USA Swimming Announces 2013-2014 Junior National Team

  25 Braden Keith | September 03rd, 2013 | Featured, National, News

USA Swimming has released their 2013-2014 Junior National Team, and there’s lots of big names on the roster, led by Olympic medalist Lia Neal in the 100 free with her 54.68 from the World Championship Trials.

The selection criteria

Athletes with the top 6 fastest times, in Olympic events only, from the combined results of all USA Swimming or FINA sanctioned meets from 1/1/2013 to 9/2/2013; times from Prelims, Semi-Finals and Finals (A, B and C) only will be used and relay lead-offs, time trials, intermediate splits and swim-offs will not be included. In addition, all 2013 FINA World Junior Championships Team members are selected to this roster.

In addition, all members of the Junior World Championship team automatically qualified for this roster.

Note that swimmers can only be on the Junior or Senior National Teams, with the exception of swimmers who were on the World Junior Championship Team. They can be on both rosters.

Mann is also a special case in that some of her best swims were done, for example, at Grand Prix meets. Her best 800 free would’ve put her on the Senior National Team, but it was done at the Orlando Grand Prix.

Among those pulling double duty on the Junior and Senior National Teams include Kathleen Baker from SwimMAC Carolina, Katie McLaughlin from Mission Viejo, the aforementioned Becca Mann, Gunnar Bentz, and Andrew Seliskar.

Note: as one of our readers pointed out, Faith Johnson and Sean Lehane will both be sophomores next year, and therefore shouldn’t be eligible for the Junior National Team. We have asked USA Swimming for clarification, though as of right now, the below is their official list.

There’s also an error in who was selected in the girls’ 100 backstroke, which we’ve also asked about.

Finally, in some cases, there were simple errors in time. We’ve corrected those where possible, except when surrounding the above.

UPDATE: After confirmation of the errors from USA Swimming, we’ve made updates below. See an explanation of the errors here and here.

