Lilly King: “This summer I want World Records” (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.


  • US Open Record: 1:04.45, Jessica Hardy, 2009
  • GT Pool Record: 1:05.83, Rebecca Soni, 2011
  1. Lilly King, UN, 1:06.20
  2. Miranda Tucker, CW, 1:07.95
  3. Andrea Cottrell, UOFL, 1:08.36

Lilly King accelerated an early lead of over a second at the 50 wall in 30.74, sailing to the win in a time of 1:06.20. That swim ranks her 4th in the world for the season.

Miranda Tucker pulled away from Andrea Cottrell on the back half to take 2nd in 1:07.95, with Cottrell was 3rd in 1:08.36.

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It is best to talk about it after one succeeds. Lilly will learn the hard way. I wish her well but swimming speaks louder than words.

E Gamble

Everyone always keeps their goals a secret. I give her credit for having the balls to put hers out there. If she fails, so what. She’s still a kid. Go Lilly!!! ?


Except, she has succeeded. She’s the Olympic gold medalist. What’s wrong with a little spice in the sport? We have too many people giving the same canned post-race interviews. It’s refreshing to hear something different every now and then. As long as she continues to back it up, why not? Think about it….yes, she’s an Olympic gold medalist, but the USA (outside of the swimming world) know her better than most other Olympic gold medalists, just because of her talk. She can capitalize off that via marketing, etc. Seems others might want to start following that lead, to be honest, if they’re looking to get into the mainstream.


This didn’t age well


Hail the KING!


Now this is the side of Lily King that I, and I suspect many other swimming fans, well at least the American ones, like to see. Her confidence is a double edge sword meaning that in some cases we love her confidence while in others we hate her arrogance


Or stupidity, as in “I train harder than anyone else.”

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