No Need to Fear: Zach “Batman” Harting is Going to Tokyo

Gotham has been saved. Zach “Batman” Harting has officially qualified for the 2021 US Olympic Team. 

Tonight, Harting touched the wall first in the 200 butterfly, adding a new title to his name: “Olympian”. “What was his motivation?” You might ask. “You get to sit on the lane line if you win!” Harting told reporters in his post race interview. Unlike Batman, Harting doesn’t mind some rule-breaking. 

Harting’s Dark Knight first rose to prominence in 2016 when he made the final at the US Olympic Trials. At the final, Harting stole the show, making a superhero appearance in full costume. As the attention drew back to the pool, Harting fought his way through the water, posting a 7th place finish in the event.

Zach Harting as batman in the finals of the 200 fly at the Mesa Pro Swim Series stop (photo: Mike Lewis)

Harting is famous for his one-liners. After the semi-finals, he noticed himself and pointed out that “I look good on camera.”

Since the 2016 Trials meet, Harting has captivated swimming fans with his superhuman personality, with his alter-ego making several more appearances at major meets.

In addition, Harting has earned quite the following on social media, where his presence has provided several memorable moments (and many TopTen Tweets).

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1 month ago

What a goober.

Toledo Swimmer
Reply to  ACC
1 month ago

A Goober who just qualified for the Olympics with a heroic back 100 split

Last edited 1 month ago by Toledo Swimmer
1 month ago

Like i said, he should pull a Gary Hall Jr and ditch the team warmup at tokyo for the batman onesie

1 month ago

This is not the journalism we deserved, but the journalism we needed.

1 month ago

Theres a line between being ‘quirky’ and being attention-hungry, i think he crossed that line

Reply to  Swammerstein
1 month ago

what do you think of Sierra Schmidt? People can have fun with the sport and their lives, he’s not hurting or bothering anyone and frankly it’s fun to have some unique personalities on the team. His interview last night was one of the most genuine responses to making an olympic team I’ve ever seen. None of the pre-rehearsed, PR, overly-produced answers we’re so used to getting

Reply to  Swammerstein
1 month ago

yes, you’re right, he’s a human being, and human beings have an innate desire for attention, some more than others. there’s nothing wrong with that. without that innate desire for attention, the olympics (or, indeed, any big time sporting event) wouldn’t exist at all.

people really gotta stop acting like “seeking attention” is somehow ALWAYS a bad thing. we’re almost all attention seekers, almost every day.

he wants to be fun and silly. let the guy be fun and silly. he’s sure as hell earned it

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Swammerstein
1 month ago

“Shut up and swim”

1 month ago

I never thought we would be in a situation where a magician and Batman would make the olympic team

1 month ago

Unlike Harting, all the other men in the 200 Fly are going down!

1 month ago

Whatever floats his boat….but he better back it up. Loosen folks and have some fun!

1 month ago

Harting is a refreshing and interesting guy. Adds some personality to a sport that, let’s admit it, has highly accomplished athletes that are perceived by the general public as mostly boring.

Reply to  Powerplay
1 month ago

Largely in part by the sport having a lot of fans that are very sensitive

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