2018 Asian Games: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


The 2018 Asian Games continue tonight with finals of the women’s 50 back, 400 IM, 100 fly, and 800 free relay. The men will be competing in the 50 free, 200 breast, and 400 free. Among the swimmers to watch is Japanese IM star Yui Ohashi, who leads the way in the 400 IM. World Record holder Ippei Watanabe represents Japan in the 200 breast, while Olympic champion Sun Yang of China headlines the 400 free.


  • Asian Record: 27.06, Zhao Jing (CHN), 2009 – WR
  • Asian Games Record: 27.45, Gao Chang (CHN), 2010
  1. GOLD: Liu Xiang, CHN, 26.98
  2. SILVER: Fu Yuanhui, CHN, 27.68
  3. BRONZE: Natsumi Sakai, JPN, 27.91

China’s Liu Xiang is the new World Record holder. Xiang became the first women ever to break 27 seconds to take the gold in 26.98, erasing the former World Record and Asian Record of 27.06 formerly set by Zhao Jing. The record was nearly 10 years old as it was set in the 2009 supersuit era. China went 1-2 as Olympic 100 back medalist Fu Yuanhui touched in 27.68 ahead of Japan’s Natsumi Sakai (27.91).


  • Asian Record: 21.87, Katsumi Nakamura (JPN), 2018
  • Asian Games Record: 21.94, Ning Zetao (CHN), 2014
  1. GOLD: Yu Hexin, CHN, 22.11
  2. SILVER: Katsumi Nakamura, JPN, 22.20
  3. BRONZE: Shunichi Nakao, JPN, 22.46

China’s Yu Hexin won a tight race to the wall in 22.11, out-touching Japan’s Katsumi Nakamura (22.20) by less than a tenth. Hexin was just over a tenth shy of the Asian Games Record as he topped Asian Record holder Nakamura, who set the Asian Record with his 21.87 back in February. Nakamura’s teammate Shunichi Nakao rounded out the podium in 22.46.


  • Asian Record: 4:28.43, Ye Shiwen (CHN), 2012
  • Asian Games Record: 4:32.97, Ye Shiwen (CHN), 2014
  1. GOLD: Yui Ohashi, JPN, 4:34.58
  2. SILVER: Kim Seoyeong, KOR, 4:37.43
  3. BRONZE: Sakiko Shimizu, JPN, 4:39.10

Japan’s Yui Ohashi ran away with this one as expected, coming withing a second of her season best from Pan Pacs to win it in 4:34.58. With her time from Tokyo, Ohashi is the top ranked 400 IMer in the world this year.

Korea’s Kim Seoyeong moved up in the rankings and now sits just a couple of placed shy of the top 10 as she took silver in 4:37.43 ahead of Japan’s Pan Pacs bronze medalist Sakiko Shimizu (4:39.10). That’s about a second and a half shy of Seoyeong’s best from 2017 when she set the Korean Record .Shimizu is #10 in the world with her time from Pan Pacs.

China’s Zhou Min and Vietnam’s Vien Nguyen battled closely for 3th, with Zhou narrowly taking it at the touch, 4:42.75 to 4:42.81.


  • Asian Record: 2:06.67, Ippei Watanabe (JPN), 2017 – WR
  • Asian Games Record: 2:07.67, Dmitriy Balandin (KAZ), 2014
  1. GOLD: Yasuhiro Koseki, JPN, 2:07.81
  2. SILVER: Ippei Watanabe, JPN, 2:07.82
  3. BRONZE: Qin Haiyang, CHN, 2:08.07

It was a 3-man race into the finish as Japanese teammates Yasuhiro Koseki and Ippei Watanabe battled for the gold with China’s Qin Haiyang. Koeski held a slight lead the whole way through, holding off Watanabe by the slimmest possible margin at the finish as he won 2:07.81 to 2:07.82. Watanabe, the Pan Pacs champion and World Record holder, wound up with the silver and was just a few tenths shy of his season best from the Monaco stop of the Mare Nostrum. Watanabe is ranked 3rd in the world this year, while this swim moves Koseki up to #4.

