Townley Haas Posts 1:48 200 Free at Longhorn Invite Night 2


  • January 17-19, 2019
  • Austin, TX
  • Results
  • LCM

Texas senior Townley Haas put his foot down in the 200 free tonight in Austin, clocking a 1:48.72 to get ahead of freshman Drew Kibler (1:49.20). Haas’s best January swim ever is a 1:48.35 from 2016. Haas is now just inside the world top 15 with that time. Kibler’s never really swum this event in LCM in January, but this is right off his 1:49.01 swim from the 2018 IU Invite last June, which is his fastest non-championship performance ever.

Claire Rasmus of Texas A&M claimed the women’s 200 free in 2:01.08, just ahead of sophomore Haley Yelle (2:01.40) and Aggie Swim Club’s Sarah Gibson (2:01.64). Longhorn Aquatics’ Quinn Schaedler, 16 years old, was 2:01.95 for 4th.

In the women’s 100 breast, the first event, Anna Belousova rocked a 1:08.35 to win. The Texas A&M junior nearly went a lifetime best, just off of the 1:07.98 from way back in 2013. Texas’s Olivia Anderson clocked a 1:10.03, while Aggie Swim Club’s Bethany Galat was 1:10.91 for third.

Will Licon of Longhorn Aquatics took the men’s 100 breast in 1:00.68, a huge time for him. Last January at the 2018 Austin stop of the Pro Swim Series, Licon was only 1:02.17, while his lifetime best is 1:00.30 from the 2016 Olympic Trials. That has him tied at 9th in the world this year, and 4th amongst Americans.

Madisyn Cox of Longhorn Aquatics led the way in the women’s 400 IM with a 4:40.39. Texas A&M senior Sydney Pickrem was 2nd in 4:43.47 ahead of Evie Pfeifer (4:44.20). Meanwhile, Colter Carman of Texas won the 400 IM on the men’s side at 4:30.65, a tenth ahead of Badger Swim Club 16-year-old Matthew Fenlon (4:30.75). That’s a lifetime best by sixteen seconds for Fenlon.

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TOWNLEY HAAS — the ultimate Longhorn swimming machine – AWESOME!
Tokyo 2020, here he comes!


These times are untapered, unshaved and unsuited too.


It’s hard to believe he wasn’t in a fast suit.

He typically goes 1:36-1:38 in the 200 Free in SCY during the season only to drop 7-9 seconds by the end of the year when he is rested, suited, and tapered.

So in LCM, to go a 1:48 unsuited, not tapered, not shaved when his best time is 1:45, only 3 seconds off his best time, just seems a little surprising.


He may have been wearing a fast suit – but I have to disagree with the analysis a bit. Last season and last fall he was in that 1:36-138 range – last season was particularly striking. Eddie said that he might have broken them down too much last year. If you look at Townley’s first two years at Texas, the slowest time I could find was 1:36.7, and he had a couple of 1:50/1:51 LCM 200 frees in the early fall as well. Eddie also didn’t have him swim the 200 in dual meets nearly as much as I remembered… 1000/500 was just as common. So it is a bit hard to make a good read on it. My point… Read more »

Ol' Longhorn

He went 1:36 high just a couple weeks ago, didn’t he? So he was obviously rested a bit since then.


Aren’t you making my point?


I don’t think going from 1:50.0 in October, 3 years ago to 1:48.7 now requires a speed suit? So… no?


I don’t think going 1:50.0 3 years ago in the fall to 1:48.7 at the end of Jan now requires a speed suit to explain. So… no? I think people only remember last season, but it was an aberration.

Side note – I enjoy the fact that there are people out there that can debate this. 😀


Eddie ALWAYS says they are broken down too much and they didn’t rest enough! ALWAYS!! But it works!


I agree it’s unbelievable, just like a lot of Townleys accomplishments over the years. This team is in no way tapered why would they be? Not at all rested! As I understood it they planned on wearing suits mainly just to get in the mindset of going fast. these guys push themselves hard and don’t like losing to eachother as much as to other opponents.


Now that’s funny


I thought we already agreed not to argue about Townley’s in season swims? Everything will make sense in March and at the trials. I just hope Licon will make Olympics. Yesterday 100 BR swim was promising.

Ol' Longhorn

Townley swimming naked is something you can’t unsee.


No reply is possible. . . . .

Ole 99

Obviously, because Texas never tapers, never shaves, and always wears old timely suits made of wool.

Ole 99

Timey… stupid autocorrect


If it makes y’all feel better to think Texas is rested right now…. ha!!!!


I wouldn’t get worked up over the conversions. His 1:29.5 converts to a 1:42.3 in the converter. There’s a lot of variables in any swim, even for a world class athlete

Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana

Well he didn’t even break 1:45 this year


I do believe he was 1:43.78 on the relay at Pan pacs. When his team needed him the most. To come from behind a body length + lead the Aussies had on USA.

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