Titmus’ Coach Boxall Predicts Ledecky Will Be A ‘Caged Tiger’ After 400 Defeat


Australia’s teen freestyle ace Ariarne Titmus accomplished a historic feat to kick-off these World Championships, beating American icon Katie Ledecky in the 400m freestyle on night 1 in Gwangju.

Titmus clocked a time of 3:58.76 to take the gold in a new Australian, Oceanic and Commonwealth Record, rendering Ledecky to a very unfamiliar 2nd place finish in 3:59.97. Titmus is now the only woman to have ever beaten Ledecy in a distance event at a major international competition, becoming the 2nd fastest performer in history in the process.

The teen from Tasmania has been creeping into this territory before, clocking a time of 4:02.86 at the 2017 Queensland Championships when she was just 17.  Titmus also produced a lifetime best 200m free time of 1:55.76 at the Aussie Commonwealth Games Trials last year, coming within range of the 1:55.16 Ledecky put up at that same age.

Nevertheless, the St. Peters Western athlete/coach duo of Titmus and Dean Boxall are well aware of the competitive vengeance that may now be brewing within Ledecky, who represents force to be reckoned with even without any extra motivation.

Speaking after the 400m free race dust settled, Boxall said of Ledecky, “She looks p—– off, angry. She’s going to come back.” (Yahoo Sports)

Boxall continued, “She’ll be like a caged tiger coming out. Is it great for Arnie to win? Yeah, sure.

“But what does it do for Ledecky? Ledecky is still the Olympic champion, she’s the world record holder – Arnie is still the underdog.”

Reliving the magic of the 400m race, however, Boxall said of his protege, “She was dreaming of trying to be Olympic champion once. This is where you want to be.

“She’s tough. She knows that Katie had a misfire and that she still has two seconds on her. But she looks like she’s emotionally in check, which is good.”

Titmus hopes she even rattled Ledecky a bit, saying, “Now hopefully she is excited that she now has a battle with me.”

The pair will duel once again in the 200m free and 800m free, the former of which takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, July 23rd.

All quotes courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

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Beach Jason 343

Maybe it will force Katie to go back with her old coach?


Bruce knows her stroke like the back of his hand, it would be a smart move – but she has school. What’s more important to her I guess…A year of school that she can complete after Tokyo or Tokyo 2020


She can’t take a year off?


She’s already taking a year off from classes per prior interviews


I don’t get the school thing….a young healthy woman in the US has a life expectancy now of say 85..there are plenty of years of life, why the rush to finish school in your early 20s? People get degrees in their eighties these days!


perhaps school is therapeutic to her. some people like balance in their lives..but i agree with you that if it’s affecting her swimming, which should be at least her #1 focus (perhaps not only focus, for as you said a young lady with all the potential in the world- why not start on everything early?) and if it’s not, since it’s her money maker (since we’re relating it to the alternative corporate option) and key to legend-status, she should indeed put school on the back burner


Boxall don’t make statements that Titmus has to back up if anyone let the swimmers do the talking

Old Lobo

Looking at the article I did not see any quotes from Boxall that put his swimmer on the spot. He just said Ledecky would be fired up and that his swimmer was still the underdog.


Brilliant move by Boxall. Defer to Ledecky AND try to keep Titmus in the same mindset she’s been in the last two years to get to this point.

Texas Tap Water

Where’s Yozhik and his lengthy essays about how Stanford ruined Ledecky


I don’t think it ruined Ledecky but it ruined her stroke – nothing that cannot be fixed. She use to swim differently -more efficient , fast tempo pulling all the way but now she is doing a faster tempo and barely pulling to the hip

Ol' Longhorn

My guess would be that the mileage she’s put on her shoulders has finally caught up with her, and she may have had to adjust her stroke to offset chronic, niggling pain/stiffness The effects of that might be what we’re seeing rather than coaching. If she doesn’t have some shoulder problems, she’s bionic. She also doesn’t look as lean as in 2016 (she’s not a teenage anymore), and there will be stroke compensations for that. But it is slightly hilarious that Greg is the new Teri.


Greg is the new Teri.
Teri has been coaching great as of late actually – NCAAs was great for her and Cal and McLaughlin and Weitzel are looking great so far. Can’t say the same about the Stanford crew with the exception of Manuel.

Ol' Longhorn

I know. It’s a reference to these boards 4 years ago when it was constantly claimed that Teri was ruining everyone, especially Missy and McLaughlin. As for Stanford, Ruck is also looking pretty good.


Ruck is performing good but hasn’t trained with Greg since NCAAs/end of school year, and I have a hunch she won’t train with him until after 2020 (possible redshirt next year). Regan commited to Stanford so let’s hope the Teri/Missy catastrophe doesn’t happen with Greg/Regan. Not saying it will, but it seems Teri’s throne of “ruining swimmers” has been passed to Greg

It seems everyone usually has a nice freshman year at Stanford and then they stagnate or stay the same with their times. Almost everyone with the exception of Forde. There are always outliers


Yea, but Stanford’s math department seems to have ruined Forde’s counting ability;)


so 2 months back in Canada is all it takes for great results in August eh. she did not attend the Canadian worlds team training camp in May, because she was at stanford. lets not take away all the credit. its not uncommon for canadians to take a red shirt because their trials is within weeks of ncaa.


Yozhik was right all along! Make him a featured swimswam writing contributor!

Ol' Longhorn

Little known fact. Yozhik = Coleman.

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