Qin, who set the Chinese Record at the 2017 Chinese Nationals, took 3rd in 2:08.07 ahead of teamate Yan Zibei (2:11.07). That was a season best by over a second and moves him up to #7 in the world. Denis Petrashov, who took 5th in 2:12.19, set a new Kyrgyzstani Record.


  • Asian Record: 56.07, Liu Zige (CHN), 2009
  • Asian Games Record: 56.61, Chen Xinyi (CHN), 2014
  1. GOLD: Rikako Ikee, JPN, 56.30
  2. SILVER: Zhang Yufei, CHN, 57.40
  3. BRONZE: An Sehyeon, KOR, 58.00

Japan’s Rikako Ikee was just a couple of tenths off her best, dominating by a second in 56.30. That was a new Asian Games Record for Ikee, who won Pan Pacs this year as she came within a hundredth of the Asian Record. She’s the fastest 100 butterflier in the world for 2018 ahead of Olympic champion and World Record holder Sarah Sjostrom.

China’s Zhang Yufei put up a season best 57.40 to take the silver, while Korea’s An Sehyeon was just a few hundredths short of her season best for bronze in 58.00. Zhang is now ranked #9 in the world this year. Japan’s Ai Soma was just off the podium at 4th in 58.68.


  1. GOLD: Sun Yang, CHN, 3:42.93
  2. SILVER: Naito Ehara, JPN, 3:47.14
  3. BRONZE: Kosuke Hagino, JPN, 3:47.20

China’s Sun Yang takes over as the fastest man in the world this year. Sun, who was formerly ranked 3rd as Olympic champion Mack Horton topped the rankings, dropped over a second off his season best in 3:42.93 and is now nearly a second ahead of Horton.

Japan’s Naito Ehara, who is ranked #12 this year with his performance from the Japan Swim, was a bout half a second shy of his season best in 3:47.14. Teammate Kosuke Hagino rounded out the medals in 3:47.30 for bronze. Hagino was the 2014 MVP of the Asian Games, where he took silver in the 400 free to contribute to his 7-for-7 medal performance. Also udner 3:50 tonight was Korea’s Hojoon Lee, who touched 4th in 3:48.28.


  • Asian Record: 7:42.08, China, 2009 – WR
  • Asian Games Record: 7:51.81, China, 2014
  1. GOLD: CHN, 7:48.61
  2. SILVER: JPN, 7:53.83
  3. BRONZE: HKG, 8:07.17

China blew away the field, winning by over 5 seconds and shattering the Asian Games Record by 3 seconds in 7:48.61. Li Bingjie got the ball rolling with her 1:56.94 leadoff split, followed by Wang Jianjiahe (1:55.35), Zhang Yuhan (1:58.37), and Yang Junxuan (1:57.95). Japan (7:53.83) was the only other team under 8:00. Straight after the 100 fly ceremony, Rikako Ikee stepped up with a 1:55.27 split on the 2nd leg. 400 IM champ Yui Ohashi (2:01.33) also joined her on that relay.

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Bear drinks beer
2 years ago

World record for Liu Xiang. Both men’s and women’s 50 back WR were broken this year.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Bear drinks beer
2 years ago

Liu Xiang’s biography on the meet website.
Ambition: “To win a gold medal and break a world record at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.”
It’s done.
Hero: Michael Phelps.
She has good taste.

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
2 years ago

Second Liu Xiang to break a WR after the hurdler.

Reply to  bobo gigi
2 years ago

If I remeber correctly, I think in Chinese their names are different but for whatever reason it’s romanized the same way.

remel can do anything
Reply to  IM FAN
2 years ago

yeah, liu2 xiang1 刘湘,liu2 xiang2 刘翔 (#^.^#)

25 free champ
Reply to  remel can do anything
2 years ago

It would be similar to Peterson and Petersen.

remel can do anything
Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

yeah~~ sth like that

Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

More like Aaron and Erin, it’s their first names not family name

Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago


Reply to  bobo gigi
2 years ago

Curious to see what Xiang can do for a 100 back, her bio lists only 50 times. You’d think she’d be able to produce a pretty decent one.

Love to Swim
2 years ago

Sports Singapore channel ini YouTube Livestream the whole sports in Asian Games


Love to Swim
2 years ago

Yu Hexin won men’s 50 free in 22.11 with a very long glide at the finish

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