Michael Andrew Ties Adam Peaty’s U.S. Open Record in 50 Breast


So far, so good in Michael Andrew’s day-3 triple try. After qualifying 3rd to the final in the 100 fly, he qualified 1st through to finals, and tied the U.S. Open Record, in the men’s 50 breaststroke preliminaries.

He swam a 26.86 in prelims, which ties him with World Record holder Adam Peaty as the fastest swim ever done on U.S. soil. Peaty, a Brit, did his swim in 2017 at the Indianapolis stop of the Pro Swim Series.

Andrew is now within a tenth of a second of Kevin Cordes overall American Record of 26.76 that was done at the 2015 World Championships. Cordes, who also swam on Friday in prelims, qualified 3rd in 27.06.

Andrew’s previous best time was 27.12, done in Canet at this year’s Mare Nostrum series.

The swim ties retired U.S. Olympian Mark Gangloff as the 2nd-fastest ever done by an American, matching the time that Gangloff did at the super-suited World Championships in 2009.

Ian Finnerty, who is the fastest-ever 100 yard and 200 yard breaststroker, also jumped into the top-5 all-time Americans list with his 2nd-ranked swim of 26.96.

Andrew’s swim also makes him the 12th-fastest all-time, for all nationalities.

Top 5 Americans All-Time, 50 LCM Breaststroke

  1. Kevin Cordes, 2015 – 26.76
  2. Mark Gangloff, 2009/Michael Andrew, 2018 – 26.86
  3. Ian Finnerty, 2018 – 26.96
  4. Brendan McHugh, 2014 – 27.10

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Dayum, son. Did this in PRELIMS shortly after a 51.9 100FL. I sense a Phelps/Lochte rivalry with Dressel/Andrew, at least in these shorter distances.

25 free champ

Agreed. And at least for now it looks as though Andrew will play the Lochte role (being an all-time great and not being recognized as much as he should). Dressel is on another level but we must appreciate what MA is doing at 19. Unprecedented.


Michael Andrew was a younger world champion than Caeleb Dressel though

25 free champ

I’m simply saying that’s how I think they’ll be looked at. I thought Lochte was much closer to Phelps than the general public did. I think his 1:54.0 is the most impressive swim either of them ever did. I just think Dressel will win more Olympic medals and that’s how to get attention of casual fans. You can’t argue that at this moment in time Dressel isn’t FAR superior to MA.

bobo gigi

4 times in a row Lochte could beat MP in the 200 IM at olympic games and 4 times in a row MP won the gold medal. 1.54.00 most impressive swim? Great performance. Without MP to push him Lochte would have never swum so fast. You know that swimming has not begun in the last 10 years. Michael Phelps’ 200 IM in 2003 Barcelona was a revolution. His 200 fly in Melbourne 2007 was a revolution. And Dressel is well superior to MA in the olympic events. 50 free/100 free/200 free/100 fly. And sorry I forgot to mention that he won 7 world golds last year. Yes. What counts the most is what you’ve won in your career. I hope… Read more »

Steve Nolan

Lochte would’ve for sure won the 2 IM in London if not for the 2 back right before it, that is a #fact.


Which he also didn’t win

Steve Nolan

Sure as hell made him tired, tho.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

It’s not a fact. We’ll never know.


I’m simply saying the age gap is different and should be considered, Andrew has accomplished more at his age than Dressel and I expect him to continue to win at the highest level. Andrew is on track to potentially surpass Dressel, people are talking like Dressel was way better than Andrew at his age, which isn’t necessarily true.


I think comparing either of them as age group swimmers/just past age group is a false comparison. They were both great in their own way…MA has a ton of NAG accomplishments and Dressel had taken 6 months off before he started college, so yeah, MA has done more by 19. But that’s like saying Chas Morton Is the best NAG swimmer in history until everyone turned 14, it might be true, but no one other than swim nerds even know who Chas is.

Chad' dad

Workaholics fan club of the greater Springfield area officially registers an objection to your statement regarding the all knowing, all powerful Mr. Morton


Bahahaha Touche


What level is Dressel on at this meet?

25 free champ

Untapered level…


I think Caleb is tapered.


He definitely was not tapered


Not unprecedented… if you take the GOAT into account. Perhaps unprecedented for 50’s in lcm?

25 free champ

Read the comment again. I said for a US Nationals meet.

samuel huntington

nothing in your comment talks about US Nationals


Can we also mention that Dressel was obviously not rested for this meet at all? I mean come on, the kid swims a 17.63 in SCYs.. and 39.9 in the 100 free.




Minor correction – Ian Finnerty is the fastest ever in the 100y breast, but Will Licon holds the AR in the 200y breast.


Second time in as many days Licon has been stiffed


Will Licon is also the fastest ever in the 200y breast…

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