 50 Freestyle    
 Abbigail Weitzeil 25.27 Junior Nationals Canyons Aquatic Club Coley Stickels
 Lia Neal 25.40 US Open Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics Rachel Stratton-Mills
 Kathryn McLaughlin 25.52 Junior Nationals Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Janet Hu 25.53 2013 PV LC Senior Championships Nation’s Capital Swim Club John Flanagan
 Nora McCullagh 25.72 Junior Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Keith Kennedy
 Kaitlyn Albertoli 25.86 Junior Nationals San Clemente Aquatics Keith Kennedy
 100 Freestyle    
 Lia Neal 54.68 Nationals Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics Rachel Stratton-Mills
 Cierra Runge 55.16 World Junior Championships North Baltimore Aquatic Club Bob Bowman
 Abbigail Weitzeil 55.37 2013 CA Summer Sectionals Canyons Aquatic Club Coley Stickels
 Mimi Schneider 55.79 Junior Nationals Academy Bullets Swim Club Michael Laurich
 Chelsea Chenault 55.86 Nationals Terrapins Swim Team Paul Stafford
 Alexandra Meyers 56.06 Junior Nationals Schroeder YMCA Swim Team David Anderson
 200 Freestyle    
 Quinn Carrozza 1:58.31 Junior Nationals Longhorn Aquatics Michael Laitala
 Chelsea Chenault 1:58.74 Nationals Terrapins Swim Team Paul Stafford
 Lia Neal 1:58.87 Nationals Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics Rachel Stratton-Mills
 Kathryn McLaughlin 1:59.20 Junior Nationals Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Katherine Drabot 1:59.32 Junior Nationals Ozaukee Aquatics Stephen Keller
 Nicole Stafford 1:59.48 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 400 Freestyle    
 Danielle Valley 4:10.55 Junior Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Rebecca Mann 4:10.66 2013 Orlando Grand Prix Clearwater Aquatic Team Randy Reese
 Chelsea Chenault 4:10.79 Nationals Terrapins Swim Team Paul Stafford
 Leah Smith 4:10.85 2013 Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte Jewish Community Center Sailfish Al Rose
 Quinn Carrozza 4:11.14 World Junior Championships Longhorn Aquatics Michael Laitala
 Stephanie Peters 4:12.08 Junior Nationals Marietta Marlins Yit Lim
 800 Free    
 Rebecca Mann 8:27.37 2013 Orlando Grand Prix Clearwater Aquatic Team Randy Reese
 Danielle Valley 8:33.94 Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Leah Smith 8:34.34 2013 Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte Jewish Community Center Sailfish Al Rose
 Isabella Rongione 8:39.09 Junior Nationals The Fish Ray Benecki
 Leah Stevens 8:39.32 Junior Nationals Lakeside Swim Team Mike DeBoor
 Courtney Harnish 8:40.69 Junior Nationals York YMCA Michael Brooks
 100 Backstroke    
 Clara Smiddy 1:00.51 Junior Nationals AK Sharks Lou Manganiello
 Kathleen Baker 1:00.62 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Alan Pfau / David Marsh
 Hannah Weiss 1:00.77 US Open King Aquatic Club Tommy Hannan
 Kylie Stewart 1:01.44 Junior Nationals Greenwood Memorial Swim Club Janet Harty
 Kaitlin Harty 1:01.59 Junior Nationals Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Tony Batis
 Ally Howe 1:01.87 US Open Irvine Novaquatics Ken Lamont
 200 Backstroke    
 Kylie Stewart 2:09.04 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Kathleen Baker 2:10.23 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Alan Pfau / David Marsh
 Kaitlin Harty 2:10.38 2013 Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte Greenwood Memorial Swim Club Janet Harty
 Clara Smiddy 2:10.69 Junior Nationals AK Sharks Lou Manganiello
 Lisa Bratton 2:11.54 Junior Nationals Tri-City Channel Cats Todd Stafek
 Brooke Zeiger 2:11.59 2013 Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 100 Breaststroke    
 Bethany Galat 1:09.00 Junior Nationals South Bend Swim Club John VanDriessche
 Olivia Anderson 1:09.01 World Junior Championships Aquajets Swim Team Kate Lundsten
 Kennedy Lohman 1:09.35 2013 Early Bird Senior I Meet Lakeside Swim Team Mike DeBoor
 Maija Roses 1:09.56 Junior Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Pam Swander / David Marsh
 Lillia King 1:09.59 Junior Nationals Newburgh Sea Creatures Michael Chapman
 Emily Kopas 1:09.94 Junior Nationals Unattached 
 200 Breaststroke    
 Riley Scott 2:31.11 US Open Marin Pirates Warren Lager
 Bethany Leap 2:31.69 Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Maija Roses 2:31.77 Junior Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Pam Swander
 Alexandra Szekely 2:31.92 Nationals Central Bucks Swim Team Stu Kukla
 Madisyn Cox 2:32.09 Junior Nationals Lubbock Swim Club April Hayes
Katherine Drabot 2:32.58Junior NationalsOzaukee AquaticsStephen Keller
