When other teams are still trying to figure out the winning formula, UVa will continue to pull away. I predict it will be difficult to break this years championship point tally but it will be easy to eclipse 2023’s 1537 point tally, starting with next year’s team.

Reply to  LM01
2 months ago

They’ve got an awesome 2024 class coming in, but no one is scoring as many points with Cal and Stanford joining the ACC.

Last edited 2 months ago by oxyswim
Reply to  LM01
2 months ago

But seriously, why isn’t it working for the men’s team?

Reply to  LM01
2 months ago

Why isn’t it working for the men’s team? Is the UVA coaching optimized for women?

HOO love
2 months ago


2 months ago

I enjoyed watching Virginia success,however, it will be impossible to maintain this level of dominance after Gretchen graduates. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Reply to  Tomek
2 months ago

If A Walsh and Nocentini (both their first years were 2020-21 so they should be eligible for a COVID year) use their fifth years, they could be *better* next year with the No. 1 recruiting class + Curzan on the squad.

The issue they’re going to have moving forward is who they bring to championship meets. They left some good swimmers back in Charlottesville this past week.

Reply to  Vaswammer
2 months ago

I believe Nocentini is not eligible for another year (SwimSwam staff can hopefully confirm or deny this) and the interview Alex gave to AVD and the other commentator after her 2 Breast win led me to believe she could be leaning toward coming back for a 5th year. She said she will decide before NCs and post it on social media. She confirmed that she is already planning to continue living and training in Charlottesville next year.

Reply to  Tomek
2 months ago

It’s funny, people said the exact same thing last year when Douglass said she wasn’t coming back for a 5th year.

Grant Drukker
Reply to  WestCoastRefugee
2 months ago

I don’t think anyone was saying that other than trolls.

Aragon Son of Arathorne
Reply to  Tomek
2 months ago

until another superstar gets recruited. UVA has the ability.

Aragon Son of Arathorne
Reply to  Tomek
2 months ago

and isn’t Leah Hayes on the roster? Plus Claire Curzan? Virginia isn’t going anywhere with those two. It may be closer than before but they will be at the top.