Michael Andrew Explains Day 4 “Scratch” From Bloomington (Video)


Reported by Nick Pecoraro.

After winning the 50 back, breast, and fly, Michael Andrew has scratched his remaining swims for the final prelims session of the Bloomington PSS.

Andrew held #2 seeds in the 100 back and 100 fly while having the top seed in the 50 free. Snagging the top seed now in the 50 free is Nathan Adrian, who took fourth in the 100 free on Friday.

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I never surfed myself but by watching on tv I got an impression that that is an easy way to get hurt or even get injured.


No risk= no rewarda




A girl surfer lost her arm to a shark in Hawaii, She wrote a book about it.


Paddling is very good for upper body strength. I’ve seen many surfers transition into pretty good sprinters in their high school years without having any age group swimming background. Surfing generally isn’t that dangerous unless you are surfing in dangerous conditions


If u start at Waimea Beach in California , u will get hurt , thats clear ( One of the toughest Waves + Rocks area for surfers on the planet ) but if u want to start gently , there are plenty of soft waves /beaches in South Asia .


Hey Kook Waimea is on the North Shore of Oahu


“This evening we swam three races….”

He was on three relays?


If you listen to most of his videos, he almost always uses “we” when referring to his racing


Which is….. weird


Phelps used to say the same thing, and it was odd when he said it. I always wondered if Bowman had something to do with Phelps saying it. I don’t know of any other individual sport athlete that says “we” when referring to his or herself.


Maybe saying “we” for individual races is a “Michael” thing? LOL


I have heard multiple pro golfers do the same. They are referring to the group effort needed to prepare and execute top level performance.

Curious Swimma

My theory to this is that both Michael Andrew and apparently Michael Phelps attribute their success not only due to the effort they put in but the effort their coaches put in. Therefore anything they put forth in the pool is an accumulation of their hard work and the work of the coaches. Hence the “we”, because at the end of the day they feel that the coaches are also a big part of their performance. I could be completely wrong, just a thought.


I’ve never hear Tiger, Bolt, Serena, or Federer say we.

Another Swim Mom

I have heard Michael Andrew explain it this way (I believe it was on a podcast).


He explains the use of “we” on this podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlimPjfmlrQ&t=2166s

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