2017 Arena PSS – Atlanta: Day 2 Finals Live Recap


The first finals session from Atlanta is bound to be an exciting one, with plenty of great races on the docket.

Of note, Park Tae Hwan has scratched the men’s 100 free in order to focus on the 400. Mallory Comerford has done the same in the 100 fly (and 400 free B final) to focus on the 100 free.

Highlights tonight include Katie Ledecky‘s 100/400 free double, which will be separated by a mere 13 minutes according to tonight’s timeline. Kelsi Worrell and Tom Shields headline the 100 fly, while both the men’s and women’s 200 breast events should be fun with plenty of contenders in each.

Simone Manuel will look to lower her pool record from this morning in the women’s 100 free, while the men’s event became a lot more wide open with Park’s scratch. Joao De LuccaBlake PieroniMohamed Samy and Michael Chadwick were all sub-50 this morning. Both 400s will likely be run away wins for Ledecky and Park, though both Felix Auboeck and Clark Smith could give Park a run in the men’s event.


  • US Open Record: 56.38, Sarah Sjostrom, 2015
  • GT Pool Record: 57.60, Rachel Komisarz, 2007
  1. Kelsi Worrell, CARD, 57.50
  2. Hellen Moffitt, NCAC, 58.59
  3. Rebecca Smith, HPCO, 58.72

Kelsi Worrell was out fast in 26.98 and increased her lead coming home, recording a time of 57.50 to break a ten year-old pool record and move to #6 in the world.

Hellen Moffitt had a strong back half to run down Rebecca Smith for 2nd, getting to the wall in 58.59 to Smith’s 58.72. Top seed from this morning Aliena Schmidtke took 4th in 59.04.

In the B final, 17-year-olds Mabel Zavaros (59.29) and Dakota Luther (59.98) both got under the 1:00 barrier.


  • US Open Record: 50.22, Michael Phelps, 2009
  • GT Pool Record: 51.86, Joseph Schooling, 2016
  1. Tom Shields, CAL, 52.09
  2. Jack Conger, UT, 52.56
  3. Santiago Grassi, AU, 52.62

After Tim Phillips had the lead at the turn, Cal’s Tom Shields used his phenomenal underwater skills to take the lead and he held strong throughout the back 50, touching in a time of 52.09. That swim improves his season best of 52.42 and moves him up from 25th to 12th in the world rankings.

Texas’ Jack Conger took off about half a second from the morning to touch 2nd in 52.56, just ahead of the top seed from the morning Santiago Grassi of Auburn. Phillips ended up 5th in 52.92, just behind Pavel Sankovich (52.81) and 0.01 ahead of Matthew Josa.

In the B final, Marcus Schlesinger threw down the fastest opening 50 of anyone in 23.85, ultimately winning the heat by nearly a second in 52.70.


  • US Open Record: 2:20.38, Rebecca Soni, 2009
  • GT Pool Record: 2:21.46, Rebecca Soni, 2011
  1. Katie Meili, MAC, 2:23.18
  2. Lilly King, UN, 2:25.90
  3. Kierra Smith, LLSC, 2:25.93

Katie Meili took off from lane 7 tonight and never looked back. After winning this event in Mesa in mid-April, she topped that performance with another win in a time of 2:23.18, a new best time. She had the fastest opening and closing 100 of anyone in the field, putting together a complete performance. She improves from 21st to 5th in the world for 2016-17.

Behind Meili, rivals Lilly King and Kierra Smith battled hard the entire race, with King getting the touch by three one-hundredths. Melanie Margalis took 4th in 2:26.56. Bethany Galat took the B final in 2:31.30.


  1. Chase Kalisz, NBAC, 2:10.74
  2. Cody Miller, BAD, 2:11.58
  3. Nicolas Fink, ABSC, 2:11.65

In a very tight field, Chase Kalisz pulled away on the third 50 and held everyone at bay coming home, winning the event in a new best time of 2:10.74. Both Cody Miller and Nicolas Fink were in the hunt the whole race but couldn’t hang with Kalisz on the last 100, taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. Carlos Claverie took off over 2 seconds from the morning for 4th in 2:12.11.

Canadian Richard Funk topped the B final in 2:14.80.


  • US Open Record: 53.12, Sarah Sjostrom, 2016
  • GT Pool Record: 53.75, Simone Manuel, 2017
  1. Simone Manuel, UN, 53.82
  2. Sandrine Mainville, HPCO, 54.44
  3. Mallory Comerford, UOFL, 54.59

Simone Manuel was out first and extended her lead coming home, touching 1st in 53.82, just off her morning swim of 53.75 that was a new pool record. Sandrine Mainville was out just a tenth behind Manuel and managed to hold off the rest of the field for 2nd in 54.44.

Mallory ComerfordAmanda Weir (54.59) and Katie Ledecky (54.69) all had a strong back half but were unable to run down Mainville for 2nd, taking 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

In the B final, Madison Kennedy took the heat win in 55.15 just ahead of Kelsi Worrell (55.27), fresh off her win in the 100 fly.


  • US Open Record: 47.58, Jason Lezak, 2008
  • GT Pool Record: 48.29, Nathan Adrian, 2016
  1. Blake Pieroni, UN, 49.18
  2. Joao De Lucca, CARD, 49.25
  3. Michael Chadwick, UN, 49.54

Michael Chadwick got out fast, but Blake Pieroni and Joao De Lucca charged hard coming home to make it a very close battle to the wall. At the touch, it was Pieroni in 49.18, managing to hold off De Lucca who had the fastest back 50 in the field at 25.28. Chadwick took 3rd, with Matias Koski (49.71) and Jacob Pebley (49.80) both under 50 seconds as well.

