2018 FFN Golden Tour Camille Muffat Kicks off in Nice this weekend

2018 FFN Golden Tour Camille Muffat – Nice

  • Friday, February 2 – Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Prelims 8:30am GMT+1 (2:30am EST/11:30pm PST); finals 5pm on Friday (11am EST/8am PST), 4:30pm on Saturday (10:30am EST/7:30am PST), and 3:30pm on Sunday (9:30am EST/6:30am PST)
  • Piscine Jean Bouin, Nice
  • 50m
  • Brochure
  • Psych sheet
  • Live results

The “Meeting International de Nice FFN Golden Tour Camille Muffat” will take place this weekend from Friday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 4th, at the Jean Bouin indoor pool in Nice. It is the first stage of the three-stop tour that includes:

  • Nice – Friday, February 2 through Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Sarcelles – Friday, March 9 through Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Marseille – Friday, April 6 through Sunday, April 8, 2018

381 swimmers are entered in the meet, including Nice’s own Charlotte Bonnet, who cracked some fast early-season times in Geneva last month. Bonnet is the top seed in the 50/100/200 free. She is also entered in the 400 free, 50 back 50/100 fly, and 200 IM. Jérémy Stravius of Amiens is scheduled to swim the 50/100/200 free and 50 back. Marseille’s Mehdy Metella, who had to skip French Short Course Nationals in November because of a badly twisted ankle, is entered in the 50/100/200 free and 50/100 fly.

Other French stars entered in the meet are Mélanie Henique, Mathilde Cini, Camille Gheorghiu, Fanny Deberghes, Lara Grangeon, Fantine Lesaffre, and Cyrielle Duhamel on the women’s side, and Jordan Pothain, Damien Joly, Maxime Grousset, Théo Bussière, Jean Dencausse, Jordan Coelho, and Nicolas D’Oriano on the men’s. Hungary’s David Verraszto, England’s James Guy, Jaz Carlin of Wales, Switzerland’s Jeremy Desplanches, and Serbia’s Anja Crevar are among the internationals on the psych sheet.

It is tough weekend of racing, with three days of prelims and finals, and all 17 FINA long course meters events. The 400/800/1500 free and 400 IM are swum at timed finals, with the fastest heat swimming in the evening session. (W1500 free / M800 free swim in the morning this year, to give the distance swimmers more space between the races.)

Order of Events

Friday Finals

  • Women’s 800 Meter Freestyle – Fastest Heat
  • Men’s 1500 Meter Freestyle – Fastest Heat
  • Women’s 400 Meter IM – Fastest Heat
  • Men’s 400 Meter IM – Fastest Heat
  • Women’s 50 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Men’s 50 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 50 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Men’s 50 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Women’s 50 Meter Butterfly Final
  • Men’s 50 Meter Butterfly Final

Saturday Finals

  • Men’s 400 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Men’s 200 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Women’s 200 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 100 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Men’s 200 Meter Butterfly Final
  • Women’s 200 Meter Butterfly Final
  • Men’s 200 Meter IM Final
  • Women’s 200 Meter IM Final
  • Men’s 100 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 50 Meter Freestyle Final

Sunday Finals

  • Women’s 400 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 100 Meter Butterfly Final
  • Men’s 100 Meter Butterfly Final
  • Women’s 200 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Men’s 200 Meter Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 100 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Men’s 100 Meter Breaststroke Final
  • Women’s 100 Meter Freestyle Final
  • Men’s 50 Meter Freestyle Final

Prize Money

Nice stage

  • 1st – gold medal and 400 €
  • 2nd – silver medal and 200 €
  • 3rd – bronze medal and 150 €

General rankings

The top 5 women and top 5 men, based on points, after 3 stages of the Golden Tour will earn a total combined purse of 30,000 €. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st in event = 5 points, 2nd in event = 3 points, 3rd in event = 1 point. The Golden Tour bonus prize money will be allocated:

  • 7000 € – 1st in total points
  • 3500 € – 2nd in total points
  • 2000 € – 3rd in total points
  • 1500 € – 4th in total points
  • 1000 € – 5th in total points


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4 years ago

Whatever happened to Clement Mignon? He was on the cusp of some amazing times and then seemed to disappear when Manaudou left.

4 years ago

RIP Camille Muffat. Still miss that glorious freestyle.

4 years ago

Second prestigious European meet this year without Katinka Hosszu. Has the iron lady gotten a little bit rusty? Seriously, there is no big meet this year besides European Championships to be in hard training to prepare for. And even if there was it was never the reason to stopped her from collecting money at the events with the weak field for the last four years. Is there some injury or sickness?

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

She probably wants to take it easy this year to perform at her best in 2019 and conclude her glorious career in Tokyo2020.
At least I expect that from all top athletes in their mid-20.

Reply to  Emanuele
4 years ago

In three months she will be 29.

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Yes. In fact I wrote two sentences: the first is for Hosszu, the second is in general.
Many top athletes in their mid-20 (except for Australian and maybe UK-Canada) will use this year like down season training to perform at their best in 2019&2020

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Third at least.
As we know no injury or sickness.
Collecting money… the Australian Open gave 55.000.000 AUD prize money this year.

Reply to  Brownish
4 years ago

😀 If not this big money who will go that far to play more than 3 hours at 110 degree temperature. I’m out after 30 minutes if it is getting above 80.. I think all those players were dreaming to be in the pool at some point of the match.
Also in order to get what Hosszu receives from FINA’s World Cup you have to be a quarterfinalist. Not an easy task, I tell you. And if you calculate the hourly earning rate then Hosszu’s one will be three times higher. So please don’t scare people with these millions. Sometimes details are important.
But I won’t argue that in professional tennis we have much more hosszus than in swimming.

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Yes, details are important and your comment lacks much more than details…
1) Extreme conditions, like in some days at Australian Opens, doesn’t happen at Roland Garros, Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows, or at Miami, Rome, Shangai, London Master and so on and on, and the prize money for men and women tennis players is incredibly high vs swimming standards
2) You’re out after playing tennis for 30 minutes at 80 degree.., what about swimming some grueling sets with VO2 at 120% or higher?
3) Not an easy task to be a quarterfinalist in a Grand Slam tournament, but a unique task to train and swim so many races like Hosszu did in the last 4 years
… Read more »

Reply to  nuotofan
4 years ago

Whenever people put ” 😀 ” icon it means that the following has to be taken easy.
I’m not in the mood to argue which money are easier and who has more opportunities to earn it. If your business isn’t profitable don’t do it, try something different – that is what professional means.
Hosszu/Tusup couple have found a loophole in the swimming professional business end exploited it to the very extent. If her all money earning meets were at the level of Rio or Budapest where she was at the best her form then she wouldn’t earn even one tenth of what she made yearly. So the business was emphasize on swimming at meets with low level of… Read more »

Reply to  Brownish
4 years ago

Last year at FFN she was challenged at 200free only. So – three stages – 3 hours racing time (including prelims that are not a racing actually at this level of competition) – €20,000 earning. Not bad at all to simply ignore it.

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Anne Lepesant

Anne Lepesant is the mother of four daughters, all of whom swam in college. With an undergraduate degree from Princeton (where she was an all-Ivy tennis player) and an MBA from INSEAD, she worked for many years in the financial industry, both in France and the U.S. Anne is currently …

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