Emily Kopas2:32.58NationalsUnattached 
 100 Butterfly    
 Kathryn McLaughlin 59.07 Junior Nationals Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Michelle Cefal 59.13 Junior Nationals Tualatin Hills Swim Club Linck Bergen
 Courtney Weaver 59.34 Junior Nationals Flint ‘Y’ Falcons Adam Cooper
 Danielle Nack 59.37 Junior Nationals Mantas Swim Club Alex Lindstrom
 Cassidy Bayer 59.99 Nationals Nation’s Capital Swim Club Pete Morgan
 Gia Dalesandro 1:00.07 2013 NCSA Summer Swimming Champs Fox Valley Swim Team David Krotiak
 200 Butterfly    
 Kathryn McLaughlin 2:08.72 World Junior Championships Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Rebecca Mann 2:10.46 Nationals Clearwater Aquatic Team Randy Reese
 Olivia Barker 2:10.75 Junior Nationals Sandpipers of Nevada Ron Aitken
 Courtney Weaver 2:10.95 Junior Nationals Flint ‘Y’ Falcons Adam Cooper
 Michelle Cefal 2:11.13 Junior Nationals Tualatin Hills Swim Club Linck Bergen
 Madison Wright 2:11.18 Nationals Kingfish Aquatic Club of Waterford Brad Brockway
 200 IM    
 Kathleen Baker 2:13.35 US Open SwimMAC Carolina Alan Pfau / David Marsh
 Ella Eastin 2:13.66 Junior Nationals SOCAL Aquatics Association Stephen Pickell
 Brooke Zeiger 2:14.03 Junior Nationals Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 Meghan Small 2:14.15 Junior Nationals York YMCA Michael Brooks
 Katherine Drabot 2:14.80 US Open Ozaukee Aquatics Stephen Keller
 Rebecca Mann 2:15.25 2013 Orlando Grand Prix Clearwater Aquatic Team Randy Reese
 400 IM    
 Ella Eastin 4:38.97 Junior Nationals SOCAL Aquatics Association Stephen Pickell
 Rebecca Mann 4:40.26 World Junior Championships Clearwater Aquatic Team Randy Reese
 Brooke Zeiger 4:42.89 US Open Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 Kathleen Baker 4:44.63 Junior Nationals SwimMAC Carolina Alan Pfau / David Marsh
 Katherine Drabot 4:47.15 Junior Nationals Ozaukee Aquatics Stephen Keller
 Hannah Burns 4:48.06 Junior Nationals Gator Swim Club Jaime Lewis
 Open Water 10K    
 Lauren Abruzzo   University of Denver Hilltoppers Shawn Smith
 Jessie Arnold   Shenandoah Marlins Aquatic Club Norman Wright
 Liliana Casso   Team Santa Monica David Kelsheimer
 Lindsey Clary   FAST Swim Team Brian Brown
 Brooke Lorentzen   Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Rachel Zilinskas   Germantown Academy Aquatic Club Richard Shoulberg
 50 Freestyle    
 Caeleb Dressel 22.22 World Junior Championships Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Santo Condorelli 22.32 Junior Nationals Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Paul Powers 22.53 World Junior Championships Splash Aquatic Club Andy Deirchert
 Kyle Darmody 22.74 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina David Marsh
 Brett Ringgold 22.97 Junior Nationals North Texas Nadadores Bill Christensen
 Connor Black 23.12 2013 MN Twin LC Championship Cats Aquatic Team Jeff Arce
 100 Freestyle    
 Caeleb Dressel 48.97 World Junior Championships Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Santo Condorelli 49.38 Junior Nationals Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Paul Powers 49.94 Junior Nationals Splash Aquatic Club Andy Deirchert
 Kyle Darmody 50.13 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina David Marsh
 Brett Ringgold 50.21 Junior Nationals North Texas Nadadores Bill Christensen
 Kyle Gornay 50.44 Junior Nationals Redlands Swim Team Martin Gregoire
 200 Freestyle    
 Caeleb Dressel 1:48.64 Junior Nationals Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Gunnar Bentz 1:49.57 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Blake Pieroni 1:49.98 Junior Nationals Duneland Swim Club Kevin Kinel
 Alexander Katz 1:50.17 Junior Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Michael Domagala 1:50.28 US Open Asphalt Green – Unified Aquatics Rachel Stratton-Mills
 Francis Haas 1:50.34 Junior Nationals NOVA of Virginia Aquatics Geoff Brown
 400 Freestyle    
 Francis Haas 3:51.99 Junior Nationals NOVA of Virginia Aquatics Geoff Brown
 Jonathan Roberts 3:53.50 Junior Nationals North Texas Nadadores Bill Christensen
 Aidan Burns 3:53.51 Junior Nationals Santa Clara Swim Club John Bitter
 Janardana Burns 3:53.68 Nationals Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Alexander Katz 3:53.78 Junior Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Clark Smith 3:54.30 2013 ST TXLA Texas Open Unattached Nick Frasersmith
 1500 Free    
 David Heron 15:22.81 World Junior Championships Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Jonathan Roberts 15:24.82 Junior Nationals North Texas Nadadores Bill Christensen
