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SwimSwam Podcast: Brooke Forde on Training with Legendary Stanford IM Group

Forde explains her ascent from jr national team to NCAA champion and how she slowly but surely became comfortable training with the Stanford women.


SwimSwam Podcast: Jeff Poppell on Building a Team From the Ground Up

Poppell was integral in building 3 major programs from the ground up and he shares what lessons he learned along the way.


SwimSwam Podcast: William & Mary Swimmers Speak Up On Plagiarism, Title IX

They were candid on their thoughts of the recent news of the W&M athletic director plagiarizing Stanford’s release of cutting teams


SwimSwam Podcast: Zoe Gregorace Gives Tips for Eating Like a Swimmer

Zoe describes how she learned about nutrition while getting her masters and how she made slight tweaks to maximize her energy output AND taste in every meal

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SwimSwam Podcast: Madison Kennedy’s Secrets to Longevity in Sprinting

Kennedy, who’s known for her short yardage at practice and meets, goes into why a combination of in-water and out-of-water workouts work best for her


SwimSwam Podcast: Michael Andrew Offers Thoughts on Looming ISL Season

Michael gives his candid thoughts on the coming ISL season and specifically how Australia has reacted to their athletes traveling


CEO Swim Series: Tristan Lehari on Tritonwear Intel You Need to Swim Fast

Tristan explains how Tritonwear is able to bust out the mindblowing metrics that they do for every big race in the last Olympic quad. 

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SwimSwam Podcast: Robert Howard on Developing Elite Level Speed

Howard talked about being a lifelong Tide fan and how Nick Saban and Alabama football inspired him to rise to the top of his game in the pool. 


See 200 Episodes Of The SwimSwam Podcast

SwimSwam welcomes the biggest names in swimming for their unique perspectives, and we break down the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

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SwimSwam Podcast: Alyssa Marsh on Balancing Swimming at an Elite Level and Life

Marsh, the daughter of 2016 Olympic head coach David Marsh, has always kept a healthy balance between swimming and whatever else is going on in her life


Swim CEO Series: Dan Meinholz on Running a Successful Swim Biz in A3

Dan gets into the highs and lows of running your own business as well as being a small company and being able to interact with all of your clientele base.

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SwimSwam Podcast: Brown, Banic, DeLoof & More Talk Training in Knoxville, ISL

While Molly Hannis was the prominent figure in this group for years, the group has seen a huge increase recently from graduations as well as relocations


SwimSwam Podcast: Yahya Radman Reflects on the 4 Levels of Coaching

Yahya has traveled around the world to grow his knowledge of coaching and it shows in the way he approaches his craft.


SwimSwam Podcast: Why John Naber’s Silver-Medal Swim Might’ve Been His Greatest

the USA 1976 Men’s team was dominant and Naber was one of the winningest athletes on that team, garnering 4 gold medals and 1 silver


SwimSwam Podcast: Ian Finnerty Breaks Down Training Life with Energy Standard

Finnerty goes into the differences between this type of power-based training and what he’s used to back at Indiana University