How To Watch The 2023 U.S. National Championships

by Sidney Zacharias 41

June 21st, 2023 National, News


The 2023 U.S. National Championships will kick off next week in at the Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis. Racing will begin on Tuesday, June 27, and conclude on Saturday, July 1.

USA Swimming has released a broadcast schedule for June 27-July 2 via Peacock, NBC, and CNBC. Peacock will feature live coverage of finals June 27-July 1 beginning at 7pm (ET). The following days will be feature tape delay coverage on NBC and CNBC.

In addition to the television broadcast, USA Swimming added that they will live stream prelims of each day on their YouTube channel.

Update: USA Swimming has added that both prelims and finals will available on their YouTube channel daily. Streaming will begin for prelims at 10am (ET), while for finals it will be available at 6:30pm (ET).

The preliminary sessions will begin every morning at 10am (ET), while finals sessions are slated to start at 7pm (ET).


Date  Network  Start Time (ET)  Live or Tape Delay
June 27 Peacock 7 p.m. Live
June 28 Peacock 7 p.m. Live
June 29 Peacock 7 p.m. Live
June 30 Peacock 7 p.m. Live
 July 1 Peacock 7 p.m. Live
July 1 NBC 1 p.m. Tape
July 2 NBC 12 p.m. Tape
July 2 CNBC 2 p.m. Tape


Women’s Event # Day 1 – Tuesday, June 27 Men’s Event #
1 200 Butterfly 2
3 100 Freestyle 4
5 Women’s 800 Freestyle
Men’s 1500 Freestyle 6
Day 2 – Wednesday, June 28
7 200 Freestyle 8
9 200 Breaststroke 10
11 200 Backstroke 12
13 50 Butterfly* 14
Day 3 – Thursday, June 29
15 400 IM 16
17 100 Butterfly 18
19 50 Breaststroke* 20
21 50 Backstroke* 22
Day 4 – Friday, June 30
23 400 Freestyle 24
25 100 Breaststroke 26
27 100 Backstroke 28
Day 5 – Saturday, July 1
29 Women’s 1500 Freestyle
30 200 IM 31
Men’s 800 freestyle 32
33 50 Freestyle 34

On Day 1 and Day 5, the distance freestyle events will be swum slowest to fastest, alternating women’s and men’s heats, with the fastest heat of each race swum during the evening session. All other heats will be scheduled to begin after the preliminary session so the second fastest heat of the Men’s event finishes approximately one hour prior to the start of the evening session.

*Qualifying standards for the 50m Butterfly, Backstroke, and Breaststroke will be the corresponding 100 standards.

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Alison England
1 year ago

These youtube subtitles are ridiculous!

1 year ago

Closeups and zoom/switch/etc usually ruin a good race video. But really inexcusable is the King Douglas finish in the 200 Breast. At SOME point you might consider that there are people also interested in who comes in third, fourth, so on. You cut away from the finish before anyone else touched. It is not hard to stay on the field until all the swimmers finish. We can see replay later of all the water slapping and celebrations. It took five minutes before we even learned Annie Lazor came in third. And it looked like it was going to be a close finish for third. I guess. I didn’t see it.

1 year ago

Love the Duke Swimmers caps <3

1 year ago

Who in gods name decided they should leave youtube comments on this live stream lol.

Alison England
Reply to  Friuti
1 year ago

Appalling, isn’t it? I can’t even get away from the awfulness of Rowdy Gaines by switching off the volume! How can I delete the subtitles?

Fake Gregg Troy
1 year ago

So why does this prelims stream on YT say it’s scheduled for 3?

1 year ago

Finals on YouTube = no Ambrose = easy win

1 year ago

The streams are already showing up on the USAS YouTube channel so I wouldn’t bother paying for Peacock.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Yes…and it looks like they will show both prelims and finals. This seems to be the easiest way, by far, to watch. The page is very clear and easy to follow. I assume the NBC broadcast on both Saturday and Sunday will be highlights.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Peacock is free

Reply to  Miself
1 year ago


Reply to  Miself
1 year ago

There’s a 7-day free trial. I assume most people already used it.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Honestly, the only reason I would even pay for Peacock in Youtube is streaming is to hear Rowdy commentate. I know he gets a lot of crap but I really like his energy, and he’s entertaining, especially when he talks about each swimmer individually and what they’re doing. I personally really like him.

Reply to  Jason
1 year ago

last year, the youtube stream had the nbc commentary on it

Reply to  emma
1 year ago

Well no reason to pay now

Reply to  Jason
1 year ago

But………..he doesn’t. He just talks about his favourites. No one else.

Reply to  Jason
1 year ago

Usually he’s just screeching about how he thinks they aren’t going to win or break a record. He’s an incredibly disrespectful commentator.

1 year ago

I don’t have subscription to Peacock and was thinking about doing the free one-week trial just to watch this.
Has anyone tried doing this before?

Reply to  jonathankkh
1 year ago

Yes you just have to cancel before the 7 days but it only cost me $5 for the month for Peacock. Will cancel after that.