Maximus Williamson, Keller High Break 4 National High School Records at Texas 6A State Meet


  • Februaray 23-24, 2024
  • Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Live Results

Keller High School junior Maximus Williamson started his day on Saturday at the Texas 6A High School State Championship meet with a new National High School Record in the 200 IM, but he didn’t stop at one.

Team Standings – Top 5

  1. Keller – 312.5
  2. Southlake Carroll – 208
  3. The Woodlands – 191
  4. Kingwood – 112
  5. Vandegrift – 106

Williamson wound up finishing his day with 4 new national records, and two further State Records, in one of the most spectacular performances we’ve ever seen at a high school meet.

First he took down David Nolan’s legendary 1:41.39 in the 200 IM from 2011, which at the time was one of the fastest 200 IMs ever done by anybody of any age (read more on that swim here).

He then split 19.45 on the leadoff leg of Keller’s 200 free relay, which finished in 1:19.21. His leadoff leg took .04 seconds of Jimmy Feigen’s State Record (which was a national record at the time), and the relay broke both the public school and overall National High School Records in the event.

The former public school record in the event was a 1:19.60 done by North Allegheny High School in Pennsylvania in 2018, while the overall record was a 1:19.27 done by the Bolles School in Florida, a relay that included future Olympians Ryan Murphy, Joseph Schooling, and Santo Condorelli.

The Bolles relay remains the Independent Schools Record.

Splits Comparison:

Bolles 2012 North Allegheny 2018 Keller High 2024
Former Overall Record Former Public Schools Record New Record
50y Ryan Murphy – 19.54 Jack Wright – 20.24
100y Joseph Schooling – 19.73 Joel Songer – 20.40
River Paulk – 19.74
150y Emiro Goosen – 20.54 Rick Mihm – 19.57
Riccardo Osio – 20.15
200y Santo Condrelli – 19.46 Mason Gonzalez – 19.39
Cooper Lucas – 19.87
Total Time 1:19.27 1:19.60 1:19.21

Race Video:

Next up, in the 100 backstroke, Williamson swam 46.29, which won by more than two seconds and undercut Jason Park’s State Record of 47.09 from 2018.

He would finish his day with a two-for-one in the 400 free relay. He split 41.84 on the leadoff leg, which undercuts another David Nolan National High School Record. Nolan was previously the fastest-ever in high school competition at 42.34 – done at the same meet as his prior IM record. Williamson knocked half-a-second of that swim.

Jack Conger remains the Independent School Record holder at 42.81.

Race Video: 

After Williamson’s electric leadoff leg, his Keller High School teammates would back him up: US Junior National Teamer Cooper Lucas, sophomore Maxwell Stanislaus, and senior River Paulk would combined for a 2:43.80 – shaving .01 seconds off another North Allegheny National High School Record.

Splits Comparison:

North Allegheny 2018
Keller High 2024
Former Public Schools Record New Record
1st leg Mason Gonzalzez – 43.27
2nd leg Andrew Zhang – 44.24
Cooper Lucas – 43.23
3rd leg Jack Wright – 43.22
4th leg Rick Mihm – 43.08
River Paulk – 44.31
2:53.81 2:53.80

Williamson’s previous best times were 19.46 in the 50 free and 41.99 in the 100 free, both done at Winter Juniors – West in December. Ryan Hoffer holds the 17-18 National Age Group Record in the 100 free at 41.23. Williamson doesn’t turn 19 until September of 2025, so he has time to chase that record as well.

Of the North Allegheny swimmers on those prior record-holding relays, poetically, most have had their best collegiate success as NCAA relay qualifiers. Rick Mihm at Stanford is the notable exception – he was an individual NCAA qualifier last season, placing as high as 31st in the 200 fly and 200 IM.

Keller has had these relay records in their sights for a few years since assembling a super team of sorts when Williamson transferred in from the state’s former superpower Southlake Carroll after his freshman year of high school. He joined an already-good team to make one of the best in the country. The wins above were part of a dominant 104.5-point margin over Williamson’s former school to give Keller its second-straight state championship.

While two key legs, Paulk and Lucas, will be graduating (Lucas is heading to Texas, Paulk to Auburn), Williamson will be back for one more year. Others returning to chase a third-straight team crown are key relay legs like Maxwell Stanislaus and Riccardo Osio, will return.

Even without Williamson and Lucas, Keller placed 2nd in the 200 medley relay, about half-a-second behind The Woodlands’ winning squad.

The Woodlands’ relay of Ryan Rautenbach (back – 23.18), Tyler Tannenberger (breast – 24.15), Wesley Foster (fly – 21.66), and Jackson Landahl (free – 21.20).

Tannenberger’s relay split was the difference-maker for The Woodlands and the fastest in the field by almost seven-tenths of a second. It’s unsurprising, then, that the senior then won the 100 breaststroke in 54.11, half-a-second clear of Westwood’s Raphael Wang, who was 2nd in 54.62.

Of note, Wang didn’t even qualify for state in this race last year, where he finished 11th in his only individual event: the 200 IM. His best coming into the season was a 57.02, but a mid-season 55.18 indicated a huge progression in the event.

