WATCH: Caeleb Dressel & Chase Kalisz Swim 1:56s in the 200 Fly


In a Saturday evening full of electric swims, from both Bloomington and Atlanta, one particular race seems to have caught more attention than most: the 1:56.29 in the 200 fly swum by Olympian Caeleb Dressel at the Atlanta Classic.

In a vacuum, the swim was certainly not the most impressive of the evening – not even of the evening at this meet. Olivia Smoliga’s 50 free/100 back double, and Hali Flickinger’s 3rd-in-the-world 200 fly, both probably rank ahead of this 200 fly.

But swimming does not exist in a vacuum, and what caught so much attention in this race is 1) the enticement of how much faster Dressel could be with more experience in the race (he split 28.8 to finish the race, in what appears to be just his 5th time ever swimming it); and 2) the fact that a swimmer who has a best time of 21.1 in the 50 free can also go 1:56 in the 200 fly at an in-season meet is an unheard of breadth of ability from a swimmer: almost Phelpsian.

Thanks to Scott Pittenger, we can now all enjoy video of this swim.

Final Results:

  1. Caeleb Dressel, GSC, 1:56.29
  2. Chase Kalisz, ABSC, 1:56.55
  3. Fynn Minuth, UN, 1:57.70

As you see the 3 leaders separate from the pack, Dressel is the swimmer closest to the camera who breaks out to an early lead at the 50; Fynn Minuth is directly above him on the screen; and Chase Kalisz is at the far side of the pool, in the 3rd-lane from the top.


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Cheatin Vlad
1 year ago

I’m just here for the eventual Ol’ Longhorn commentary 🙂

Reply to  Cheatin Vlad
1 year ago

He will explain why MA’s 50 breaststroke is more impressive, as if we don’t have eyes….

1 year ago

And he still managed to not breathe the last 6 strokes…holy moly

phelps swims 200 breast rio
Reply to  Lucas
1 year ago

Right?! I’ve been obsessing over this. Just amazing.

Reply to  Lucas
1 year ago

The last four strokes, but definitely impressive finish for a 200 fly.
Great, great race from Dressel. Very controlled, nice and smooth in the first three 50s, without pushing the underwaters after the turns, and then that 28.86, with plenty of energy, in the last 50m.
The lone question (and only Troy and Dressel know the answer) is: how much workload Dressel has now before a real tapering? Because an in-season 1.56.2 like this, from a swimmer without experience in the 200 fly LCM, opens new horizons and reopens the buzz about Dressel’s haul of golds next summer.

Reply to  Lucas
1 year ago

Janet Evans would not breath the last 8 yards of her distance races. What is the big deal?

Reply to  anonymous
1 year ago

there is no deal – but an impressive feat .

1 year ago

Anyone knows why they decides to swim this instead of the Tyr Pro series in Bloomington?? Just curious

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