Bronte Campbell on The Importance of Olympic Timing

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We sat down with Olympic champion and world record holder in the women’s 400 free relay, Bronte Campbell. Campbell speaks on her experience at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and how she managed her injuries with the extra year provided by the COVID-19 pandemic in the lead-up to the Games. Campbell also discusses her love for the water outside of swimming, her career path, and her preferred coffee order.
Toward the end of our conversation, I ask Bronte about the poem she wrote and read to the 2020 Aussie Olympic team before competition started, a poem that was shared on Instagram by her teammate, Cam McEvoy. Bronte explains this tradition and how it dates back to her early days on the AUS national team.

The Lotus Flower – by @bronte_campbell

Lurks, in murk, and mud and dark
Biding time, keeping count
Til it bursts forth in light and bright and colour
Paragon of patience, antithesis of doubt

And so we’ve waited,
My team, our dream in months
Incubated, anticipated
But the hour now has come

And plans once crushed, and turned to dust
That trickles through the hour glass
And life paused and then restart
Days run slow and weeks run fast

But now, the cauldron’s lit, the start is nigh
Of dreams and hope and pain
The struggle’s over, turn to the fight
Feel the pulse and stoke the flame

When screaming heart and lungs of fire
Join iron eyes and will of steel
And Opportunity lights the pyre
For those who dared, and did not kneel

No matter circumstance or turbulence
The fray, the fight is here
Mettle forged in heat, forged to compete
And green and gold enfolds all fear

And echoes of a crowded past
The greatness from Before
A lane, your name, ‘take your marks’
They’re handing you the torch

So we’ll rise, lotus-like
And the world will see our power
Unified and fortified
In our Olympic hour


Music: Otis McDonald


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1 year ago

Lovely Interview Bronte & yes 53.08 in trials meant 5th in Aussie championship & 8th in the Olympics, great depth in Australia.

1 year ago

Bronte always amuses me- face of an angel , voice of a lumberjack!

Steve Nolan
1 year ago

As soon as she started talking about how nice it was not to have to talk to strangers about her experiences in Tokyo so quickly after leaving, I knew the next question would basically be, “Uhh, so as a stranger that’s here to ask you about your experiences…wanna talk about anything else?”

1 year ago

A wonderful leader – always checking on the younger swimmers and making sure they feel comfortable and included.

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