WATCH: Pavel Sankovich Goes 22.73 50 Free… Underwater


Belarusian Pavel Sankovich won the B final of the 50 free at the Atlanta stop of the Arena Pro Swim Series, going 22.73. His time not only won the heat, but he actually beat Anthony Ervin, who just nine months ago won the Olympic gold in the 50 free. Ervin touched second in 22.81.

Most impressively, however, Sankovich swam the entire race doing underwater dolphin kick. Going sub-23 in the 50 free is no easy feat, let alone doing it underwater. Obviously, he was disqualified for coming up after the 15-meter mark, but he was only five tenths off of the Belarusian record in the 50 free, a 22.22 from Yauhen Tsurkin in 2015. Watch in the video above as he wins his heat, swimming out of lane 3.

Sankovich holds Belarus‘s 50 and 100m back national records. He has competed at the last three Olympics, and swam for Florida State University in the States. At FSU, he broke multiple school and ACC records in the butterfly, backstroke, and IM events.

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Dang that’s some serious new ink Ervin got there.


It looks like Anthony Ervin has joined the Yakuza.


Theres a really cool article on this in the latest swim swam magazine, you should check it out.


Nice try Mel


its an awesome japanese inspired one he got there …..


Not that insane


Downvotes from people who don’t know swimming

Kurt Wienants

I’ve been involved in swimming for over 50 yrs. it was impressive. Uber gets my down vote.

Ex Quaker

Upvote because Hill Taylor did this nearly as fast from a backstroke start many years ago.


23.10 with a full bodysuit and on his back. For a lot of swimmers kicking on their back is faster.


Where in this article does anybody state that this is “insane!” If your answer was “nowhere,” then you are correct. This is something that not too many people in the world can do. Swallow your pride and have the decency to say that this is impressive.


It really isn’t that jaw dropping anybody who can go a 23 low should be able to reach this time or get near it.


So, are you saying that anyone who can go a 23 low in a 50 M Freestyle, should be able to go a 23 low or better in a 50 M underwater dolphin kick?


Well they “should” be able to


You sir, are incorrect. This is very impressive. Lochte only did it in 25.0. Granted, there was not dive for lochte but a dive is not a 2.3 second difference.


You have no idea what I am talking about


If anybody can do it then why haven’t you yet? Why have we yet to see an article about UBERFAN completing a 50 meter underwater dolphin kick in under 23 seconds, oh wait that’s because not anybody can just do it.


Did I say anybody can do it?


“It really isn’t that jaw dropping anybody who can go a 23 low should be able to reach this time or get near it.” Yeah that’s exactly what you said


Can everybody go a 23 low?


Everybody is a ridiculously broad group for example that would contain my grandma your grandma everyone on this planets grandma etc. However the distinctly different and more elite group that you referred to is “anybody who can go a 23 low” meaning anyone capable of going 23 seconds over a distance of 50m so for that category of people who can go a 23 low I would say that yes “everybody” who can go a 23 low is capable of going a 23 low.


what is that tat supposed to be?

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