In the B final, Cal’s Ryan Murphy got out to a fast opening 50 of 23.77, finishing to win the heat in 49.60 chopping over a second off his morning swim.


  1. Katie Ledecky, UN, 4:00.98
  2. Joanna Evans, UT, 4:08.44
  3. Hali Flickinger, ABSC, 4:08.62

As expected Ledecky was out from the start, opening up a 2-second advantage just 100m in. She nearly even split the race, out in 2:00.0 and back in 2:00.9 to win in 4:00.98. The time improves her #1 world ranked time by three one-hundredths.

At the halfway mark it was a battle between three women for 2nd, with Joanna EvansCierra Runge and Hali Flickinger all in the mix at 2:03s. However, Evans and Flickinger pulled away on the back half, with Evans getting the touch for 2nd in 4:08.44 to Flickinger’s 4:08.62. Runge finished 7th, though just half a second back of 4th.

Vien Nguyen held off late charges from both Easop Lee and G Ryan to win the B final in 4:11.52.


  • US Open Record: 3:43.53, Larsen Jensen, 2008
  • GT Pool Record: 3:47.78, Yannick Agnel, 2011
  1. Park Tae Hwan, KOR, 3:44.38
  2. Felix Auboeck, CW, 3:50.39
  3. Patrick Callan, TAC, 3:51.66

Just as Ledecky, Park Tae Hwan was well ahead the entire race, winning in a very fast 3:44.38. That swim is well under the FINA ‘A’ standard of 3:48.15 and will qualify him for the World Championships. Park, who closed in an incredible 26.27, shattered the existing pool record by over three seconds. He improves his #4 world ranked time of 3:44.68 set back in November.

Club Wolverine’s Felix Auboeck had a solid swim to take 2nd in 3:50.39, followed by Patrick Callan who shaved over five seconds off his entry time for 3rd. The race for 4th was tight, with swimmers 4 through 8 all clocking 3:53-something, but it was Marcelo Acosta who got the touch in 3:53.11.


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No secret of how hard Eddie is beating those Longhorns at this period, Schooling might be the only exception.


Everyone is getting beat. Everyone is tired.


Just saying, with Smith 3rd at 800 and Conger 100 fly just now, don’t think we will see the Longhorns win any events here.
Schooling might wants to hit Fina A cut for 200 fly like Park’s doing here, he is someone to watch.


Cause Clark Smith is one of the best 800 freestylers in the world right?


Said by whom? I didn’t say that. lol


Well you did say him only being 3rd in the 800 was a sign Eddie was working them to death


Said he’s third at 800 and Eddie is working on them didn’t imply I said he’s “one of the best 800 freestylers in the world”.
And tell me where he was at the 400 free, I didn’t pay attention, Swimswam didn’t even write what place he was.


Your evidence working them is clark getting third in the 800, Clark isn’t on a world level in the 800 so how does him getting third prove anything about Eddie?


Actually, my theory is more base on Conger like I wrote below from his past Charlotte result.
About Smith 3rd at 800, it really wasn’t about the place, it’s about who was ahead of him.
With Auboeck first and Smith third, I know Smith wouldn’t be too impressive at the rest of the meet.
He might even scratched the 1500, we’ll see.

And really, why are you so aggressive about how I wrote Clark Smith?
All I wrote above were simply the fact(third place/in a hard training block right now), you’re the one who came up with Clark Smith’s delusion(“one of the best 800 freestylers in the world”). :->


If you’re still can’t get over what I said about Clark Smith, his 7th(!) place 400 free(even behind 5th Litherland, who was 18th at NCAA while Smith being 1st) is another proof of Eddie is beating them.


Top 10 easy… maybe top 5 or even top 3. We’ll see this summer..


If you count him as top 3, you must be forgot Felix Auboeck(with 2 Italian ahead).
If you count him as top 5, you must be forgot a Chinese and an Aussie.


We’ll, 3 is probably a stretch but 5, why not? I’d put him about even money vs. aubeck when it comes to big meets. Clark got him in the mile and the 500 at ncaas and I think has better LC bests. The Chinese fella? we don’t know if he can still ramp it up for anything over 400 these days. After Horton and the Italians i think there are many contenders.


This comment made me throw my phone against a wall, where do you think his time stands with other U.S. Swimmers


Clark clarked it and Schooling will get a 45 sec stomach virus.


Longhorns are more tired


Exactly the point.
I remember how terrible Conger was back in Charlotte period couple years ago.
I am actually surprise to see him got second in a stack 100 fly field.


Were the downvotes coming from #STATEment ? lol


Were not ppl stabbed at UT this week with one poor kid dead? Tired sounds good .


Ok I checked – Austin where they are more mentally disturbed ( so I read ) .


Ok 7 downvotes. I gotta think ppl running around stabbing & killing students = more mentally disturbed but I admit , that is old school .


Everyone is tired of the Horns being tired. That card is getting worn out. Give it a break.


Maybe your just tired of the longhorns winning year after year. Considering they get beat down more than any team midseason and destroy every team in the NCAAs, it might be that youre just tired of hearing the truth


Who said they aren’t swimming well or need an excuse for anything?


I hope Meili hold on her 200 breast until June.
She did PB at a PSS last year but did poorly at Trials.
Also 3 breaststroke events at Nationals in hunt?


Lily king training harder than everyone else in that race


Actually I’m impressed with that effort from her. She looks like she is stepping up the. 200 breaststroke from last year.



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