 Janardana Burns 15:27.19 2013 CA TYR/MVN Fran Crippen M Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Nicholas Norman 15:31.41 Junior Nationals Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Liam Egan 15:33.79 Nationals Crimson Aquatics Michael Spring
 Kevin Litherland 15:35.07 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 100 Backstroke    
 Ryan Harty 55.31 Nationals Greenwood Memorial Swim Club Janet Harty
 Connor Green 55.54 World Junior Championships Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 Taylor Dale 56.17 2013 GA Long Course Senior Carpet Capital Aquatics Club Charles Todd
 Andrew Jovanovic 56.41 US Open Wildcat Aquatics Alessio De Rosi
 Kyle Darmody 56.55 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina David Marsh
Hennessey Stuart56.64Junior NationalsDenver Swim AcademyNick Frasersmith
 200 Backstroke    
 Connor Green 1:58.42 World Junior Championships Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 Alexander Katz 1:58.83 Junior Nationals Sarasota YMCA Sharks Steve Brown
 Robert Owen 1:59.84 US Open Crimson Aquatics Michael Spring
 Carter Griffin 2:00.42 2013 Western Sectional Meet University of Denver Hilltoppers Shawn Smith
 Corey Okubo 2:01.47 Nationals Aquazot Swim Club Brian Pajer
 Brock Turner2:02.00 Junior Nationals Dayton Raiders Kevin Weldon/Gary  Galbreath
 100 Breaststroke    
 Carsten Vissering 1:01.94 Junior Nationals Nation’s Capital Swim Club Bruce Gemmell
 Austin Temple 1:01.99 US Open Tide Aquatics Josh Fulton
 Austin Dickey 1:02.02 US Open Rockville Montgomery Swim Club Mark Eldridge
 Gunnar Bentz 1:02.20 World Junior Championships Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Andrew Schuehler 1:02.73 Junior Nationals Jersey Wahoos John Carroll
 Andrew Seliskar 1:02.76 Junior Nationals Nation’s Capital Swim Club John Flanagan
 200 Breaststroke    
 Gunnar Bentz 2:12.88 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Andrew Schuehler 2:14.03 Junior Nationals Jersey Wahoos John Carroll
 Maxwell Williamson 2:15.31 US Open Northern Kentucky Clippers Jason Roberts
 Nicolas Hatanaka 2:15.82 Junior Nationals Loveland Swim Club Jim Nickell
 Carsten Vissering 2:15.85 Nationals Nation’s Capital Swim Club Bruce Gemmell
 Cody Taylor 2:16.12 Junior Nationals Donner Swim Club James Sheridan
 100 Butterfly    
 Matthew Josa 52.46 US Open SwimMAC Carolina David Marsh
 Connor Black 52.72 2013 MN Twin LC Championship Cats Aquatic Team Jeff Arce
 Justin Lynch 52.75 Nationals Terrapins Swim Team Paul Stafford
 Santo Condorelli 53.11 Junior Nationals Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Caeleb Dressel 53.31 Junior Nationals Bolles School Sharks Jason Calanog
 Aaron Whitaker 53.38 Junior Nationals Duneland Swim Club Jim Voss
 200 Butterfly    
 Andrew Seliskar 1:56.42 World Junior Championships Nation’s Capital Swim Club John Flanagan
 Justin Lynch 1:57.80 Junior Nationals Terrapins Swim Team Paul Stafford
 Justin Wright 1:57.90 2013 PC Santa Clara GP Fresno Dolphins Swim Team Richard Klatt
 Corey Okubo 1:58.28 Junior Nationals Aquazot Swim Club Brian Pajer
 Clark Smith 1:59.01 US Open Unattached Nick Frasersmith
 Robert McHugh 1:59.23 US Open Baylor Swim Club Dan Flack
 200 IM    
 Gunnar Bentz 1:59.44 World Junior Championships Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Andrew Seliskar 1:59.84 World Junior Championships Nation’s Capital Swim Club John Flanagan
 Maxwell Wiliamson 2:02.11 Nationals Northern Kentucky Clippers Jason Roberts
 Jay Litherland 2:02.24 US Open Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Curtis Ogren 2:03.45 Junior Nationals Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Tony Batis
 Matthew Josa 2:03.54 Nationals SwimMAC Carolina David Marsh
 400 IM    
 Gunnar Bentz 4:14.51 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Jay Litherland 4:17.58 Junior Nationals Dynamo Swim Club Jason Turcotte
 Curtis Ogren 4:17.79 Junior Nationals Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Tony Batis
 Corey Okubo 4:19.06 Junior Nationals Aquazot Swim Club Brian Pajer
 Connor Green 4:20.29 Junior Nationals Bluefish Swim Club Chuck Batchelor
 Maxwell Williamson 4:20.74 US Open Northern Kentucky Clippers Jason Roberts
 Open Water 10K    
 Janardana Burns   Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Scott Clausen   North Coast Aquatics Jeff Pease
 Nicholas DeVito   Team Santa Monica Dave Kelsheimer
 Chris Grimmett-Norris   Nation’s Capital Swim Club John Flanagan
 David Heron   Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
 Scott Simmer   Team Santa Monica Dave Kelsheimer

