NC State Women Swim 3rd-Fastest 200 Medley Relay Ever (Relay Splits)


The NC State Wolfpack women crushed the rest of the field tonight in the 200 medley relay, swimming the 3rd-fastest time ever en route to winning the 200 medley relay by nearly a second.

Sophomore Katharine Berkoff led off in a blistering 23.27, followed by Sophie Hansson‘s 25.92 breaststroke leg, giving the Wolfpack an insurmountable lead at the halfway point. Berkoff had the second-fastest leadoff in the field, behind Maggie MacNeil‘s 23.17, Hansson’s time was the fastest of the night, and the NC State back half swimmers, Sirena Rowe on fly and Kylee Alons on free, went 22.73 and 21.26 for the second-fastest splits of the night on those respective legs.

All told, NC State touched in 1:33.18, only behind UVA’s 1:32.92 from last month’s ACC Championships and Stanford’s 1:33.11 from 2018. That’s the second relay title ever for the NC State women, coming on the heels of last night’s victory in the 400 medley relay.

UVA came in 2nd tonight with a 1:34.13, with Lexi Cuomo‘s 22.40 fly leg and Kate Douglass‘ 21.19 free leg the fastest splits in the field for their respective legs. Cuomo was actually faster tonight than she was last month when she went 22.58 on the fly leg, while Caroline Gmelich (23.70 v. 24.13), Alexis Wenger (26.03 v. 26.41) and Douglass (20.62 v. 21.19) were all several tenths slower. While UVA probably would’ve liked to win tonight’s relay, the Cavaliers still have over a 100 point lead heading into the final day of competition.

Check out the full splits below.


Team Swimmer Time
Michigan Maggie MacNeil 23.17
NC State Katharine Berkoff 23.27
Texas Julia Cook 23.90
Cal Isabelle Stadden 23.91
Ohio State Emily Crane 23.92
UNC Grace Countie 23.92
Alabama Rhyan White 24.02
Kentucky Caitlin Brooks 24.05
Virginia Caroline Gmelich 24.13
Missouri Meredith Rees 24.32
Georgia Gabi Fa’Amausil 24.34
Stanford Jannelle Rudolph 24.36
Louisville Ashlyn Schoof 24.61
Northwestern Emma Lepisova 24.89
Tennessee Olivia Harper 24.93
Indiana Bailey Kovac 25.25
USC Aela Janvier 25.31


NC State Sophie Hansson 25.92
Virginia Alexis Wenger 26.41
Tennessee Mona McSharry 26.57
Ohio State Hannah Bach 26.58
Northwestern Sophie Angus 26.58
Stanford Allie Raab 26.74
Cal Ema Rajic 26.8
Georgia Danelle Dellatorre 26.86
USC Kaitlyn Dobler 26.86
Texas Anna Elendt 26.9
Indiana Emily Weiss 27.04
Louisville Kaylee Wheeler 27.08
UNC Lilly Higgs 27.22
Alabama Kaila Wong 27.36
Kentucky Bailey Bonnett 27.78
Missouri Molly Winer 27.80
Michigan Mariella Venter 27.92


Virginia Lexi Cuomo 22.40
Missouri Sarah Thompson 22.43
NC State Sirena Rowe 22.73
Cal Isabel Ivey 22.76
Stanford Emma Wheal 22.92
Ohio State Katherine Zenick 22.95
Indiana Elizabeth Broshears 22.95
Alabama Morgan Scott 22.96
UNC Sophie Lindner 23.08
Texas Olivia Bray 23.16
Tennessee Trude Rothrock 23.20
USC Jemma Schlict 23.20
Louisville Abby Hay 23.26
Michigan Olivia Carter 23.48
Northwestern Miriam Guevara 23.61
Kentucky Izzy Gati 23.67
Georgia Courtney Harnish 24.11


Virginia Kate Douglass 21.19
NC State Kylee Alons 21.26
Alabama Kalia Antoniou 21.46
Ohio State Taylor Petrak 21.51
Cal Elise Garcia 21.51
Northwestern Maddie Smith 21.52
Tennessee Bailey Grinter 21.55
Indiana Ashley Turak 21.59
Stanford Amalie Fackenthal 21.60
Georgia Maxine Parker 21.61
Louisville Gabi Albiero 21.68
Texas Grace Cooper 21.88
Kentucky Riley Gaines 21.88
USC Marta Ciesla 21.92
Missouri Megan Keil 21.94
UNC Heidi Lowe 22.03
Michigan Megan Glass 22.80

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2 years ago

I’m surprised by how much Virginia “flopped” at NCAAs while still winning the meet so comfortably.

ACC fan
2 years ago

Typo, UVA went 1:32,93 at ACCS not 1:29..32 as mentioned in paragraph 3, 2nd line.

2 years ago

OK NC State — congrats. Good swim.
As a Cal homer, I’m encouraged by the fact that our relay didn’t have an obvious hole which we sometimes have.
Just wait until next year.

Reply to  BearlyBreathing
2 years ago

You should be encouraged that they didn’t false start

Reply to  SCCOACH
2 years ago

The DQ doesn’t bother me other than how it might have affected the team as a whole. It happens to some team or another every year. It’s all part of the drama and what makes these meets so interesting.

2 years ago

Not surprised uva didn’t win the 200 medley their backstroker didn’t go past 15 m

Reply to  Realist
2 years ago

And their flyer didn’t go past 15 m

Reply to  Swammer
2 years ago

Cuomo was the only one on the relay who did better than ACCs, so don’t act like she’s a reason they went slower

2 years ago


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