Sarah Hirshland

USOPC College Sports Think Tank Recommends Delaying Swim & Dive Recruiting

The group recommended pushing back swimming and diving recruiting to begin during a student’s senior year of high school.


USOPC Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination for American 2022 Winter Olympians

According to a USOPC announcement on Wednesday, all Olympic hopefuls will have to show proof of vaccination by December 1.


USA Gymnastics Files Agreement For $425 Million Settlement With Survivors

USA Gymnastics has filed an agreement for a $425 million settlement with hundreds of women who said they were abused by someone affiliated with the sport.


USOPC Announces Details of College Sports Sustainability Think Tank

The 2020-2021 season was hit hard by numerous collegiate sports cuts. Now, the USOPC has created a Think Tank to build sustainability within college sports.


Klete Keller, imputado oficialmente por el Tribunal de los Estados Unidos

Keller es acusado de entrar y permanecer con conocimiento en un edificio restringido así como de conducta desordenada y obstrucción a la aplicación de la ley.

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Klete Keller Incriminato Ufficialmente Dal Tribunale Degli Stati Uniti

Klete Keller è stato incriminato dall tribunale distrettuale degli Stati Uniti dopo essere stato identificato nella rivolta a Capitol Hill

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USA: Fondato Il Consiglio Per La Giustizia Razziale E Sociale

USA: Il 28 agosto il Comitato Olimpico e il Consiglio consultivo degli atleti si sono riuniti per discutere di giustizia razziale e sociale.

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USOPC Forms Team USA Council on Racial and Social Justice

At a recent meeting, the USOPC formed the Team USA Council on Racial and Social Justice in wake of recent movements, which includes some aquatic athletes.


United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Releases 2019 Financial Reports

USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland earned over $800,000 in total compensation in the 2019 fiscal year.

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Commonwealth Games E USOPC Valutano Il Diritto Di Protesta

USOPC Il Comitato Olimpico Stati Uniti e la federazione dei Commonwealth Games stanno prendendo importanti decisioni sul diritto di protesta

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USOPC Creates Athlete Group to Examine Policies – Including Right to Protest

The USOPC’s actions come days after CEO Sarah Hirshland apologized to thrower Gwen Berry for the organization’s handling of her demonstration at 2019 Pan Ams.

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USOPC’s Hirshland Apologizes to Olympian Gwen Berry for Post-Protest Fallout

Berry, who raised her fist on the podium at 2019 Pan Ams, asked for an apology after the USOPC’s letter to athletes this week condemned systemic inequality.


At Least 70% Of U.S. Olympic Sports Have Applied For PPP Money

ABC News reports that at least 70% of U.S. Olympic sport organizations have applied for government funding during the current worldwide pandemic.

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30+ USOPC Staff Members Take Voluntary Severance

More than 30 staff members at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee have accepted voluntary severance packages, per a report by the Associated Press.

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U.S Olympic & Paralympic Committee Facing Cuts Of 20% From Tokyo Delay

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) is facing financial cuts of up to 20% as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its ripple effects.

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