Caeleb Dressel Nearly Even-Splits a 48.4 100 Meter Free in Prelims


After his funky splitting in the 200 fly on Saturday evening, American swimmer Caeleb Dressel had more interesting splits on Saturday morning in the 100 free.

En route to a 48.45 top-qualifying spot in the 100 free, Dressel split 24.10/24.35 – just a quarter-of-a-second spread between his first 50 and his second 50.

For some context on that, Dean Farris, the only other swimmer under 50 seconds in prelims, split 23.81/26.12 – a 2.31 second spread. In Bloomington at the Pro Swim Series, winner Zach Apple on Saturday evening split 23.55/25.32 (48.76) for a 1.88-second spread. In fact, the smalles spread in the Bloomington A-final was 1.33 seconds – by Robert Howard (23.88/25.21 = 49.09).

Comparing Dressel back to himself, at last year’s Pan Pacific Championships, where he finished tied for 2nd in a similar time of 48.22, he was out in 22.96 and back in 25.16. That 2.20 second spread was actually significantly larger than the two swimmers who finished ahead of him, so this close-splitting is out of character for his racing.

The hope, from an analyst’s perspective, will be to see him go full-out for the first 50 in finals (if he hangs around – swimmers don’t always race Sunday evening finals) so that we can make a comparison between the two and see which resulted in a faster overall time.

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Unrelated to the article, BUT…. SwimSwam – Have you heard any more news as to when the US rosters for the ISL will be released? ISL was hinting on instagram last night that they were coming very soon, has there been any news since the last article? Based on the teams, Michael Andrew is obviously on the NY Breakers and I’m about 99% sure that Caeleb Dressel and John Shebat are on Jason Lezak’s Cali Condors in San Francisco. Any ideas on when the full teams will be released?


I think that’s the team Cody is on too. I think He said in one of his videos that news was coming soon

C Hellmold



What’s the fastest second 50 ever? This has to be up there.


The GOAT split 23.31 / 24.20 on his lead-off in Beijing, suspect that’s the fastest second fifty or at least very close.


What about Lezaks second 50?


Chalmers split 24.24 in Rio


Him and Phelps swim the 100m free extremely similarly; easy speed out and hammer it on the way home.


Lezak split 21.50 / 24.56 on his 46.06.

am I the only one who saw these Lezak splits and immediately thought “… that seems in the ballpark for Dressel flat start”

The Ready Room

Despite the vote ratio no, you are not


Where do you find the splits?


In my best Rowdy voice
“He’s a back half swimmer, you know he’s got that speed”


Doubt anyone has been under 24 before.

Feel like he might do something crazy like that or a 47 low tonight.


When I think of comparatively fast second half I think of Hanser Garcia, solely because his starts were terrible but he insanely fast on top of the water

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