History was made in the men’s 50 free final, where Clark High School’s Evan Croley was the only swimmer sub-20 in 19.89. That was his school’s first state title in swimming & Diving since Chris Epp won the 200 and 500 free in 1998. His previous best was a 19.99, which placed him 5th at Winter Juniors – West. He is now the third-best swimmer in Class 6A (formerly 5A) history, behind Feigen and Williamson.

Clark High School in Northside ISD in San Antonio, which is home to the NISD Natatorium, Northside Swim Center, and George Block Aquatics Center, which in aggregate have become regular hosts of both state-level and national-level competition.

Croley is committed to Harvard next season, where so far this year only outgoing senior Marcus Holmquist has been sub-20 seconds (19.72), though a couple more are likely to join him at next week’s Ivy League Championships.

Croley swam the 100 free and 100 back at last year’s state championship meet, placing 3rd in both events.

Race Video:

At the other end of the spectrum is Prosper High School’s Jacob Wimberly, who finished his career with a second 100 fly title in 46.63. While that’s not a personal best time, it is a new Class 6A record.

Wimberly previously won in 2022 as a sophomore before last year falling to Hayden Belotti of Fort Bend-Clements High School.

Wimberly is headed to Texas A&M in the fall, which will leave Riccardo Osio as the incumbent next season after his runner-up 47.61. Ossio’s prelims time of 47.33 was a new best time, knocking eight-tenths off his previous best time from last year’s state meet.

The aforementioned Keller senior Cooper Lucas won the 200 free in 1:34.69. That completed a perfect four-for-four in his career in that event. No other swimmer in the history of this event has ever pulled that off in Texas – including names like Josh Davis, and Paul Robinson.

Lucas’ 200 free race video:

Lucas later won the 500 free in 4:19.08, using a huge final 100 yards to pull away from Round Rock’s Bucky Gettys (4:20.88). That win was Lucas’ third-straight.

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1 month ago

Great article on the Texas 6a meet – is there a 5a update somewhere?

tea rex
1 month ago

Awesome swimming from these guys!
A little sad to see David Nolan’s legendary record go, but records were meant to be broken.
Also, a fun little reminder that Ryan Murphy was 19.5 in high school! If he wanted to be a multi-stroke threat, he certainly had the talent.

1 month ago

Did other Keller high sports teams see the same type of high level school transfers? Is this limited to just the sport of swimming or is track and field seeing the same results?

Last edited 1 month ago by swimcappy
1 month ago

Swim Swam should do a practice and pancakes with the Keller high school coach. Help the smaller towns out. What type of yards and how many hours a week is she training this group? How can I find out more information on the high school coach? What is her background? I want my school to hire a swim coach like this.

Reply to  swimcappy
1 month ago

Williamson doesn’t swim with the high school

Reply to  Swammer
1 month ago

We were looking at the UIL part of the meet not the club swimming. The last two it said swam for Keller high, did I get that right? Lucas won all four years “no other swimmer in history” has won all 4 years that’s a major achievement for a swimmer and his high school coach. Swim swam start with that next time. Way to go to this team and their coach.

Reply to  Swimcappy
1 month ago

How many high school practices you want to bet they go to in the average week.

Reply to  Swammer
1 month ago

AlI of them? don’t understand why these top 3 high school teams don’t share more. Or we never see the high school coaches angle. What are the 3 of them doing in the training? We have to attend practice, how else would our coaches pick our events?

Last edited 1 month ago by Swimcappy
Big Kicker
Reply to  Swimcappy
1 month ago

Pick there events..The kids probably sit down with the high coach and say. I can win this event and that event. We can go all in on these two relays and may be break the record. Coach. Sounds good to me.
What they do for practice.. they pull, kick, swim, and probably do weights 2 days a week.

Reply to  Swimcappy
1 month ago

I’m sorry for being sarcastic but the answer is a vast majority of them if not all practices are not with the high school. Williamson left South Lake where morning practice with the high school was required during the season. In Keller he swims with the LAC club.

1 month ago

Interview these high school coaches please. What are they doing for these type of results? Can they share the sets, yards and hours that are trained with the high school teams? Is the Keller coach new? Sure wish my high school could pay for a coach like this. Incredible coaching and fast swimming.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lostswimcap
Reply to  Lostswimcap
1 month ago

Coach is the daughter of the former hs coach. When mom retired daughter took over. It was amazing to see it live.

Reply to  Lostswimcap
1 month ago

The secret sauce is a great club team that trains them and they show up for ready for HS meets.

1 month ago

Swim swam do an online interview with this high school coach. An old school pancakes and practice with this team. What type of swim sets do you run for a group like this? How many hours per week do they train with the high school coach? What do they put in the water in this town? Big wins for this group. Help the smaller towns out, what is the secret sauce at Keller High school?

Big Kicker
1 month ago

400 free relay went 2:53 not 2:43

1 month ago

They should graduate Maximus early if he’s already going that fast!

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