Ross Dant Explains How the NC State Distance Group Taught Him to Fail and Get Back Up


Ross Dant has missed major international teams on numerous occasions from Olympics to World Champs… but not this time. Swimming in one of the last events of the meet, Dant threw down a near-perfect 800 free, clocking a 7:48.10 to finish 2nd behind Bobby Finke and lunch his ticket to his first world championships. Dant credited his NC State coach and training group, saying they taught him perseverance to not only learn how to fail but learn how to get back up afterward.

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Joel Lin
5 months ago

Good on him. We’re all rooting for Ross now. In Dino we trust is a good motto to go by.

5 months ago

He finally gets his chance on the big stage, the WCs. A lot of people knew his story and were pulling for him to break through.

It sounds like he’s always trying to get better and learn. He will need to swim a big PB to make the WC final, under 7:45.

5 months ago

did the NC State team teach him how to consistently get 4th place finishes as well?

Reply to  Andrew
5 months ago

Andrew- Professional keyboard warrior hating random swimmers for no reason

Reply to  OOGA BOOGA
5 months ago

I doubt anybody is paying Andrew for this. I think he’s just an amateur keyboard warrior.

Not-so-Silent Observer
5 months ago

Way to go Ross!

Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
5 months ago

Bernadino is a Master Coach who is brilliant! Way to go Ross keep on truckin

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