2023 U.S. Trials: Pick ‘Em Contest Day 5 Scoring and Final Standings

by Spencer Penland 10

July 01st, 2023 National, News


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The 2023 U.S. National Championships have officially come to a close in Indianapolis. It was a week full of thrilling races, young breakout stars, and lots and lots of upsets. The roller coaster of a meet led to one of the more exciting Pick ‘Em Contests of late, so let’s go over the final scoring.

The final day of the meet wasn’t all that crazy in terms of finishes. Of course, many people had Caeleb Dressel as a top finisher in the men’s 50 free, but that was before we knew what racing condition he would be in at this meet. Had the 50 free been on the first day of the meet it would have been far more shocking to see Dressel out of the top four, but after watching him race all week, it didn’t come as a huge surprise.

There was only one huge result as far as Pick ‘Ems go on the day. Olivia Smoliga ending in a tie for third with Kate Douglass in the women’s 50 free tonight was a bit of a wrinkle. No one selected Smoliga to finish in the top four, so the tie actually ended up being inconsequential for Pick ‘Ems.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get down to it:

There was a tie on the day five scoring for the Pick ‘Em Contest! Both “DannyF” and “Big Friendly Swim Podcast” picked up 72 points on the day. Congratulations to both contestants!

You can view the day five scores below:

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The winner of the Pick ‘Em Contest for the 2023 U.S. National Championships…

Congratulations to “Spa0102” for winning the grand prize! “Spa0102” was also the day two winner, and had a steady stream of points coming in every day. Day two was the high water mark for them, but they were consistent across the board. In the end, “Spa0102” racked up 320 points over the course of the competition, beating out the runner-up, “oxyswim,” by five points.

Here are the final standings:


  • Grand Prize Winner: “spa0102”
  • Day One Winner: “cvh”
  • Day Two Winner: “spa0102”
  • Day Three Winner: “Timmy Cheng”
  • Day Four Winner: “NS-Silentobserver”
  • Day Five Winner: TIE
    • “DannyF”
    • “Big Friendly Swim Podcast”

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Not-so-Silent Observer
7 months ago

I won day 4 and didn’t even know haha 🤣🤣🤣

8 months ago

445th, yes!!

8 months ago

Had a horrible start with the Pick’ems was at the bottom of the list the first day or 2 then made a huge comeback to get top 50 the last few days…kinda surprised at the recovery.

Reply to  PFA
8 months ago

I was in the mid 300s !! after day one but still finished in the top 10.

8 months ago

The way I was second *cries*

Reply to  oxyswim
8 months ago

Sorry about that!

The real oxyswim
Reply to  oxyswim
8 months ago

Clout chasing so hard you’re pretending to be me is wild.

Big Friendly Swim Podcast
8 months ago

If I’m not mistaken there was a daily prize, for daily prize winners how do we go about receiving that ?

Reply to  Big Friendly Swim Podcast
8 months ago

Should reach out via E-Mail in the next few weeks for your address.

Big Friendly Swim Podcast
8 months ago

Ayeeee that’s me with the top points for the day 😎