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2 years 11 months ago

Why is Chelsea Chenault on the junior team? She went to WUGs and barcelona….

Swim right
2 years 11 months ago

It is just the top 6 18 and under swimmers throughout the year In long course meters

2 years 11 months ago

18 & under swimmers at Worlds also listed on National Jr Team Roster- Mann (I know OW, but the National team is the National team), Chenault

18 & Under swimmers at Worlds not listed on National Jr Team Roster- Franklin, Ledecky, Manuel

This report should not be that difficult to pull together.

2 years 11 months ago

By report, I mean the top 6 listing from USA Swimming (did not want it to look like I was criticizing this article- apologies if it came across incorrectly).

2 years 11 months ago

Lia Neal’s time in 50 free is incorrect. Faith Johnson will be a soph and shouldn’t be eligible for Jr team.

2 years 11 months ago

It doesn’t make much sense to me that a swimmer can be on both the national and jr national team. It takes away a spot from another swimmer. It sounds like USA swimming has some changes to make with the selection procedures for both international teams and rosters. Just a thought.

Tom T.
2 years 11 months ago

Why is Kylie Stewart not over Courtney Mykkanen in the Women’s 100 Back? Kylie had at 1:01.44 (US Jr. Nationals) to Courtney’s 1:01.88? Also, if the purpose of the US Junior National team, according to USA Swimming website: “With similar qualifying standards as the National Team, these tweens are preparing to burst onto the world stage”,why we have a Bronze Medalist from the women’s 4×100 Free relay? I would think the Olympics are the epitome of the world stage.

2 years 11 months ago

With the many sharp eyes of readers, the corrections will be noted and made! Maybe they should entitle the report “draft” or “preliminary report.”

bobo gigi
2 years 11 months ago

Who goes to the world cup meets in Asia?

bobo gigi
2 years 11 months ago

No answer?

2 years 11 months ago

Why are there so many errors on this list? Whose responsibility is it to make sure these items are correct? Poor form by USA Swimming here – I feel badly for a kid who at first may have made the team and then is removed because of an admin error. Have we learned nothing from the Tara Kirk fiasco from a few years ago? Get it right the first time – these kids deserve it.

2 years 11 months ago

JB these are the same folks who have more than once included FOREIGN NATIONAL SWIMMERS on this list. Meaning, kids who have openly and recently competed internationally representing other countries. One only has to do either a search of the SWIMS database or Google the names of some of these kids to see that they compete on behalf of other countries AND ARE THEREFORE INELIGIBLE TO BE NAMED TO A USA SWIMMING NATIONAL OR JR. NATIONAL TEAM. Same thing applies to the times…..they only need to look at the SWIMS database for the correct info. USA Swimming is LAZY – it’s that simple. Of course, they look to the parents, club coaches and sites like this to do the work for them. Again, they are just plain LAZY.

2 years 11 months ago

Other than being on a very prestigious list of swimmers which is really cool in itself, what are the benefits afforded these kids? The only perk I could find is a 4-day (including travel) camp in April at Colorado Springs.

Also can anyone tell me how USA Swimming picks the Jr. Pan Pac Teams? And how many kids are placed in each event? This seems like a better event than the Youth Olympics in China due to the limitation of sending only 4 boys and 4 girls. This all seems very confusing to me.

2 years 11 months ago

This is the selection document for 2012. The process is usually similar to this and what just took place for WJC. Collection of meets, best times in each olympic event…remove members if there are too many. The only difference is for Jr. Pan Pacs you may not have been on a senior team before. I think you can go to multiple Jr. Pan Pacs. Similar to Murphy at WJC, it happens that incoming freshmen often do not participate in this meet.

2 years 11 months ago

Thank you!


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